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Street Escape

SmileClicker - Street Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Smile Clicker. Use the clues in the appropriate puzzles to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Sakthi]

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Going in...

Tells me since two minutes to wait 15 sec for loading....

Won't load for me :((((

Here it loaded normally, but when i tried using a bucket with water the game froze. Buggy again !

I'll give up....bye...

Made some progress and then the game is frozen again, i quit !!! Not worth a 3rd try !!

Finally got to load on my third attempt after the first 2 attempts stopped at 99%. Once it eventually did load I tried to place the bucket somewhere and now cannot back out of scene. Thanks for wasting my bandwith Smileyclicker, next time complete your game before releasing it.

You should try reading the walkthrough.

No bugs for me and think I'm nearly out. Got a scroll with a clue on it for cogs? But can't work out how to apply it.

Lol... thanks for that Mez. At least I got a laugh out of this game.

Got it. Simpler than thought. First row, click 3rd cog , 2nd row click 2nd cog only etc.

Shame it's been buggy for others. Classic, straightforward escape game. Liked it.

Where is clue for the 5 hanging balls?

Just found it use crank by disc near water pump

Quite good really just don't use water bucket on pipe before sawing it in half.

It is outside on the left.

It froze at the cogs for me and I'm not starting again.

open paper and look again when cogs freeze, it resets them. but don't understand the clue on how to use the cogs.

click the cogs in columns NOT ROWS!
3rd on first column, 2nd one 2nd column etc.
Out now.

You don't need tools to open the blue door and the door right of that. Just click.

key for the other door is in the flowerpot.

Handle for the right circle is on the wheel.

Tried again and now I got aplain loading and no bugs at all.
Probably SmileClicker fixed it.
Was not an excellent game but quiet nice...

Poor design, glitchy.

The other hints are all mentioned above.

Poor design, glitchy.

What's the difference between left and right I ask myself???

ArrieNL : Click Right or left of the cogs. They turn green whatever the side you click...

No no Yannoche, I know that, I was laughing at myself! Read my hint at 9.23 ......

I give up. Every time I try to poor water down the huge pipe, it disappears and I get stuck. Game's too buggy for me. Tried twice.

Walktrough: "Use this hacksaw frame to cut outside street pipe and get the bucket fill water and drop water to pipe its give bottle"

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didnt have to use hack saw just place bucket and water fills bucket.im stuck found 3 screws to place wheres the 4th

this game needs to be fixed when u go to use bucket on that pipe u cant get out of screen,so game maker please fix it so we can play the game right

re read comments started again

mirandar i just re read comment use hack saw on pipe ist them use bucket ur get a bottle... ok i need help where are the cogs

it ok found them

and out

if any one gets stuck on cogs hope this help

row 1 = 0 0 3 0

row 2 = 0 2 0 0

row 3 = 1 0 0 0

row 4 = 0 0 0 4

Game froze at cogs too. Can't turn them or zoom out. I'm not starting again. Too bad, cause it seemed a very nice game.

Open hint paper again and cogs work!!

It loaded in Chrome for and could go pretty well until cogs, where it froze (TY for cogs hint, Smarties!) and when it did I happened to open scroll again and it went on - as Naina said. I say it was a decent game

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