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Pancake Room Escape Walkthrough

Pancake Room Escape

[REPLAY] Pancake Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Anasteisha R.]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Yippee first in a long time

Not getting the pitcher/color wheel puzzle. I've got the RLLRLR from the lamp and the color sequence from the plant. Pancake stack tells me they go together, but I'm not seeing it.

I can't work out how to combine the colour code and the RL code. It involves the cream pitcher (?) which I put on the shelf, on the colour-wheel thing.

LOL the pancakes are screwed down???

Some people like nuts (and bolts, and screws) on their pancakes ...

uhmmm hint plant + lamp doesn't work for me :(

Loading slowly...

Stuck in the same place

share pls!!!

Leave the front of cup on the color...got door knob

Out...i'm still here guys for anything

Won't load. Keeps crapping out before even getting to 50%.

I don't understand your hint, Misty.

spout not the handle I think... Stilltrying to make it work...

i can't do anything, don't understand shelf clues or drawer code or the colour circle with the jug spout..

Did you placed the cup Marnie

Start to right, place front of cup on the collor Pink.....

Yes. It starts and ends pointing to blue.

(You mean the little pitcher, right?)

Got it. Combine clue from plant with clue from lamp. In other words, go right to the first color, left to the second, etc.

Yes...right for Pink, left for Yellow...left for White......

omg!!! I like cake not edible and switch in teacup :o hihihihihi :D great game :D

Ah, I see. Thanks, Cyberjar and Misty.

i have tried this alternating directions with the plant list, but no door handle to speak of. what am i missing?

What to do with the wrench?

use the beak of the pitcher not the handle ;-)

oh i'm missing a clue for what to do with the lamp.

at left of the cake :D

Ok...wrench is for the last part ok cake Cyberjar

Got it. Found the bolts on the back of the pancake.

Nice Game.

how does the clue under the shelves relate to the left and right buttons? I can turn the light off in the coffee thanks to your explanations but once light is off i can't do anything.
I've tried,following them separately and together, adding them together and trying that.

Nothing works.I'm asking for a help.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The numbers show the order of the large and small buttons. Just jot down numbers one thru eight and note whether they are large or small dots.

Oh thank you vkacademy for answering me.
I have tried many many times, it wont work.
I have tried just flowing directions of left then right shelf, then right then left shelf, both individually, added together and tried that , tried everything i can think of, nothing works...

Tell me the order that you are pushing the buttons. If I remember right, 1and 2 were large, 345 were small 67 were large and 8 was small? So LLsssLLs. I think....

Oh. i get it now, i've over complicated it.

You have to follow it in order of 12345678. Not in order of how they are written on the shelves. That's just to make it tricky.

Very nice game, I enjoyed it immensely. Pancakes for all

thank you for clarifying that for me

No worries. I had to get help with that darned color code. Like everyone else, I was using the handle as the pointer, not the spout. Doh!

What a great game! Thanks Schuchun!


       Anonymous  11/7/13, 1:03 AM  

Handle goes in the cup of brown liquid...

       Anonymous  11/7/13, 1:04 AM  

Aaaaah... a wrench, when I was expecting a key !

       Anonymous  11/7/13, 1:05 AM  

There was a bolt on the right side on the cake...

Great Game. A bit like Dismantlements.

Great game, these series never disappoints.
Although I tried the Big-small button code and it didn't work... when I put mug on "clock", I was able turn light on. Either that or I'm not quite awake then...

Dismantlement? Ohhh yes, the Kaitais! Been awhile since I've spotted a new one...

Great game, though almsot a little too easy! ;)

Also a game very forgiving for those that "just don't get it"
on the spur of the moment.
Apparently (too well?) trained by lots of Tesshi-e's and Robamimis, I got the hang of the requirement to combine the stuff on the lamp and that on the plant BEFORE reading the clue on the pancake ;)

But a nice move of Sanpoman to let those desperate folks find that clue! :P

Lastly NO language barrier! Another perfect effort from Sanpo'.

P:S. BTW, a little surrealist, this one, huh? A switch inside a sticky goo of coffee dregs? Hah...

very good game and yes thanks for NO language barrier :)

Love the graphics, enjoy Sanpoman's games, totally fan (and fun) !

Great game and out without checking the hints, so 5 stars from me :)

The creamer jug puzzle was horrenduously unfair - and that's even more of a shame because apart from that it was a 2 minute game it was so easy - so, this game was a waaaay to easy one spiced with one very unfair puzzle.... Hmmm... not sure I'm sold on the formula :(

good graphic, good gameplay, good line. this is what i call escapgame. (vision is my favourite, but this is also a good game)

The color / creamer puzzle was tricky until you think about POINTing to the proper color like a SPOUT does

I never used RLLRLR. What was that for? Otherwise, pretty good game.

blooby: it indicated counter-clockwise or clockwise with the "coffee jug dial"

Funny game.

Um, wha....?
I have what appears to be a glass jar, a little yellow lego piece, and a screwdriver. I had and used the small pitcher and drawer knob. Completely stuck.
Anybody want to clue me in?

OK, in case anybody else gets stuck where I did: That question mark button at the bottom? That's not a Help button, that's a Look Closer button.

Also, I tried and failed to take the knife about 1,000 times. After I got the knife and figured out the ? button, the game went fast.

Nice game

Blooby the RLLRLR was the direction you turn the cup to get the colors from the plant, like opening a combination lock.

Really enjoyed this one, good clues that took some thinking but not to hard to figure out. Made it all the way thru until I got the wrench and couldn't find spot for it (right side of pancakes). Would love to see more of these!

I found this quite difficult until I did the lamp puzzle first. I was trying to do the cup turning puzzle first and doing r,l,r,l etc.

If anyone else comes along later and was as stuck as I was, I'll do a WT:

First click the left hand symbol to play the game.

Go right. Get jar from top shelf.
Get jug off table and knife. Use knife to open jar and get end of screwdriver.
Open top drawer and get handle of screwdriver. Put both parts together.
Use screwdriver to open top of pancake stack.
Go out and take top pancake off. Clue.
Look at circles under shelves. Look at numbers on small and large circles. Go to lamp and click the small or large button in the order of the numbers under the shelf. SPOILLSSSLLSER
Lamp turns on and shows RLLRLR
Look at colour clue on plant pot.
Put jug on the right shelf colour wheel.
Use spout of jug as pointer not handle
Move spout to each of the colours in the order on the plant pot by moving in the directions from the lamp. Spoiler below.
Jug opens get knob
Put knob on bottom drawer and get 2nd screwdriver
Use on screws on the left side of the pancake stack
Zoom out and take top pancake off
Get what looks like drawer handle
Use handle on coffee cup (WTH??) opens to show switch
Turn lights off
Look on floor illuminated by lamp for number SPOI5108LER
Put light back on
Use number in middle drawer for wrench
Use wrench on right side of remaining pancake.
Zoom out, take off last pancake for key
Use key on door and out

R to pink
L to yellow
L to white
R to green
L to blue
R to red

This game completely glitched for me. Couldn't combine anything and couldn't open jar to retrieve knife. Therefore, some inventory items were unusable. Abandoning. :(

nice game - thanks Sanpoman

Bizarre - thanks for walkthrough.

       Anonymous  11/29/17, 5:52 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for this great game, Sanpoman ☺

Thanks for reposting, Alpha! Very nice little game, fun and easy, the toughest part was to realize which part of the jug is the indicating part.

Oh, sorry, you didn't repost it, it was in the random section for me as well.

       Anonymous  8/31/18, 5:11 AM  

I did repost it, just didn't make a comment about that, as there was already a last comment of mine

Aah, of course, I don't know what nonsense I was talking about.

thanks for posting this on Alpha.

Nice enough little game but how anyone can rate it as 'excellent' is beyond me!

3 spots on pancakes that need tools.

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