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Abandoned Manor

Abandoned Manor is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. The abandoned manor is said to be full of secrets. You decided to explore the manor to see what you could find. After getting enough courage to go inside you realize that you are locked inside by a magical force. Now you must search around for a way to escape! Good luck!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
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Spoiler:   Use This:


Map in first room to the left.

go in


Piece of chalk and chess signs in first scene

Start scene is B, Map is in A

No orbs :( Miss my orbs and their ding ;)

Used the hammer (from room I ) in room F, but can't take that piece of paper there, hope it's not a bug.

Clue on wall in C, strange panel on opposite pillar. Need SD perhaps.

Rook sign in F

Flashlight in Room N

Fireplace and floor panel hotspots in G

Hammer in I !!

Fireplace, 4 digit code box, and a letter clue in H

Dried herb in Room Q

Thanx small-tool! Was just about to ask, because these rooms are DARK! LOL!

Lever in O

Used hammer on wall in O, but can't take the note. Can anyone else?

Broke wall with hammer in O but can't take note?

Can't go to room M and on the map it shows you should be able to go from N to M :(

Whoa, chair moved in P!!

Same here, Small-Tool

Break wall in O, see piece of paper, but cannot do anything with it. Can't grab it. Bug?

BKQR clue on the box in H must mean Bishop, King, Queen, Rook. Have found the symbols for everything except King.

Lighter in room R

The clue in C says light two flames, which must mean the two fires in G and H. Now to find a lighter..........

Sneaky!!! In the shadow! Thanx Small-Tool!

Okay. Did you get anything from lighting the fires?

Silver key in C under note .

Lit two fireplaces and got a silver key in C

Fixed the map, sorry about that. :)

Okay, go back to C and the Silver key will be there! :D

Wow!!! Another one! YAY!!!!

Odd book and lever in E

Red key in D

This comment has been removed by the author.

Red key in D, use Flashlight to see it.

Crowbar in Room U

Notice everyone still having trouble with getting that note under the wall... anyone have luck yet?

Might have to refresh, The paper in the wall might have been bugged. It works now though.

Refreshing now. Marked gravestones in U and a crowbar.

Use crowbar and then Flashlight in room G to get Green key

Green key in G

Thanx SD!

Snowed in with a SD game... HECK YEA!

Where is the flashlight in N?

Bowl in code box in Room W
(use hint from book to open it).

Altar in U

Use the chalk on that altar in U.
I think the bowlk has to go there, but I can't use the bowl (it says it's to collect orbs).

Is that a bug SD ?

Wait for me!!!

I don't get the code in the book. Can you give me a hint, please Small-Tool?

I see a lever in N, but not a flashlight. Help!

Oh , no, really slow loading....

Zoe, it's towards your right hand side of the scene

The code box has the page number of the book on it.
On that page a little poem how to turn the thingy on the next page in that book.
Turn that thingy the way the poem tells you to and after that you can just read the numbers.

The chalk is used in S, not in U but nothing happens.

Okay, THAT was a lucky guess!! Just don't use the 3 and the 2 in the code, use the rest of the numbers that's showing. For the box in W

Can't pick up my bowl either. And I used the chalk in U

is my map lettered different than yours? I found the flashlight in M and the paper in the wall of O

Thanx ST!!

Could be Room S Rafaga, but I'm still using the old map. Anyway you use the chalk above the altar and then you have the star there.
I'm prety sure the bowl has to go there, but I can't use the bowl.

You're all so far ahead...

I have no flashlight in N just a paper with #'s on it.

Map letters have changed since refreshing, Jake :) We originally couldn't get into M from N, but now the rooms have moved over, so to speak.

Not sure where to find gold key. I have all the chess numbers except the king and don't know what to do with the bowl (no orbs?) or dried herb.

I agree Small-Tool. I think the dried herb has to go in the bowl too.

ah ok lol thanks

Anyway, gonna play later.
Sorry Selfdefiant, too many bugs this time and refreshing (and or starting over) doesn't work for me although I have the latest Flash and correct settings for saving, but still I have to start all over again everytime.

Good luck guys and have fun :)

my bowl said: you can collect orbs with this

can someone spoil the chess piece number? I'm stumped

My flashlight was in M not N!

Flashlight was in room N on the old map.
With the new map it's room M.

Evans - thank you for the flashlight! I was going crazy in N looking for it!!!

Not sure what happened to the bowl. It's fixed now. It worked when I played through... Everything worked when I played!

Tried to brute force the chess piece box. no luck :(

Aaah, don't stress, SD, these things happen and at least you're around to follow and fix after our butts :)

used bowl, received gold key, now need to figure out a new code... and I need to place something...

       Anonymous  12/6/13, 6:41 AM  

not enjoying this game as much. So dark I cant see, tried adjusting my contrast etc but not much help.

I also tried to brute force the chess box, without success. I've got Bishops 5, Kings ?, Queens 4 and Rooks 7.

This comment has been removed by the author.

6 bishops, 5 queens, 7 rooks order BKQR I BF'd the K

adivawoman, did you get the torch in M?

I don't want to read all the spoilers but I've also got the bowl that I thought went on the altar thingy. Have we heard if it's a bug or not? Thanks :)

K= Knights

refreshing again *sigh* need to count my chess pieces properly :)

Oooh, Knights! LOL! Thanx SD!! Look for horses, Rachel LOL!

I tried making the puzzles harder, not impossible. I hope they are at least solvable. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Piece of card=rose colored glasses???

I am sure they will be, eventually! LOL!

I think I got the gold key from setting up the altar outside

Cant find the hammer in I? Where is that sucker?

9 digits needed for a puzzle box, a little bit stumped...

Pop. Holy crap I'm blind

I've refreshed and the bowl is fine now. Thanks SD.

Aaaarrrgggh, taking AGES to reload!! Too many people playing LOL!

Ok, changed my mind and replayed and caught up now I think.

I can't find a flashlight in M or N

I refreshed, I used the bowl, no golden key

Where is that 9 digit box Don Milewski ?

I think something went wrong with my files. The card shouldn't say rose colored glasses. I uploaded another new version. I'm glad I stuck around today.

I can get number code in W
(hint in book but I don't understand how to click on 3 red arrows , got 7539 but It doesn't work)

7539 worked for me, Seb

rectified, use the lighter on the grass in the bowl and key

Thanks, SD!

I'm stuck. Have a part of paper and thing that makes the rooms red when you click it....not sure where to make that work.

Room C for the 9 digits, activated after pulling all of the levers I believe...

Now I've got the card saying rose coloured glasses - is that right?

I've just refreshed this page and seen your comment SD. Refreshing the game now.

Nevermind, 9 digit box is in room C after you did all handles.
I'm pretty sure that code has to do with the thomstones.

if the red key is in d which u need the silver key for and the lighter to light the fireplaces is in R (which u need the red key to get to) to get silver key how do you get anywhere

Also going to need a piano piece soon, I tried playing silent night and jingle bells, and it just wasn't happening...

Got rose-colored glasses. Haven't found anything yet. (From BKQR box)

I was thinking tombstones as well, just can't seem to figure out the pattern yet, I'm sure it's staring me in the face, but ...

To sum it up : I'm lost in the dark.
I found only the silver key (used), a hammer (used), a piece of chalk, dried herbs, a lighter (I would never have seen hint by myself), and a book with a 4 digit number (where do I use it ?).
I haven't seen a hint for the knight or king (for the box in H). I lighted 2 fires, saw a hint in N, activated 2 levers (in E and O).
Usually I love those games, but this one is a pain for my eyes.

What about the number clue from the crack in the wall - could that be to do with the 9 digits?

YAY! Finally back in! Used bowl, placed herb, used lighter on herb and got gold key!

Hm. Only 8 marked thombstones as far as I see !?

Gold key....my piano skills are lacking. Help!

i put the bowl and the herb in u and i get the gold key

Game works now. I played through. Sorry for the issues. Everything should be good now. :) Thank you all for understanding!

Crap I am so far behind now LOL!

You're the best Mr. Selfdefiant!! Thank you!

I'm a bit lost now with all that refreshing :(
Where is that number clue in a crack?

On the paper in the hole, is it 0 (zero) or O (the letter "O"). not sure if it makes a difference, (as in O/0 = 15)

i cant get red or silver key help??

In O, Small Tool

Oh, good to see that SD fixed the bugs, I missed the life game anyway. So I can go in now... :-)

Stacey, light the fires for silver key

Thanks guys, forgot about that paper.
Anyway, no idea how to do the piano and no idea how to do the 9 digit box with only 8 marked thombstones.

but i cant get the lighter if its in R need red key

Lighter is in Q

hopelessly stuck on the piano and 9 digit box

My bowl is stuck in the inventory. Do I really have to refresh?

Can someone spoil me the code from the crack in the wall in O please - my note is still stuck even when I refresh ....

box in room h i tried with this 6457

It looks like I'm with a few of you - no idea about piano or 9 digits. I thought the code paper was for the piano but it isn't working out for me.

My bowl is stuck too Flora, and I have already refreshed. Not good news ................

Note in O reads:

5-42-49-83-87-111 O=15

These don't usually post until 7:30 am. Can't believe I overslept and missed the start time!

Crack in the wall says:


This comment has been removed by the author.

I think I'll have a break and do a sudoku, then come back with a fresh mind.

Stuck with that crack in the wall clue myself. Don't know how to interpret it to the piano, because if I use the O=15 clue, that makes the numbers 5 (e), 42(p), 49 (w), 83 (e), 87 (i), 111 (g). And p and w don't appear on a piano *sigh*

refresh 3 times and my bowl always stuck :(

aaahh thanks

Zoe, the original clues in the beginning of this thread refer to an old map which was bugged and SD since corrected. The flashlight WAS in N and can now be found in M.

Thanks S-T & Kernowoman. Have refreshed for the third time and everything ok now. Just need to work out piano clue ???

i have a card from box in room H and i put in the room J in the yellow space

Rachel - yes, thanks! I thought something was strange! I went back to see if I missed something and started reading the old comments, not realizing the map had changed.

So, now I got the green key. Where do I use that?

OK so we've got 2 puzzles - piano and 9 digit box, and 2 clues - numbers from note in wall and gravestones. Not getting it at the moment.

YES, Isabel! That must have opened a clue on the Piano! Silent Night!! Merry Christmas!

Found it....room S. Probably already given above...lol!

Not a big fan of this one. Lost my patience. Done

I think green key was possibly S? All my notes disappeared when I refreshed.

my card is a lens

Silent Night has a 4 and an arrow on it, but it doesn't refer to the 4th line in the music sheet. Stumped.

I'll be napping next to the fireplace....someone wake me when the piano is solved. Zzzzzz

tried everything i can think of for the 9 number box. The difference between the numbers in the note doesn't work, the numbers of the years in the tombstones don't work, using the name of the piano and changing the letters to numbers doesn't work. Hint please, SD???

for the piano it is every 4th note.. got another card

Same here Kari. I thought the 4 with the arow on the sheet music might combine with the number clue from the note in the wall. If you put the 4 before the 5, then look at the difference between numbers, you get 137734424 but that doesn't work.

Thanx Kerzman!!

Great find Kerzman, thanks :)

Got the piano!! You have to select every fourth note!

Nice, now two more cards to find? and the 9 digit code...

Dang, I have looked everywhere and I am CERTAIN I have pulled every lever, but nothing new has turned up in C! Completely baffled!

Thanks for the piano clue :D

The paper must be the clue for the 9 digit code then but I can't work that out.

Ooooh, okay, it's on the pillar, and not at the hotspot at the back. *facepalm*

Piano clue isn't working for me. I come out to playing 11 notes. Am I counting wrong?

I think it was 10 notes, starting with FFD

Then again, what's o=15 got to do with it?

@ Kari, FFDBBAECAE.. If i remember correctly

Could the O = 15 possibly be the NUMBER ZERO instead of the LETTER O?

Why does it say O=15 on the note clue? O is the 15th letter of the alphabet ...................... ???

LOL Rachel, we are both puzzling over this .......

I am stumped, Sue! LOL!

Thanks everyone!

I'm stuck as a stuck thing.

This is driving me crazy Rachel, and I bet SD is watching these comments and having a chuckle or two - at our expense LOL

There are only 8 marked thombstones, right?
Or am I missing one somewhere?

I only see 8 marked ones.

ok I'm completely stuck I can't find any keys. the lighter is in silver key room which I need red key for that I can't find or need green key... PLEASE HELP

Yes, S-T, only 8. I have tried looking at the names on the tombstones to try and convert them to numbers, no luck. I also tried just using the initials. No luck there either. They all look like normal names apart from the first one A.Stone - or is that just a joke?

Nope, there's definitely only 8, ST. I even have an Excel spreadsheet open, doing calculations and alpha-numeric sorting LOL!

I think the torch finds the green key but I can't remember the room. Try the dark ones.

@Jake, if you've lit the fireplaces, go back to C and you will find the silver key. The red key is in a dark room, you need the flashlight from M

wp piano and where bowl, gold key where? green key you still missing and where do I find the crwowbbar

You need the crowbar from the graveyard scene (T, I think), to open the floorboard in G and then using the flashlight you will find the green key

Bowl in the box in W. Use clue from book. Chalk/Bowl/dried herb all used together on altar in U to give gold key

sneaky queens there are 5 in there!

i´m stock with the 9 digits code

Anyone found that pesky 9 digit code yet?

I can't light the fireplaces without a lighter lol.... what key do I need first and where the heck is it please?????

still stuck on the 9 digit box -.-
tried to converte the 5->42->49... clue into letters and then back into numbers but there are just 8 left...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jake, Lighter is in Q

Oh no, I started second time but my bowl still sticks to the inventory Can't go further....very sad ... I lOVE SD games...(((((((

BOWING DOWN TO KARI....... thank you thank you thank you, I swear I went over that room 1000 times

Even looked what the 5th, 42nd, 49th etc. letter in the text in the book is but that gives me only 8 numbers :(

i think the 9 digit code has to to with the 1st initial of the names on the gravestones

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