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Escape from the Haunted Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape from the Haunted Room 2

[REPLAY] Escape from the Haunted Room 2 is another Japanese point & click troom escape game developed by MyGames888. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Angeltutbil]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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going in...

Slow loading

Lots to do and see here...so far I picked up the cactus, and got a blue thing from a drawer while breaking the vase above for a key!

Sorry, that was a coin, not a key...lol

So, I put the cactus back where it was and the cabinet below opens...but now I need a marble??

Gahhh, loaded to 80% then lost power. (having an ice storm here)

used the coin to open the screwed space in the 9-shelf and now have half a robot

so far: 3 pieces (put together think to build a robot) and a coin (used as screwdriver)

Hello Nokra,
I've got a cactus, a drawerhandle and a coin, because 'someone' broke the flowervase. Running around now.

I think we'll need to complete the robot and put it on the cabinet to the left of the sofa

O, good evening all ...(just refreshed)

Used the robot (only with 3 pieces) on drawer (creepy!!!!) and got a clock needle

same here, can;t get further.... yet

The drawerhandle is in fact a robot-leg. Didn't think of using the coin to unscrew the pannel. Thanks.

Have only body part and one leg for the robot :(
How di you get the third part?
And how to get the handle from under the couch?

how to get the thing under the sofa?

Used hint from clock to open the wardrobe got last piece for robot and ...... game over .... to be continued :(

NO ...:) continued LOL

Anja, I think I'm missing a robot-part. Where did you get his right leg?

push continue when game over in closet. now stuck in second room. someone nailed the door shut. patched picture on wall can't do anything else or get out either.

you get wrench for side of bookshelf when you put other arm on robot. the first arm falls off and is wrench.

Pieces for robot: one from drawer, one from using coin on shelf and one from using kactus on shelf with sliding door

Anybody? Where is the other robot leg?

Use 4. piece on robot and got tool for shelf in next room now

Small tool, got a leg from the drawer, and a leg from the bookshelf after I put the cactus next to the locked door, which slides after you place it.

Ah thanks guys, completely missed the spot next to the sliding doors.

Cactus goes in left side of sliding door on big grey shelves,,, open other side for robot piece

in top drawer where you broke vase is help for clue for closet door. put hand on clock and use colours from shelf to open last arm in there on floor. move coat first.

anyone else get to bedroom yet? I am still stuck there. can't figure out 4#'s on chest or get "item" under bed.

Ah, I get it: take the cactus, put it in the spot on the shelf and now you can move the panel to the left.

Do NOT touch the ghost...you have to start over!
He got me in the closet! LOL

Picture gives number clue for chest - got a net

Yea...The game lets you continue...got the arm now!

with net got thing under bed - in ball is head for the figurine

I'm at the same place @evans. Trying to make something out of the tree branches ...

Have a wrench now...cool!

All I did in the bedroom was putting a picture together and using the eraser on another pic.

Look carefully on the tree picture! The branches building numbers - first is 5

Don't see how the pics give a hint for the 4 digit code?

@Anja - which picture gives clue for chest?

Yeah, thanks again Anja :)

I was able to get the hammer and open the other door

ah - look at white parts on chest

Make the net longer and use it under the bed.

Got handle from under sofa used it on door and .... game over again

Huh!? I got game over after getting the hammer and seeing the scary kid.

Ok, take the hammer with the net to net get the scare kid.

and out!! anyone need help?

Yes Please Irish.
How to open that door without getting the scary kid.

there is still the ball puzzle in the chest where the cactus was at the start of the game

What to do with the moon hint?

the eraser is in a new shape...matches the shape of the robot foot so you can get the cactus back

Ah got it!!!!

Out now

Ah of course.
Thaks Irish. Out too now.

Btw. use the eraser to get the cactus back.

out too. that is one scary kid. Glad we didn't have to use the sword on him. lol

That was a great game!

got the sword, but how to get rid of the kid?

oh - got it! Great game

Give sword to superman or whatever that doll is.

I can't get past the kid. Help!

@annaby: put sword to figurine in kids room - then you can leave

Ok, I didn't understand Anja's comment earlier... "opened OTHER door" with the hammer. Doh!

Game over after meet a scary boy.

That WAS creepy! I loved it!

Thanks for all the helpful comments.

You know about the continue button, right?
You´ll probably meet that sacry kid more.

what to do after giving sword to super hero?

After that you can go out safely.

Dang, that one was scary! and thanks for all the hints!

Where did you get the sword from?

The sword you get from doing the balls puzzle below the cactus (the hint is the moons in the bedroom).

Oh, I didn't notice the cupboard opens now! Thanks :)

       Anonymous  12/23/13, 4:39 PM  

What a great game. A little bit scary and thank goodness for the continue.

Happy Christmas to all the people I play with and never comment with XD

Tab key works to find the hotspots. Wish all games did this.


       Anonymous  12/23/13, 6:04 PM  

Nokra put back the cactus and the cabinet opened.. That "hint" was enough to get me going and it all fell into place pretty easy. ty Nokra. Very nice game it was too..

This comment has been removed by the author.

10 minutes to load?
Not sure I'm willing to wait.

someone still here? dont get the chesthint (trees)

Pelznasen, look at the space between the tree branches. The bird included.


       Anonymous  12/24/13, 5:12 AM  

Where is used the net ? it's useless to grab the thing under the bed.

pdgph, you have to double click on the net, then click again to extend the pole....
Great game....spooky too

Wow. That was a bit unlike this guy's previous games... But it was still just as great an escape game as those earlier ones.


       Anonymous  10/21/18, 1:18 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is soon...!
(just look at the daily games the devs create atm ☻)
therefore the next time, we will provide also replays with a Halloween topic (or just some scary ones), continuing with another JP tried & trusted dev from the past: MyGames888

a MG888 is always worth a replay - enjoy, mwahahahahah ☻!

thx annaby for your submissions - much appreciated! ♥

ありがとうfor all your creations, MG888 ☺

That was probably THE scariest escape game I've ever played! Beautifully made!

That's so strange... Although I couldn't recall the puzzles, I clearly remember playing this game a good while back - and that it gave me a helluva hard time... and this time I was out in less than 10 minutes... and I swear I did not remember one single puzzle, let alone the solutions...

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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