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[REPLAY] Gazania is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Robamimi. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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not getting the coins puzzle !

OMG!!! A Robamimi! I never catch these live!

GOt SD and planter so far

also got screw and compost..

Screw transforms into a handle for drawer

grid+ GAZASEED gives 4-dig code. Got seeds

Use pot on window legde, then compost (get key), then seeds

U can take scew back and use it on blind to make it open

Now.. the coins riddle xD

yeah .. was waiting for you to get there Nini ! are we supposed to make all 4 parts equal ? because this isnt working !

Hmm.. not hard at all.. got watering pot

Whoa, slow down.
All I got is the ducks.
Can you explain step 3 in the book?
First - 1
6th - 1 5?
I'm assuming it has to do with the picture, but I don't get it.

sprouts give code for tap

Take screw back to use it to hold up the blind. Can't figure out the picture with all the clues. I think the weekend has hit my head!

Peggy that's for the coins riddle that gives order for pic

oh .. Nini not helping ! weird !!!

Peggy, turn on the lights first (switch above the 'T') to get the clue for the little wooden box. Then open the cupboard for the other half of the clue. I have that and I'm still stuck!

Take screw back and turn off the light to get the maths for the last code

E-Addict.. 5 is 5th.. 1+5 = 6th .. the quadrants are the places u click in the pic

Still working on the last code :P

i know .. ok can you spoil it please ?

lol E-Addict!



Gosh I'm soo dumb! I was doing 2 multiplications lol!


Thanks, Nini. Once I read your answer I understood the order but I couldn't get it without a spoiler.

Now for the coins explanation:

Like the book says:
1st= 1 coin
6th= 1 coin + 5 coin

So.. If u look at the support tool to answer the coins riddle, u'll see that in the TL quadrant there's a 5 coin only. So 5th click is TL. On TR, there's 2 5 coin.. and the only numbers we have now that have 5 coins is 6th and 7th. so 6th and 7th clicks are TR. 1 coin is still remaining, so 1st click TR too. and so on

And for the last code: Don't look at the coins values but how many there is.

That was a lovely game. For the final puzzle, it's the amount of coins, not the value of them, that you use. Also, it's the amount of actual flowers, not the amount of plants.

Robamimi is an artist ! and thanx btw !

Too bad it was so short! But I LOVED it! We were in need of some awesome game like this one.

where are the seeds and the hint for the tap to get water?

Btw... Sorry E-Addict that I did not answer u right away.. I was in a rush to finish the game lol..

I am stuck. If anyone is still here, I could sure use some help please.

I need #'s for bottom drawer

evans u need to plant the seeds 1st and let them take sunlight so they grow a little, then u'll get the water tap code

the seed is inside the 4-dig code drawer. Use screw on 1st drawer to get the hint for it (combined with book)

dont worry Nini .. i knew you'd help after all .. sooner or later ! :-)

I don't understand hint for bottom drawer. I have page for book but not sure what to do with it

i still don't get it btw ! :-)

Letter grid goes into inventory and then there seems to be no way to see it! -- can't put it into book and can't zoom in inventory.

Thanks Emily and Nini. Emily, your hint was just that little bit I was missing.
I may be a little slow at it, but I finally got through it.


in page 8 of the book u can see an arrow pointing to page 7 ( the one u got from 1st drawer) and a word: GAZASEED.

The grid has the letters of the word. Example:
1st 2 letters GA: on the grid that's number 7 and so on

@puzzledin if you cant see it no more then it's of no use now i guess !

How about not E-Addict?


i'll check back for explanation about the coins puzzle later .. the point is .. what were we supposed to do ?? :-)

now* I meant lol

E-Addict, I clicked on the question mark and it gave me a diagram to help figure out the puzzle.

OH NO ! cant be this way .. LOL was trying to make the four parts equal first !


thanks for the help Nini. now I dont understand final code.
got the clue but how many coins are there? Not sure how to count them

Haha np :)

Not the value evans but the actual amount

Restarted -- this time I didn't have to select English and got English. Double click = look at something in inventory

amount of what Nini. just the round coins marked 5. I see 3 of those. I am just not getting it.

All the coins evans! How many are there?

NVM, game just quit for some reason. bye

And out :D thx nini :) Great game!!! :D

Nini, thanks for the hint on the coins. I thought they needed to be ordered somehow (i.e. the 5-1-1 coin meant a 5 then 2 1s) when the order actually didn't matter.

Thanks @Nini xD for your great hints!
Especially for the NUMBER of coins not the values.

4 coins, coin number 5, five coins, sector with thow 5 coins .... and u can have the order ;-)

two coins number 5 *

The way I got the coins/picture corners:
top left has to be 5
top right has 2 5s, so you must have 6 & 7 & 1 (left over)
bottom right has 4 ones, so is either 1 & 3 or 4. since 1 is taken, must be 4
bottom left has 5 ones, so is 2 & 3


Robamimi - that was absolutely lovely!!

Wow! Made it out with no help! Great game Robamimi! Keep 'em coming!

Yay out! the coins for the picture really had me stumped, think being 7 added to that as the clue indicated only 6 steps. keep opening and closing the blind made it tricky too.

im stuck on "coins X flowers + chicks" is it the NUMBER of coins?

I can't find the clue for the final code. There's nothing too see in the dark except the window and lamp...

I don't get the final puzzle. coins x flowers + chicks.
I count 16 coins, 4 flowers and 6 chicks, but 16x4+6 doesn't equal the final code?
How do you get the final code?

I can't get the final code either, I make it 16 coins, 10 flowers & 6 chicks.
16x10x6 = 960 but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong please ?

You have to have the blind down to see the final clue q

ok - finally got it thanks to your comment India_Indie - its + chicks not x chicks - silly me should have read it properly !!

@Als (16x10)+6

Wooah, that was really hard. I still don't understand how you worked out where to click the picture from the coins but thanks for leaving a spoiler Nini xD.

Thanks Robamimi, you've made it again!

Ah, and you perfectly trapped me with your colors! Just right to left - don't scramble them according to the number of flowers-per-color! ;P

BTW - if even Nini (who can really be called clever far beyond average) made the mistake of the 'X' stuff in the dark room, it must really be hard to see, especially on smaller displays (Netbook ?!?)

Wow! That was so hard and yet so rewarding when you figure it out! With a bit of help of course :) Thanx for all the generous comments! And thanx Robamimi for an awesome game!

Robamimi is one of the few developers who just won't disappoint.

the "gazaseed" hint got me - but it's a great game nevertheless.


       Anonymous  10/5/13, 9:47 AM  

The hint says "the hole of an upper drawer". Well, that doesn't help much, I can't open the upper drawer.

Final puzzle was driving me nuts last night. Kept counting coins visible in drawer, not the puzzle...

       Anonymous  10/5/13, 10:52 AM  

Totally stuck. I'm giving up, this is way too difficult.

Out on my own. Had some problems understanding the coin puzzle but otherwise easy game. Excellent.

the screw opens the top drawer

Walkthrough coming.

Flower-Through: Spoilers

You see a window thats covered with a curtain and some cute chicks. If you zoom into the curtain you can pull it up but it wont stay up.

Zoom into the chicks and note their direction

Turn right. There is a dresser, a framed picture, a large vase/jar, a lamp and a book.

Zoom into the book and read it, it would provide most of the hints for the game.

Notice all three drawers are not openable in some way (you need a handle on the first one, a key for the second and a code for the bottom drawer)

Turn right again, Now you see a big sign (LIGHT) and two boxes under it.

Remember the first clue in the book? Zoom into the top of the "T" of the LIGHT sign and click the SWITCH.

Now that it is lit up, you see the lights either sine above or below each letter.

Turn right again and you would see a shelf, a sink and a little box on the shelf.

Zoom into the BOX on the shelf and check out the buttons (5 siwtches, up or down). Now click the switches so that it align with the light pattern on the LIGHT sign

(The green light should be DOWN UP UP DOWN UP)

Pick up the almighty SCREWDRIVER!!!!

Turn left and zoom into the box on the left under the LIGHT sign.

4 directions, the clue "Window". Must be the Chicks.

Click the buttons according to the pattern of the chicks on the table in front of the window


The box opens and you get a FLOWER PLANTER

Flower-Through Part 2:

Go to the box on the right and uncrew the top with the SCREWDRIVER. The box opens get COMPOST and you get the SCREW too.

Turn right twice and face the window. Put the PLANTER on the table and then put the COMPOST into the planter. Voila! a KEY

Turn right. Use the SCREW on the top drawer and you would get a PAGE. Remember there is a page missing from the book? On page 8 the word is "GAZASEED". Now look at the torn page you got. turn over (page 7) there is a grid with numbers and letters. The word GAZASEED is actually coordinates. so get the 4 numbers from (G,A), (Z,A) (E,S) and (E,D) and you would get 7825.

Use the code on the bottom drawer and get the SEED.

Now the trickier part of the game: the middle drawer. Open the drawer and you would get a big "?" on the screen. Click it would give you a tool to show how to figure out the picture frame corner puzzle.

(I am just going to quote PuzzledinCA here:

"The way I got the coins/picture corners:
top left has to be 5
top right has 2 5s, so you must have 6 & 7 & 1 (left over)
bottom right has 4 ones, so is either 1 & 3 or 4. since 1 is taken, must be 4
bottom left has 5 ones, so is 2 & 3

23-4 ")

If you did it correctly on the picture frame (to the right of the drawer on the wall), it would pop open to give you the WATER CAN.

Now take the SCREW off the top drawer with the SCREWDRIVER and turn left (to the window)

Use the SCREW on the curtain to keep the curtain stay up. Sunlight!

Add the SEEDS to the PLANTER with COMPOST. look, little plants! with clues!

Note the browned tips on each of the plant. and then go to the sink (Left from window). Zoom into the tap/faucet and click the left/right tap button according to the pattern of the little plants (L R R L R L). Now you got water.

Fill yor WATER CAN with water and water the plants. Then go back and fill it again. This time turn twice until you see the drawers/picture/vase. Zoom into the vase and use the FILLED WATER CAN. A ball would float to the surface. Open it and you would get a SMALL KEY.

Turn left and check on the plants. They have grown! (that was fast) and there are flowers! Note the color of the flowers, and while you are there, remove the SCREW with the SCREWDRIVER from the curtain and let it down, it will come in handy in a second. Turn twice to see the LIGHT sign. Zoom into the panel under the LIGHT sign and you would see you have to enter a color code. Enter the color of the flowers from left to right and the panel would open (RED PURPLE YELLOW BLUE)

The panel opened to a key switch. use the SMALL KEY on the switch and the room would go dark.Turn around twice towards the curtain and you would see the final clue (COINS x FLOWERS + CHICKS). Turn around the turn the lights back on.

Go to the door and zoom into the code panel. Calculate according to the clue (16 COINS x 10 FLOWERS + 6 CHICKS) and get the final code (166). Enter that code, press OK and click the door and you are OUT!!!

       Anonymous  10/5/13, 1:35 PM  

Thank you for the walkthrough, Chris.
Anyway, I can see the screw in my inventory, but it can't be selected or used, and the darn top drawer wion't open.

I am so stupid! I had the key, but was stuck because I didn't realize the key opened the second drawer!

I got the coin puzzle and have 5-167-23-4, but don't get how to use the code on the picture.

Never mind! I got it now!

I made it out! That was fun!

Great game !!!! as always !!
Thank you Robamimi !!

brilliant game.... take note dr fou game makers

       Anonymous  10/6/13, 6:42 AM  

Excellent and logical game! Thank you very much for creating it!

Thank you Robamimi- wonderful game. Also thanks for the tool for the coins puzzle - I was stumped.

I dragged the coins to the 4 sections in the drawer but nothing happens. Are you supposed to click on the corners of the picture is a certain order? Thanks

got it. click top right corner 1st, bottom left corner 2nd and 3rd, bottom right 4th etc.

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       Anonymous  11/1/18, 1:18 PM  

https://www.b(RE)HI all ☺

thx annaby for the working link
it was easy to decide to post this one as a replay after updating the broken link

a Robamimi is always worth a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Rob ☺
& thx Chris for the WT

Nice Game, I enjoyed playing this game and used no hints

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