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Dokotonaku Escape

Detarou - Dokotonaku Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Detarou. Gather items, solve some puzzles to escape this room. There are 3 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Detarou's Dokotonaku Escape Walkthrough

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there's a garden with lots of crazy people here. Haven't found anything usefull yet...

ok. I just opened a door. The hints for numbers are on the tree (colors) and on a stone before the forest (numbered colors). Start with yellow.

How do I start the game?

click below the poster to get into the room

Have a fish, I have no idea what to do with.

I opened a fridge using hints of letters and took a fish from a hippy.

The game isn't loading for me :(

I feel sorry for the guy on the hobby horse thing, hitting his head against the ground. I feel responsible for his pain, in a way. lol

Maggie, put the fish on the star in the forest (go right)

Loved those melons :P

I just died. lol. It's after 2am here. I think my brain is freezing up. I'll have to come back to this one.

Now I got a big fork from devil. There's another crazy guy on the top of the tree with colors. I bit him with the fork and the poor guy fell down. But now I've got a screwdriver!

It's very pleasant though, that I can hit that stupid punk. I would also like to do something with that old man that is digging his nose.

Use sd for the hole in the statue and on the painting in room. Then there's a glass with a pill. Put it on machine in the room and see an arrow hint, which I suppose is for levers.

How to open fridge? I have found 3 letter pairs, but on fridge there is a 4 diggit code.

After pulling the levers, get the glass back. There's water floating now in the garden. Give the papers to devil and get something (maybe it's his chewing gum. Put it in glass and fill it with water. Put it in the sand in the room.

Hontzeplotz use the word that is exactly what you need the fridge door to do!

Now I m stuck.

thanks Doris

Ok. I turned the painting and there's a hint with red and blue labels. I guess I have to combine with L-R on the label in the woods, to open the L/R circle.

I opened the cirlce (L, R,R,L,R,R,L) and got a tube. I put it in water and it stopped. Now the pond has water and I have to find the key.

Now the stupid zombie in swimming pool is gone and there's another crazy woman that gave me something like onion.

After planting the onion in the room, it grows really fast and you can climb upstairs. There are more crazy people there!

after climbing the plant, use color hint from big stone

There's a round that needs colors. The hint is outside, on the stone, but you have to use them from the opposite (look at the triangle). The triangle is upsidedown on the room and it's normal outside.

Ok. I'm out. If anybody needs help, let me know, cause I'm leaving for work soon.

for stamp: open door with golden key and look on sign in forest for new hint

can't get anything to work. tried every combination of PE,PO,NE on fridge, got tube from RL puzzle but no idea what to do with it. quitting

My onion won't grow...

Found the clue for the stamp in the forest, but I'm at a loss where to use it. Help?
Jools: it's a common word that describes what you need to do. Follow small letter -> large letter -> small letter etc

Although I think I see why you're confused - I think the hint is actually wrong.

thx to Doris im out too :D

@Jools: how about OPEN??

Use numbers on the round thing (ears)

Have only an usable tube...
Water is running, but fountain is still dry.
Put water in sand inside house...
Any clues?

Ok... tube goes on machine... thought already tried that...

That dry guy is looking much better now the water is running...

Anyone found a code for buttons next to panda??

Walkthrough : Read Doris comments above ;-)

Thank you @Doris ;-)

@Jon D. - it'snot the code

1st button shoots you
2nd button shoots guy and panda
3rd button shoots guy
4th button shoots panda

Thanks Jedno...
Only tried 1st button, and never came back. I guessed there would be some special combination for whacking those guys

The end..lol oh if only

pipe thing goes on generator and blocks water in fountain

Once water is in fountain you can go to patch and use wrench for key

Handy to have that guy to slap around when frustrated with game?


Got glass and something that must be the chewing gum (although it looks like a paper mini-notepad) but it won't into the glass nor can I fill the glass with water.

P.S. Doris, your hints were AWESOME! Would have been lost without them in this huge area.

AHH The "notepad" is the paper wrap and you have to go back to the purple devil guy to GET his gum!

glass and chewing gum can be combine, but the gum must be chew by someone first :)

OK thanks for the hint for fridge
can't get the colour code to work climbing up plant.
tried it as one stone, turned 180deg and mirrored upside down.
what do you do after entering colours? pressing centre just resets it.
Now fountain filled, key that was down drain has gone

OK, colour code now works, got spanner and key from drain

Desperately trying to get that stamp...

How am I supposed to interpret those numbers?
I guess the blue/red arrows too have some meaning in the final puzzle...

I need a a way to "translate" those numbers to make a L/R code...

finally out, rather a confusing game though, and still don't fully understand fridge clues, why 6 letters?
I now feel as crazy as all those people in the game, maybe I need a slap too

@arbeitslooser - RL code comes from back of fish picture.
what stamp do you mean?
colour code from tree needs to be read upwards

Jools...thanks for trying to help but the stamp is for second (better) ending, as usual in this author's games.

So I assume the RL code you're speaking of is the first time when you pick up the small metal pipe off that Aztec(?)looking stone thing. However, I'm way past that point :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

@arbeitslooser if you talk about numbers on sign in forest
to get the stamp click again on ears
for 1, 2 click on the left (blue) for 3 click on the right (red)....

@Doris thanks a lot for great help :)

I am out, thanks for all the great help left here!

Another FUN Detarou game!

Once I got the fish, it was easy sailing!


Ta' much!
That was it. When you gave away the solution, I saw I had over-thought things as usual...

It's SOOO simple. The position (whether up or down) of the arrows does not matter at all.
It just says:

All numbers on one half (separated by stake) - ONE color.
All numbers on other half (separated by stake) - OTHER color.

And it's irregular since the last two numbers are twisted.

Out with stamp - thanks!
That was fun, thanks Taro!

I'm scared to play this. I usually end up getting mad. LOL


Well, it would maybe be better to include a warning in the game, like "Don't try this at home" ;)

These games are always good for a few chuckles. This one more than others. How could I not give 5 stars? Don't know what the box on the shelf with the 2 squares was supposed to be, but out with stamp without it.

Please close the door behind you so none of those people get out!

       Anonymous  11/22/13, 7:20 PM  

Stuck at the start. Knew the color code, but not from bottom up. ty doris. Other than that out alone. was as usual, fun and very bizarre.

violent and not animal friendly.. poor fishy...

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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