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Candy Rooms Escape 7: Carmine Pop Walkthrough

Candy Rooms Escape 7: Carmine Pop

FunkyLand - Candy Room Escape 7: Carmine Pop is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Funky Land. In this game, you try to find the items and solving the puzzles to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!cape game by Funky Land. In this game, you try to find the items and solving the puzzles to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Candy Rooms Escape 7 Walkthrough

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to turn colored buttons under frog, look at places of colored presents (red is bottom right, green is top left...)

Found 3 candies so far.

lolly pop in flowers. candy by blue present.Use color present for frog code for a third.

missing 1.

put a book (found under red machine) with the others and button
put button above 4 men and click to see birds

missing 2nd from left.

one in view candy red machine (up)

drag down this button to see 4 digit code.

book to shelf. gives screw for men with hats for 4# clue.


cut the cake for the coin

4th candy from gumball machine.
pop! Sneaky candy in gumball view for 5th.

thanks for the drag down clue roberto, i was stuck clicking there.

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Ding dong .. entering the house. I love that.

Like these little games.

I like these. I thought this one was easier than usual though.

But who would ever escape from a candy room?? :)

how u cut cake

it ok forgot to put code in to get knife

Beautiful games!

- Candy Room No. 07 - Carmine Pop [Walkthrough] -

# Green Lollipop from the bouquet on the couch.

# Blue Candy in front of blue gift on shelving unit.

# Orange Candy from top of lamp, above the gumball machine.

# Purple Candy from frog-puzzle:
Notice the placement of the gifts in the shelving unit
Use this clue to solve the frog puzzle
Solution: green is top left, blue is top right, yellow is bottom left and red is bottom right
Click the button on the right and take the purple candy from the frog.

# Pink Gumball from gumball machine in the corner:
Take book from shelving unit underneath gumball machine
Insert book between the others alike, on the shelf underneath laptop
Take the yellow, red and blue thing revealed in the next shelf
Place this colorful thing on top of the stickman-puzzle
Click and hold the thing to see birds flying out from the hats
Click and drag downwards to reveal clue to open password-encoded case
Enter password on encasing on top of gift-shelving unit (3741)
Take knife and use it to cut the cake on the center table
Take silver coin underneath cake and cry because you can't eat the cake
Use silver coin on gumball machine to get pink gumball.

Thanks for posting these. They're simpler than many escape games and I am learning to think laterally. They're also beautiful and great fun!! Why would anyone want to leave this pleasant room with a whole cake in it? Oh, that's right...ran out of tea!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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