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Open the Elevator Walkthrough

Open the Elevator

[REPLAY] Demolacion and SniffMouse - Open the Elevator Escape is another point and click puzzle escape game developed by Demolacion for Sniff Mouse. This game contains 15 elevator rooms. Game starts with easy tasks and gets harder. Closely examine each room to find clues and items. Use clues and items to complete puzzles and escape. Good luck and have fun!

Note: Some of the levels will need use of keyboard to proceed!

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Open the Elevator Escape Walkthrough

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Spoiler:   Use This:


for level six start by clicking on green square bottom left and follow the way to green square on the right

level six you must click and drag all the way to other side

try a lot of numbers for 7 but...stuck

level 7 anyone?

me too Seb

I have tried adding, subtracting, using all #'s found. some from each wall, only big ones, only small ones. Nada.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:26 AM  

Just figured out lvl 7. Second number in 3 row, 3rd number is 2nd row and so on. There are 5 numbers.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:28 AM  

Trying to figure out this chain drag now.

stekest can you post a spoiler, I have tried lots of combos like you said, but not working.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:30 AM  

Sorry, checked back on level 7 and it starts with the 3rd number in the second row.

for row you start count from up or down please?

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:32 AM  

For level seven:


level 8 anyone?

Thanks, 8 was easy but stuck with helicopter and right arrows on lvl 9


lvl 8 keep clicking bottom of wall on left til screwdriver falls out. use it on upper panel and drag green button down to use

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:34 AM  

For lvl 9, don't forget to use your keyboard!

I'm still stuck on 10.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:35 AM  

Use arrow on keyboard with the helicopter.


Thanks for keyboard reminder. Stuck with chain on 10 as well. can't get it to stay up to push button or move in sideways either

lvl 10, click top left in dark area over door and something falls on floor on right side.

I don't get 4 :(

looks like game might have a problem. should be able to hook ring on lvl 10 with clip on floor but does not work.

millie, remind what 4 is. maybe I can help

Tried and tried with level 10, bored now...

same here evans :(

for 4 you have to light 5 green dots (draw a star)

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:49 AM  

hooked it on ten, maybe you have to click the hook after it falls or something.

lvl 4. click buttons to keep first one green, if green goes out start again you are making a star shape.

Nope level 10 is a bust. sick of trying. sucky game. I hate games that don't work right.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:51 AM  

I somehow got through 10 eventually as well. Clicked the hook once after it was on the floor, ormaybe it was just right positioning. Thanks for the hints everyone. Onward!

Stuck on 11 ... hmmm

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:57 AM  

Done, it was a good game. lvl 11 hint:keyboard

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:58 AM  

For 11, input the graffiti upside down

HINT: type of keyboard

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 11:59 AM  

oops, just realized that wasn't much of a hint, I meant type on the keyboard.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:01 PM  

I like math, but level 14 is...something else.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:01 PM  

You don't have to change your system clock on lvl 13.

no clue for 11

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:03 PM  

The only math on 14 is addition.

someone tells me what it says the 11th

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:05 PM  

lvl 11, if you flipped you keyboard towards you the letters would be upside down.


       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:06 PM  

not caps though, sorry.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:09 PM  

Any hints for 14, Octavious?

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:10 PM  

Nevermind, got through.

wow im bad at this, cant figure out 12

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:11 PM  

lvl 14 count circles in the numbers.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:15 PM  

Thank Octavious. My mind was way over thinking things. Glad I managed to stick it out to the end.

I need help on level 15... please...

10 is PISSING me off...

Even with hook - no chance.

still cant get by level 12

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 12:53 PM  

Agreed - 10 is horrible - makes me not like this game

10 appears to require both a surgeon's hand and a mouse pad flat as a pancake!

I can't provide either of them...

HOWEVER...what if I get my old wooden ruler and put it on the left hand side of my "mouse route"?

Hmmm...this might work. Might need a few tries, but WTH...

OK - seems I've made it after all!

At least something must have happened, because the weight does no longer budge...

But I can't seem to find the green dot now - help!


No hints for 12? Been stuck with the bottles for a while.

has anyone figured out level 15

abbe...I just left my mouse in the center of the black bar...and clicked...but you only need to get 4 of the bottles!

hello! can anyone please tell me where to find that green dot / knob in level 10 AFTER hooking in that circular thing?

stuck on level 15 too!!!!

Level 10 is impossible.

on 10...after hooking up the circular thing...the green dot on mine went right to the elevator button

arbeitslooser after i hooked circle thing to hook on floor green dot went to elevator button automatically

Not for me!

I will elaborate:

- No green button
- The weight will no longer move a single inch

So my conclusion is:
The circle thing must have been dropped one inch before actually hooking on....

HOWEVER I was about sure likewise I couldn't get the weight yet another bit toward the top...the weight was already at the very top of the game screen...

So I seem right, this IS a bug.

Finally got level 10 now stuck on 15.

anyone have a clue for 15, has anyone finished???


I have a "Restart browser" functionality, but even this didn't work! I had to quit Firefox, clear cache, and the green button auto-jumped where it belonged!

Thanks for the help.

What a drama...

Have reached top 3 times @ level 10
green dot disappears

Nothing moves

How do you hook it in

@Joe Try restarting your browser...it's bad programming

And what am I supposed to do now, in level 11?

What is this crazy jumpy keyboard for?

Just typing in 'qwerty' did not work, seems it's not that easy:)

i just typed qwerty on my keyboard and the green button appeared

still stuck on level 15 though

No idea on 15, either.

aaaaand I am done with this!!! good luck with 15 everyone!! I give up

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 3:45 PM  

lvl 15:
Click once on the circle
3 times on the triangle
4 times on square
5 times on pentagon.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 3:48 PM  

Stuck on level six click and try to drag doesn't work tried clicking and going on line to right side no luck what gives

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 3:55 PM  

Doris, You have to click and hold at the start, and go all the way to the end without touching the edges.

lvel 11
TYpe qwerty
Upside down on bottom of screen

Level 14 number to be entered?

Count the number of circles in the long number

I quit on 12. Ridiculous. One star.

Stopped on Lvl 10. Kept getting circle to the clip, but it would never take. Every time I tried to click on clip, after it fell to floor, I kept getting the go back to last level. That's too close to the clip. Not trying anymore.

Octavious99--thank you. I had tried that, but I guess I needed to click off of them first and start the sequence over. Finally done!

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 5:41 PM  

Nanaseed, glad I could help.

       Anonymous  10/24/13, 7:28 PM  

Game is buggy, couldn't get past level 10 cause of bugginess

For lvl 10 first click in upper left corner (wall/ceiling) to set hook on the ground. Grab the black weight at the very bottom and at left or right side to get some stuff above the cursor, SLOWLY push up the weight until the circle is hooked up. Done!

Walk Up

1 – Push green button to open door. Click green arrow to go up.

2 – Click on red cover. Go up.

3 – Grab the pacifier in UL corner and drag it into babys mouth. Go up.

4 – Number 666 on ceiling is a hint. Click 1st button and then every 4th button clockwise to draw a pentagram (the sign of devil). Go up.

5 – Click left flowerpot 4 times, the right one 5 times. Go up.

6 – Click and hold left green square. Drag cursor along the line towards the right square. Go up.

7 – On right wall are the coordinates for the numbers on left wall. First number is column, second number is row. So you get 96673. Set this number on panel and press enter. Go up.

8 – On left wall is a crack bottom left. Click 3 times and the almighty screwdriver comes out. Drag it to top right panel and get a green button. Drag green button to lower panel. Go up.

9 – Click heli to lift it until it´s on top of door. While descending, a „right-arrow“ appears. Press the „right-arrow“ on your keyboard to lead the heli to the right. Go up.

10 - First click in upper left corner (wall/ceiling) to set hook on the ground. Grab the black weight at the very bottom and at left or right side to get some stuff above the cursor, SLOWLY push up the weight until the circle is hooked up. Go up.

11 – Have a look at the graffitti at the bottom. Read it upside down and you get QWERTY. Type this on your Keyboard (not in capitals) Go up.

12 – Shoot bottles.There are 10K to hit. After you hit the 4th bottle you can go up.

13 – You don´t have to wait until Friday the 13th. If you click the words „Wait until Friday 13th to“ from top to down, the words „Play the game“ will remain. Do so and go up.

14 – You don´t need a calculator. You have to count only the circles in the numbers. F.e. a 6 has one circle, a 3 has none, 68 has three (one in 6 and two in 8). In the last number are 4 circles (in 8, 9, 6). Go up.

15 – Click the shapes as often as they have lines (circle = 1, triangle = 3 and so on.) Go up to the roof terrace, have a longdrink and enjoy the sunset ;o))

Thanks for hint for level 15 octavious. Had tried clicking them those number of times but not in the correct order.

Thank you Joe M)))))

AHHH this is trick with level 11!

Typing 'qwerty' is a bad idea for a puzzle.

- French people have AZERTY keyboards so you cannot just push the keys in sequence
- Germans (and Swiss too I think) have QWERTZ keyboards so the Y will be next to the key with the > < symbols, 2 right from left shift

(That said, if you're foreign and you can't beat level 11, this might be the cause!)

@arbeitslooser, no problem with azerty keyboard

for the game type letters "qwerty" on your OWN keyboard ;)

I have the same problem as Doris. Click, hold and drag doesn't work on lvl six. Is the green block suppose to move? Wish i could skip a level.

POP got it for lvl six. Click on the left green block and hold left mouse button. Just move the mouse cursor to the other block. The green block stays.

for the game type letters "qwerty" on your OWN keyboard ;)

I'm well aware of that, I just said only on an English keyboard you can type them from left to right as written on the graffiti...on the great part of others. you cannot

not a bad game

Tried many times, refreshed, reloaded.......Level 6 would not respond to my cursor....I clicked, pointed, and tried to drag the green square...It doesn't work or I missed something major!

Anyone please tell the code of level 7 and how to enter it.

Thanks Dabbeljuh

Anyone please tell the code of level 7 and how to enter it.

Tried 10 over 10 times. Couldnt make it work.So aggravating. Done

level 6 does not function. reloaded, waited for a few days for any possible bug to be fixed.... no change

Level 6 does not work!

lvl 6 is with no errors, lvl 7 is patched

Argh! For level seven, I thought you were supposed to use digit between the two specified. Other than the first one, that idea actually worked quite well:

3-2: ?
2-3: 7
4-1: 9
1-4: 5
3-1: 4

On level 6 the green square does not move, click and hold your pointer anyway until you reach the end. Wasn't bugged for me, it was just drawing blindly. Level 14 is wrong, the minus sign should be a plus sign. Not counting the 4 threw me, Tough game to rate, is it a 5-star or a 2-star?

needed the walkthrough for the last 5 levels (but that doesn´t mean it´s a bad game)

I had qw set up as a hot key so had to turn that off for it to work.

Dreadful, badly programmed crap.

...and I found this under 'top games of the year'! Why?

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