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Must Escape the Temple Walkthrough

Must Escape the Temple

Must Escape the Temple is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Flonga. A nice trip in the jungle seemed like a good idea, until you got caught by local people! You tried to be friendly with them, but the chieftain locked you inside their holy temple. Look around for objects and clues that may help you, and figure out how to escape the temple! Use your mouse to interact with objects. Click on an item and then on the right spot to use it. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in :)

Scroll/ map left of 1st scene (click different colored brick)

Have scroll, green gemstone, medium boulder and stick. Not sure what to do with any of them..

Hi Jo.C!
Found a stick near a pile of bones..can light it with a candle. I will light the unlit torch near a doorway...when I can find it again - lol

Found it - got a black key. It's in the second square block up and the arrow is pointing down...if that makes any sense.

Hi Zoe! Lol that's the progress I have made... lighting the stick!

out. nice game.

Yep and now got rope from the chest..

Ah ok when you have rope tie it to the post of empty 'swimming pool' to get water jug

Now have green and blue gem , medium and large boulder and rope.

The black key opens up a chest where there is water flowing out of the wall - got a rope. Map says I am in the middle big room with the arrow to the right and pointing down.

Now where am I lol? Need a large boulder now.

Navigation could be better, but I'm out!

One boulder was on one of the stairs in the dark, left side. I agree, navigation was a bit difficult but map helps. Nice game. For the face with the stones to push, don't overthink.

I am unable to open ANY games today. any suggestions?

Went to make tea so probably way behind now

Out by myself this time. Good game as usual. Thanks Flonga and SD.

Thanks @ Emmes, I was waiting to see a hint somewhere for that lol. Just count the dots on the stones :)

That's odd jojoma, sorry no suggestions though I am rubbish at things like that. Hope you get it all working soon though!

And out as well... somehow lol. Got easier once you have the bombs!

how do you empty the water from the pool? I missed something

Had to leave for a while...how do you empty the swimming pool?

I can't find the boulder or the stick to light =(

That wasn't clear to me how to empty the swimming pool, think it happened after you change the colours on the wall? Maybe. I will go back in to see....

The stick was among some bones

       Anonymous  12/2/13, 6:31 AM  

cant find third boulder, have leftover bombs. stuck.

Ok the pool is emptied when you change the levers, look at the pictures and the colours under them (in pool room). Does that make sense?

Thanks Jo.C! The ones from the beginning? They are the only ones i can find and i have clicked everywhere!

You do get the large boulder after using the bombs I think. Just can't remember where

The bones where the stick is are in the room where you go down the stairs (not the pool room) and they are by the door.

       Anonymous  12/2/13, 6:38 AM  

got blue gem. now where to place them?

Thank you for your help Jo.C. For whatever reason i can't get it to work. Must be bed time.

Happy Playing

Place the gems (on map) second to top square. The doorway left of where you place boulders. Then you are out!

       Anonymous  12/2/13, 6:42 AM  


Is it still the stick you are looking for @ Traveling fairy? If so i think its the bones in the room (on map) the large one in the middle with arrow facing down.

In the pool room, I see symbols with blue, yellow, green and red colors under them, but don't know what it means. The only lever I know of is the one that broke and I used it in the pool room to lower the spikes in the hall way.

Zoe make note of the symbol and the colors under them then use that on the levers (in room with the water coming out the walls). That empties the swimming pool

Not like the lever we broke off, but the other kind lol. On the map it's in the large middle square with arrow facing down in the bottom left corner

Got it...I had a hard time finding my way back to the room where the levers were - made note of it now! Thanks Jo.C!!!!

I am unable to find any key - please help!

Snoff, one of the keys you get after lighting the torch by one of the doors (you need to light the stick first) and another you get from doing a puzzle pushing in stones (the face one)

How do you light the bombs?

Jo C. - thank you! I now have the black key!!

Great game! Thanks Selfdefiant and Flonga!

And thanks Jo.C for staying and helping!!!

No problem Zoe, it's not often I can help. So if I can I will lol :)

And @ Lesley, use the torch (the stick)

I filled my bottle with water, and used that to fill the "urn" thing, but nothing happened. I have bombs (one used), medium and large boulders, map, torch, green and blue gems. Where to next?

Murphy's LAW!! You type a question and the moment you're back in the game, POP! Found a new open gate, which I was always thinking was going back *sigh* LOL!

Very good game!

       Anonymous  12/2/13, 8:49 AM  

for some reason i still cannot figure out the stones! i've pressed the buttons in numerical order from 1-6 and 6-1 and nothing works.

Face with circles...do you just push 1 through 6? Or is there a different order?

It finally worked, 1 through 6, after a MILLION times! Ridiculous!

It seems that when pressing the stones (1-6) round the face, you have to wait until the pressed section has fully returned to the starting position, before pressing the next section.

I thought you maybe had to press them in sequence very quickly, which accounted for my first 345,267 attempts!

Otherwise, pretty good game. I didn't understand the significance of the red, green and blue arrows, which lit up under the half donkey wheel after the correct colours were selected!

Could anybody please explain the colour puzzle of the first room ? I did the first part, but now, coloured triangles have appeared and I can change the colour again.
I have used the 2 keys and one of the bombs (thank you to people who gave hints !)

I was looking all over for the red gem and couldn't find it. Then I went back to a place where I had blown a hole in the wall and inside on a stand was the red gem. It wasn't there before. Weird.

So, I'm stuck with : a torch, a full water jug, a medium and a large boulders, small bombs, blue and green gems and some kind of map.

pdgph I am where you are I think, places 2 bombs at cracks in wall but can't seem to light them with torch for some reason... maybe have to place all 3 first but cant find 3rd spot?

Ah! the 2nd bomb worked. must be a small bug

Jojama, restart the computer in case an update to Flash or other software needs a restart. Also check for malware with Malwarebytes from download.com

Out ,very logic &nice game

Fantastic game.

Navigating different rooms was bit confusing at first but good music and gameplay.

I have 2 keys and no where to use them lol

Where is green gem that everybody found? thanks

statue at top of pool.

What a SPLENDID game!!

Must be one of your best efforts so far, SelfDefiant. A true 'gem' of entertainment (pun intended) :)

And not that childish trivial stuff either, having locked drawers with the codes nearby etc ;)

For the navigation, instead of moaning, I have a good suggestion for you:

What about including an animated compass rose that always shows were we're going to?

If you need a clue how to do this, check the ancient game AXE OF RAGE from the 1980s. (YT videos exist) They had used a sword to indicate the direction, and sometimes when you came out of a cave into daylight, the sword would do a 180 degree turn...

Hey Rachel...that is not Murphy's Law, which is; "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"
....lol...it is
Power Of Posting!
Let me see if I can use POP to find where to put my 3 gems without having to watch the videothrough! LOL

**whispers** look out for a shut gate, one that is not enclosed in stone though **whispers**

Great game

Sound control/mute button not working properly.
The sound only stops until the next scene, at which time you need to turn it on/off again to stop the sound.
(Firefox/Mac OSX 10.7)

Sound Control: even with sound turned off some noises (chest lid shutting, frex) can be heard.

Someone might have mentioned, the wall torch which is extinguished when torch is lit

For some reason, when pushing the segments 1 through 6 nothing happens... no key for the chest by the pool. Maybe i have to do something first, but i looked at the vid and it doesn't look like i have too do anything. using Chrome

Thank you for the hints - I got all I needed from the early posts - very good!

@chuck it was in the comments.

Press segment 1.
Press segment 2.

And so on. Let the thing "float up" first and wait until it's completely motionless. And of course, check first the number of bubbles so that you press the "cake pieces" in right order.

and out :) loved it Thanks again SD!

How do you get past the spikes??

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where is the bombs?

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