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Obama Inkagames Rescue Walkthrough

Obama Inkagames Rescue

InkaGames - Obama Inkagames Rescue is a new point and click type adventure game by Inka Games. Help Obama rescue the Inka Games Team from the claws of Pigsaw. Good luck and have fun!

Play Obama Inkagames Rescue

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oh oh, I'm first :-/

Bug... Can't walk in after I opened the frontdoor.

Bug in the game. In last room, just sent obama only and wait for the time to run out. The door behind will close but no poison gas and no one dies and game struck.

whats the order of the gems

Hmmm opene 3 doors now LOL

come on whats the order of the gems for the 4th door

       Anonymous  11/24/13, 10:42 PM  

while holding my cat, I feel the need to dig in her fur for the elusive screw driver. hehe . think I might play a few to many escape games.

stuck now LOL

what is the order of the gems for the 4th door

talk to the big man (standing on the right side of his room) and go to take things

man all i need is a little help with the order of the gems and a guy cant get it or what

talk to him standing on the left side too :)

Im having troubles doing the left side LOL

hint for gems order is in room with bigfoot

OK got it now

stuck! what should I do after pouring oil on the floor to avoid getting noticed by medusa

there's no hint for colored gems.
Good morning everyone!

I hate the painting job....

there is! get the peice of paper from the bigfoot room.

ok! I talked with the big guy and I got in and get the paper. Hint for colors is on paper!


stuck in the room with medusa! anyone there yet?

Doris, it is in the room with bigfoot.

       Anonymous  11/24/13, 11:10 PM  

Cant figure out how to get everyone out, I tried one at a time, all at once, I thought perhaps a group effort was required on the desk but nothing works. Cant get up on desk.


There were a few bugs in the game regarding the giant and so forth, but that was easy enough to get around.

I painted the picture but it does not work

How did you get past Medusa?

Pic is difficult... 2 shades of red used...

       Anonymous  11/24/13, 11:13 PM  

Okay, found another bug, if you wait too long you and your four rescued person get stuck in a room and then nothing.

Have to reload the page and start from scratch... one star.

hands should be white

what am I meant to do with medusa? I put oil down then what?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/24/13, 11:16 PM  

Painting is annoying with the eyes a light shade of yellow I thought white and the gloves are white.

To get past Medusa, oil the left arrow, press the blue button and use the little statue to turn yourself into a statue temporarily.

Medusa hears a noise and goes to investigate, falls down hole.

There doesn't seem to be a trick to getting out. You just have to be quick and walk each person out.

       Anonymous  11/24/13, 11:23 PM  

I got out the old fashion way and somehow manage to get the last one out in the last second.

       Anonymous  11/24/13, 11:23 PM  

Im first too

well, finally it was easier than usual. Nice game!

yes Magda, I saw it. Thank you anyway!

Good game, a little shorter than their normal games which I like since there's no save feature. Will stick around of people need help but I think this is pretty straightforward.

could someone please post a WT?

Lots of bugs if you play in Chrome but works well in IE.
Last scene, you just have to be quick clicking the right side arrow for each one.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I hope anyone can rescue the Inkagames team. I can´t cause I can´t get in after opening the front door. The replacement has done a poor job....

Ring red bell and take note of which windows the wizard goes to.
Use the door-knockers in the same order (changes if you ring the bell again)
The door will open and you can enter

Follow the memory game on to open the second door (changes each time you make a mistake or do a new game).
Note the hole in the wall and Bigfoot in the other room and looking rather angry. Also note that there are three entrances to Bigfoot’s room. Now if you called him over, he may be so busy looking through your window that he wouldn’t notice you sneaking in the side entrance and getting some of the goodies he is guarding.

Call through the window and quickly go up, right down. Grab one of the things in Bigfoot’s room and dash back out before the time runs down and he catches you. You will have to do that a minimum of twice (once from each side of his room) to get all three of his treasures. … You should now have an oil can, a statue and a clue note.

Through the coloured memory game door, collect an artist’s pallet from the far left corner of the room.

Go around Bigfoot’s room (forward, forward left) then hang a right and find the triangle crystals. Pick them up according to the clue on the wall (in alphabetic order). The magic pots disappear and the door opens. May as well go through it

Take VERY careful note of the colours on the picture on the wall – you gonna have to reproduce them so check the shades of colour carefully.
Look at your note you stole from poor Bigfoot and place the crystals accordingly. That should open the door.

Note there is some kind of manhole cover that is too heavy to move
Now you get to the horrible picture! Click on your pallet and then onto the picture and start clicking until you get the right combo. A clue here is that there are two different pinks and leave the hands to last because I have no clue what colour they were! That should open the next door which we may as well go through.

After Medusa kills you a couple of times, you figure out that you need to put oil on the left side arrow, press the button and quickly grab the statue you stole from Bigfoot. Medusa will think she zapped you already, she will slip on the oil and down the (now open) manhole. That will free the Inka boys to carry on making these wonderful games.

Of course, Pigshaw has to have a last laugh so you have to be real quick to get all 5 of them out now. Don’t try to change characters (they change automatically as soon as one goes all the way out), just go right as fast as your fingers will click

Picking up the crystals
Brown, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Placing the crystals
White, Red, Brown, Green, Yellow


I had that problem too when I tried to play using Chrome. Opened it in IE and it worked fine.

THX Momma. Tried that too, but nada... IE and FF doesn´t work... :( Can run around in circles but can´t go in...

For all of you running into problems like unable to enter the castle. Do not resize the Flash-Frame. In its orginal size all is working fine.

Restarted 2 times, still wont let me go through first door. Read comments seems like a bug. Skipping this one. I play in FF

So I fixed the pig man, I have a printscreen of the demo picture and the two are identical. I swear they are. But I cannot proceed. I give up. Too buggy.

Tip for last room - keep your cursor in the same spot and just keep clicking that spot every time there's any arrows.

The painting was way too annoying because the colors were way too close - it looked to me like there were two whites!

However, I did enjoy all the rest very much!

I tried to rescue them many times using the hints about clicking on the red arrow each time it shows and not moving my pointer away but it is no use. Maybe my computer is running slow, maybe the connection is overcrowded. I can't keep watching them being gassed. It is also very bad taste considering there have been hordes of people gassed in German concentration camps... I am very disappointed with InkaGames.

Final scene : you have to put oil on the red cross, and on the right edge of the desk. Then make Barack move the desk. After that all the Inkagames team will slide faster to the exit.

       Anonymous  12/8/13, 3:48 AM  


       Anonymous  12/8/13, 3:54 AM  


ending is very easy if you do everything right

Is anyone else fed up of folks complaining of bugs and marking these great games down just because they don't get the puzzles first time?!!

Tania, hordes of people get killed every day by guns, cars, knives accident etc...does that mean we censor all games? you drew the comparison between this fun game and the holocaust, and some players might be offended by that!

1. Click on the red button. Watch the order in which the creature moves to the windows, then click the door knockers in the same order.
2. Go in. Click on the colored circle. Watch the order in which the colors light up, then click on them in the same order. Once you reach eight colors, the door will open.
3. Go up. Pick up the palette.
4. Go right twice, then down and right again. Pick up the colored triangles in the alphabetical order of the colors: brown, green, red, white, yellow.
5. Go left. Look through the window. Yell at the monster. Go up, left, and down. Pick up the statue and oil. Go left.
6. Look through the window on this side, yell at the monster, go up, right and down, pick up the piece of paper. Go right.
7. Go right twice. Put the gems in the holes according to the instructions from the piece of paper (yellow, white, brown, green, red).
8. Go right. Use the palette to paint the picture - make it look the same as the one in the room to the left.
9. Go right. Use the oil on the red X in the other room. Press the button, then quickly click the statue in the inventory.
10. Go right. Use the oil on both the red X's, click on the desk, and go right. Then make whatever character you're playing at the moment go right.

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