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Choco Challenge

[REPLAY] Choco Challenge is another point & click room escape game developed by Tomatea. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room full of sweets and chocolates, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun!
[Submitted by Angeltutbil]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Tomatea! Allons-y!

1 star rating???

Well I'm going in...

hmm hab einges aber komme nicht auf zahlencode oder l/r code.Wie soll mann zettel mit zahlen interpretieren?

one star rating just goes to prove there are lots of idiots in the world....and they have computer access

@Marita, English only please: Please write your comments only in English to let others understand you.


hmm but did not come to restri code number or l / r code.Wie to interpret chit man charged with?

wow!!! I love Tomatea games!!! :D

got the cupboard opened with the lemonade drink
its the cake designs

Hi, looking for a pattern and 4# number, i can change these but number of cakes doesn´t work

Got the patterns, look at the cakes.

Ah, new TomaTea! Christmas came early this year :)


Got letters from the cake the girl is holding it makes PARTY but where to enter it ?

tingting like pattern is for limoschrank I ask nothing but try it assumes

Cut the heart amulett with scissors.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 5:20 AM  

Number cabinet is clued by word on cup.

Heart goes on tile with hole in it.

cut pendant off girl take pink heart put onto brown thing with hole (sorry cant remember where i got that ) take middle candle off cake anyone got the L/R clue yet

Don´t understand number cabinet.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 5:23 AM  


Those letters get used in the next room on the fridge.

ah habs got out scissors, but still no code number for this plan

Number cabinet is four letters in the sign in the middle of the cabinet which can be numbers upside-down.

For numbers, the cup says DELIGHT. Look at Delight in the starting scene and you will notice that four of the letters can be inverted and will look like numbers.

hmm can not get out, 319.?

Hmm tried several numbers but it still doesn´t work..

anyone got L/R clue need one more choc square for the door anyone ?

is it not
numbers upside down

lr code I also still missing and below code

3716 or 3719 don´t work.

Number spoiler: SP6O1I7L3ER.
Clue to left right cupboard and clue for colours and shapes are in the room which you enter after you place the small tiles in the door lock.

Ohhh they are backwards !

Clue for clock in kitchen on cake.

Still missing one door tile...

Paper under blue plate

Clue for 9 square safe in kitchen on cakes in main room cabinet. Stuck on the five-letter word

i cant enter door still missing a choc square :(

one star rating just goes to prove there are lots of idiots in the world....
Idiots yes, but that's because of their idotic way they rate. They would usually give 1 or 2 stars as a "basic rating", because they haven't tested it fully yet and if they like the game after all, change the rating into something better, like 4 or more.
Why they can't just wait until they've finished playing the game, ESCAPEs me. Cool pun huh.

Emily it must be the word from the letters from girls cake, but i am still captured in main room, missing one tile.

Same here ting ting, where is it ?

emily, imagine the numbers on paper be typed on a telephone.. They build kinda letters... ;)

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 5:40 AM  

Emily, for five-letter word use the paper you picked up as a guide to the green number pad. Trace out each row of numbers on the pad. Each row forms a letter, which produces the five-letter word.

mind you have 5 letters from the cake
just in case they are the ones you need
im stuck in here canr find last choc square for the door

I don't get the pattern from the cakes for the cupboard with the scissors. Can anyone give me a clue? I just don't see it ;o(

Wow for last tile, add the heart tile to the others in about view.

Zazie maybe some kind soul will enlighten us....lol

Finally in the kitchen.

ting ting read my last comment.

Mark, thank you. The letters from the cake go on the fridge but I get it now.
Cheers, all!

Zazie what a kind soul you are .............x


This puppy doesn't even want to LOAD here...at least not in Firefox 24. And yes, I have even tried to turn all ad-blocking stuff off.

swirls stripes small cross square
for scissor cupboard

ting ting: thank you so much!!!

ah the clock is
spoiler 7 o clock

Out but I'll hang around if anyone needs any help (sorry, I can hardly post, my computer is being very slow tonight).

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 5:51 AM  

For color/shape puzzle in the first room, be sure to use the order in which the connect to the cake at the cherries, not the order they initially seem to be in.

Hahh... Took me a while to realize 1473695 was H and not M :)


Ok got knife from 5 letter cb, hint look at game title too, and of course the green panel and the paper are the hint.

Question in the main room on cake cabinet but can not find anything or take it?

Marita, the main room cabinet has glass covers for the shelves. You need to solve the puzzles to get inside them.

Opened color shape cb in main room and cut the cake for another clue.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 5:58 AM  

Marita, if you mean the big cake, you don't take it. You slice it with the knife and a four-color code is revealed in the layers of the cake.

New clue opens color cb in kitchen, got another tile.

I dont care about ratings so I never do, but an administrator calling "idiot" to a site user? Excuse me jonthewatch, but you are the biggest one.

see the cabinet with the yummy strawberry choc cake
where is the clue for that...and what to do with knife ??

What to do with clock and where is hint for LR ?

For some reason the colored symbol puzzle doesn't work for. Is it not the order on the cake but somehow taken from the color of the place mats? And if so, how?

gmm, arrange the big cake in the kitchen, then you can see the hint for Color/shape cb where cake is in.

This comment has been removed by the author.

TOMATEA!!! <3 <3 <3

Thanks for tip, but no knife no cake did not touch on knife found what could I take

for clock: look at the cake the woman holds in her right hand: there were 2 candles lit...
L/R: look at windows in kitchen...
Look at cupcake in fridge for colors...

The four pattern clue is as per the cakes on the top row of the cupboards, so it should be SPswirlsOlinesIstarsLblocksER.
It's a little tricky, but it's there.

gmm: for the puzzle on the kitchen counter you have to place the candle you took from the girl's cake in the main room on it - then you can turn the rings and the completed picture is the clue for the cupboard with the shapes and colours.

L/R clue is the green panels on windows in kitchen

for the cake in the kitchen you need the candle from the cake in the girl's hand.
The hint for the clock is also on the cake with the candle (look at the 2 burned cancle) and LR puzzle comes from the windows in the kitchen

Look at the sticks of the symbols on the cake....i made the same mistake. It starts with diamond, then star....

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 6:05 AM  

Lisa, for the puzzle look at the shapes and where they connect to the picture of the cake from the rotating circle puzzle from kitchen.

Zazzie, look at the windows in the kitchen for the L/R clue.

Don't understand LR clue. I have tried many combinations.

For the patterns, look at the 2 and 2 cookies(cakes) in the upper 2 cubboards with glass.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 6:07 AM  

Sorry if I am hinting poorly, folks. Usually just play and lurk, but I figured I would try to help today. If I am revealing too much/not enough, it is because of my lack of experience.

I supposed that the LR hint were the windows, but i don´t get it right.

5 digit code word missing me guess there's knives in it, wars do not charge

I'm stuck with a string and 9 tiles, can't figure out how to open the 3x3 puzzle in the kitchen

Out. Now I know why we kept the string :-)

why cant i solve the colour clue cabinet with big cake its saying i have no clue ....? so close to finishing as well :(

@adriza: 1st room, top right display, right cake...

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 6:09 AM  

Zazie, look at the green corners of the windows. Each window has either the left or right side corners colored green. if I remember, it was


Zazie, just look at the top of the windows where the green diamonds are and just follow that

jenn: for the r/l cupboard, note the side of the green squares in the corners of the windows in the kitchen. begins with left, left, right

@giganimal Thank you so much, this worked !!

L/R clue

marita: for the five letter code look at the title of this game - begins with c....

thx Rudi, finally out


Great Game!!! Thx Tomatea :D

And thx OOGGRR for the clock hint !!!

Finally out with help, but many of the comments were very confusing. "Look at the cake/cakes" isn't really helpful in a room full of cakes.

can anyone clue me in for the nine tiles code for the right drawer in the kitchen? have been around a dozen times and it still eludes me.... still missing one big brown tile yet!

BTW hint for the 3x 3 grid are the block cakes in the right cb, look at their colours.

also my piece of paper with the numbers has vanished into thin air - where did it go?

LOL gmm :-D

Thank rest I'm out alone managed

zazie: you're my saviour --- i need glasses, i suppose :o)

The hint for the clock in the kitchen is simply... TomaTea :)



finally make sure the picture is facing UP lol the cake in the kitchen i mean

Patricia, just look at the cakes. Just kidding :)
It's the 9 petit fours in the upper right of the brown cabinet. Look at the sprinkles.

and out ....................great hints thank you ...........x

Out too ! Great game, thx Tomatea !!!!!

... and out.

The 4 digit code was a bit mean, but everything else was simply great.

... as we've all come to expect of TomaTea.


gmm: lol! i'm seeing cakes everywhere now... could use a cup of coffee and a cookie now ;o)

One side note... was the fact that the four tables had four diffent colour plate mats ever used, or was it just a coincidence?


finally out now, too! thanx to everyone for helping my poor old eyes - and thanx to tomatea - keep them coming, please!

bio: you're right, they weren't used at all - just a red herring, i presume

Out with a little help! THX for that!

A greast game as usual!


Tomatea - one of the best!

Where did you find the clue for clock? 7 o'clock?

Oh, not 2 lit candles, but 2 burnt candles.

Can't seem to get the colors right on the cupcake….

I cant seem to get the letters correct from the hint paper. I get LHGCO, but obviously wrong.

green, red cherry, brown cake, yellow small stripe and the bottom i forgot, maybe blue.


clio look at the game title.

bottom pink

Thanks Zazie. *embarrassed*

that number clue was so hard for me to see! had to stare at it for a long time before i finally saw it!

Very good . i love Tomatea Games

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/29/13, 7:46 AM  

any one still playing?
Inventory: Have heart on brown square, string, 7 food tiles, 3 symbol tiles, candle, party and green numbers, can't find clues for the right left cupcake cabinet nor bottom left cake clue.
Clicking Every where!
Try to read clues with out getting too much info on next stage of game.
What am I missing or failing to do?
Please what do I do next?

That's sad.. Lost a live Tomatea.. :(
At least I've got to play such a great game from such a great developer :)

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 7:47 AM  

Niki D glad you are here.

Hey adivawoman! I've just started lol

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 7:51 AM  

Shoot! started over in case there was a bug. Save button did not work. Having to start all over.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 7:54 AM  

Ok, back where I was.....Stuck!

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 7:56 AM  

Spoiler for kitchen door:

Oh, the eight missing food square for door was the heart thing.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 8:07 AM  

In kitchen moving right along. Came back to see if any one needed help.

Have string and missing 1 tile. 3x3 grid in kitchen still not solved

oh got it :)

Hey Nini, i just came back. The brown tile with the pink heart is the last tile for door. Combine it with the other tiles in about view.

And Out! Great game as always!

3x3 grid: hint are the nine block cookies in the right upper cb with glass.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 8:20 AM  

The grid is on the little cakes on right upper cabinet.


Oops too late :-) Congrats !

I was talking about the tile for the cupcake puzzle Zazie but thx anyway

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 8:20 AM  

I am out any one need help before I go?

Excellent, as usual for Tomatea games. Thanx for the clues, EG24 escapers ;-)

and OUT! took a while to understand the number clue on the paper, imagine drawing a line on the countertop clue linking the digits
when it says "I haven't got a clue..." means you haven't found the clue yet.
tricky, but excellent puzzles

Can't grab the cupcake in the fridge. Missing one tile. What do you mean by colors of cupcake? Where do you use that info?

Complete walkthrough anyone?

Oh, I missed a live Tomatea! The good thing is there are lots of hints!!! lol!

Great Game.

My 2 cents: If it's a Tomatea game, why even bother saying it's only one star. When has one of these games EVER been a one star!!! You can almost rate 5 stars even BEFORE playing them!

@carol h -
jonthewatch did not call a site user an idiot - he was merely responding to a comment that another site user could not believe that a TomaTea game got a one-star rating.

I am kinda lost. I still hve y string and not enough clues, apparently. I can't even input on two drawers in the kitchen. ALSO- I don't have a knife and I can't grab the cupcake in the fridge and don't see where to use those colours. Thanks in advance.

Millie - what particular codes can't you solve? The knife you get after inputing a code into the top left drawer in the kitchen. The cupcake in the fridge is a clue for one of the last puzzles in the game. The colors on the sliced care are a clue for another cake display case to open....

I cannot imput the top left code of the drawers. It says I don;t have a clue. And the drawer two below that I can't imput either. They say I have no clue. :( I only have 9/10 brown pieces and a string in inventory.

thanks for all the hints....couldn't have done it without them....kept trying to color the cupcake like the one on the opposite wall.......the cup cake in the fridge you can't take is the clue for the color on the cupcake

I have done all the puzzles but still am missing one square....and the cupcake in the fridge does what????

Oh...lol...I didn't refresh..TY @Thrynn...let me see where is that cupcake? I haven't seen one that needs coloring.....


The top left code for the drawers is from the hint that is under the blue placemat on the table, and the green numbers on the counter top in the kitchen. Also, the hint has already been given to look at the title of the game...that's the 5-letter word to open the top left drawer for the knife.

nokra, fridge colored cake is for the end
have you got the one with the clock?

The last think you will need for the end is the string...

Zoe- thanks. I am pretty sure I know the word code but it won't let me input anything. Let me start with the green numbers and see where that gets me. :)

@Seb, I was just figuring that out...lol...still missing one..I thought the clock is what activated the cake below...hmmm
Tingting said to set clock at 7 o'clock...please advise.....

Thanks! I am out WHew!

Millie - you have to get the hint paper from under the blue place mat on one of the tables first...then look at the green numbers and then put in the word.

I seems to be 5 minutes till 7... lol
And...There it is!!! TY @seb!

little on 7, big on 11 (burned candles on girl cake)

Congrats, Millie!

I can't get the key. Maybe I'm too slow to reach there...

Great game! Even coming late I get help!!! Thanks again!

@monica...do you still have the string from necklace?

for me clock was 6:55 not 7:00. Did anyone use the string?

nokra - even late you GIVE help!!

the string is the very last thing you use before you get the end key...

LOL Zoe! Feels like old times! :)

Yeah...I've been in games so many times late, and there's almost always someone who helps me out, so I'm glad there are people who stick around...always good to give back - lol!!

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 11:05 AM  

ofc I ended up needing help. grrrr. the list of numbers got me. But I gave it a well deserved 5 stars. Nothing but the best for the best. Ty ever much Tomatea

Please Zoe dear, don't say I don't understand the obvious. I am not a toddler, you know? The man called someone an "idiot", what if not who I think he did? He did it! He often does it, I have seen it.
I know you are friends of that person and that is why you try to defend him with no real arguments, but it is my opinion that this administrator in particular, who through time has proven to be not the best option for EG24 public relations -were there one-, has to apologize to that user, whoever he or she is and whatever the reasons for rating low, which is always a bad excuse to insult anyone.
I'm sorry. I just can't help feeling like this. Some things shouldn't be just let to pass by, or the snowball will reach us harder. Let's not blindfold ourselves by "friendship" sake.

carol h:
You insult me. It is not "defending my friend". I am just saying that you made an error in stating that the administrator insulted a site user. He did not.

I am SO frustrated. I have a string, party letters, cake with heart, candle, cakes and tiles. I also have the paper with the green numbers. Top left (left right puzzle) and bottom right drawers in case say I dont have the clue but I can do the left right. Don't know what it is. Read comments and they are too confusing. Ready to give up.

MUSE - the cake with the heart is also a tile. When you 'about item' on the tiles, then put the heart tile in with the rest. It is the 8th tile.
You can't get into the kitchen until you have all 8 tiles on the door - then you do the match puzzle to get into the kitchen. Put the party letters on the fridge and rearrange them to spell 'party' Then you get another brown tile and cllick on the cupcake for a clue for near the end of the game.

Oh DUH...I thought so but didnt stick the tile with the others in item view. THAAAANK YOOOOUU!! XO and Happy Halloween :)

zoomin along now :)))))

YAYYY...Did the whole thing myself except for that stupid mistake of combining the sweets. ZOE you saved my game! ty ty ty ty ty. I love the game now lol.

LOL - NOW you love the game - hahaha! I hate games...that is until I solve them....then I love them, too!!

Im just starting How do you get into the game It shows all black and advertising sprint

HI sherry - it sounds like it's taking a time to lead - it was the same for me. Pretty long commercial.

Hi Zoe so I should just leave it on Thanks

I can't load this game. It tells me to download flash player 11.9. But when I agree nothing changes. When I visit Adobe flash player, 11.9 is not offered as a download. I use a Mac. Does anyone have an idea how to overcome this?

I guess I cant play it , it wont open up

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 1:05 PM  

Now this is what a game should be! Thanks Tomatea for you time in develpment in all the detail. Thanks to my Escape24 buddies for the help.

Nokra, thank you! I've just got back home and noticed that I hadn't used the string yet, so I decided to give it a try!

I had to use google chrome to get in, I couldnt get in on IE Looks like a pretty good game, I will give it a try

@Rob.. I am having the same problem. I am using a MAC also.

im stuck ode like idk what to do i got 7 candy tiles for the door and 3 weird tile like the frist glass i cant open and the one wit the strawberry cake i cant open either im stuck got everything else

@EnJoy: I haven't found a solution yet. There's no proper SWF adres in the source. I did find a flash 11.9 download eventually. Seems to be some sort of debug program, but it won't install. Too bad, I like Tomatea games a lot.

@Rob. I don't think I am running a current enough Mac OS X to install the newest version of Flash
I am using 10.5.8

It has happened to me on other games, never on Tomatea games though - which are my favorite. I emailed tomatea asking for help/answers

@EnJoy: I will check back regularly to see if Tomatea could help you out!

Thank you Tomatea! First time I have ever finish one without help. Challenging but the clues are all there if you are patient and just take time to find them. Hope to see more soon. Now I need to go eat some chocolate...

@ Rob.. see below -- response from Tomatea

first of all thank you for your mail.
There is problem with our add provider. I will contact our provider and try to solve this problem.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Finally some challenge. Wasn't too hard though. Nice balance and great game.

Saw comments, I played game on a MacBook Pro running Firefox. A little slow loading and some of the zoomed-in scenes were a little glitchy, but had no problems. Also hate to see the name-calling, especially if it's an admin. Everyone has the right to rate a game as they see it deserves. There have been games others gave a 5 star that I hated and gave 2 stars. Othertimes I've given a 5 when most gave a 3. It's just personal preference and giving feedback to how you feel about the game.

       Anonymous  10/29/13, 2:24 PM  

I'm really stuck, now. I can't open the drawers of the kitchen (what is the 5 letters word ? Of course, it is not "PARTY" which was used on the fridge). I can't turn the rings on the cake in the kitchen, I can't pick up any candle from the cake that the girl is carrying (I have solved the clock, though). I didn't notice any hint for the right drawer in the kitchen (3 x 3 grid), and the number keypad is not active.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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