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Exorcism Detective and Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough

Exorcism Detective and Sleeping Beauty

[REPLAY] Exorcism Detective and Sleeping Beauty is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by YeahGame. In this Indiana Jones style game, you will meet the detective Tom who is unsuccessfully searching for his missing wife Carry - for years now! One day, a letter comes with a message allegedly from his wife. There is also a photo of her inside, together with a map and a picture of some kind of cave entrance... Tom follows the map and finds himself in the woods where he finds five tents. He starts going through stuff in and around the tents and collects various items. Some of it could help him find his wife, but what and how? Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by PurpleLogic]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Exorcism Detective and Sleeping Beauty
Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
(To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box)
Spoiler:   Use This:


Well, what can I say ....
For questions read the chat box.
We had a blast on this game.

On the other hand ...
First give it a try on you own !!

Opened the tents and got hoe (?) without handle, big knife, locked notebook, rope, stick, fluorescent rod. Cut the grass in second scene and now stuck.

Combine stick with hoe, start cutting the dirt.

Go back to the stick where the rope was tied on and take it

Go back to the stick where the rope was tied on and take it

Thx arrie, combined those things, the grass is short now. But i still can't get out of the dirtzone. (not even when i'm reading chat) . Feeling lonely here hahaha

I am in the tunnel passage, now I need light.

You're still in a beautiful environment Catqueen, be thankful for that, lol.
In you inventory, select stick, click on magnifier, then click on the hoe thing, it will be attached to the stick. Then start cutting.

Stupid me....I combined stick with rope iso hoe. BLOND!

* youR ofcourse ..

In cave...there's a stiff in here.

Me too - completly stucked. No idea how to push those bricks

The light is in your inventory,
To descend combine stick and rope.

My tunnel down is blue now and than I have combined my rope and wood.

There is a paper in the stiff's mouth, but I don't know with what I should click the hieroglyphics.

I mean the bricks in the cave with the stiff

Romy, place combined stick and rope on the hole and you can 'climb' down.

arrie: promise too get back....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Stuck at same place as you Ratschel.

Got it....combine sun mountain river clue with bricks in wall..

Now I got a paper from the dead body. I oopend the mouth.

Oh great...another stiff.

Got myself caved in with the stiff who was shot in the head. Must try to grab the hand, or what's left of it.

With the hint from the paper I opened the next door with the 6 stones on the wall

Just got guests......(grrrrr) have to leave. Romy I hope you can make it through. Use chat msgs to help you.
Thx arrie! :)

someone already down? I can not find the code for the 6 stones,'m still carrying what is, but without key?

I set the lamp in the right room on the wall and now the light reflect a new point on the ground. I got a green part.

It's a bronze disc.

@ marita: open the mouth of the body. You'll find a paper. On the back site of the paper you can read "sun, mountain, river, human, moon, eye".

thank habs, but the code in the space in front with left right I do not get it so

the bowl in the right space I get why nciht

I took the brown disk from the altar and then I placed there the vase. Now I opened the middle door by placing the brown and green disks.

Got the two disks and opened new door. I got to a door with a modern number password. Can't get the code. Also, didn't understand thing with triangle, circle, etc. over it.

code for door no idea could not quickly read along with irgentwas 81

triangle circle thing needs a stone key and you spin the dial the amount of times the arrows in the other rooms say.
stuck with modern lock thingy... 81??? any ideas anyone?

still looking for the light in order to get down the tunnel. :(

Aha! Found round thing which turns like a safe dial under the hands of the second dead body. The clue seems to be the triangle, circle, octagon, square, but haven't cracked it yet.

The code is:


press the stones as numbered:

3 5

1 2

4 6

angel di, the light is in one of the tents.

Hmmm. Anyone got the notebook open? The green key doesn't seem to work...

combined rope with stick but need light i think to get down and i can't find it. also, have you opened the lock in notebook?

Maddz Where did you get a green key?

januarii r i think it was what came after 81 was 259 can remember exactly

Angel, the light stick is under the pillows in one of the tents.

q i think i'll have to start over. looked in all the tents but found no light

So to turn this is as follows
Spoiler triangle circle square 8eck
1 right, 2 left, 4 right, 3 left spoiler

@q, I can't remember. I think it was in one of the side rooms behind a brick.

thanks velovan! don't know how you got the numbers but they worked :)

have you used a took or something to get the light? i've looked everywhere... feel sooooo lonely. i guess there is a bug or something

i just guessed them

Thanks marita! I don't know how the clue gives you that code, but it works. Any clue for the 81... number? I haven't seen one.

q read my comment at 3:06am

have door to new and doors now, image code to move not yet found but various cables and chit and key

velovan, thanks. I hate using answers when I have no idea where they came from, but it works.

laptop not disconnected despite cable, hmm

OK, now need 5 wires to get power going. I found 3 so far.

crate in a room 3 digit code? determined in the laptop in it, can not find a hint for

Stuck again. I can't open the green notebook. I can't get the power on - you need five coloured wires, I have 4, can't find the purple one anywhere. Hints appreciated...

4 cable now, one on top of cabinet, the green, have now green purple blue and red

only have 3 wires... tried 1979 and 1981 off the clue from photo frame.... not working on the code box
cant open broken lock door either
hints appreciated by me too

5.kabel im trafoschrank

januarii, where is the code box?
marita, where is the purple wire?

behind books on the book shelf the third row up middle group

For picture frame on wall combine clue from books in shelf with WASD from your keyboard

and all in it and made ​​the switch cable green and let there be light

OK, have code box, can't open. 1979, 1981, 1991 etc. don't work. Still missing purple wire. About ready to give up.

Can't get the time clue to work, can't get first door on right open...

q it's 1981 and u gotta turn the power on and use it on the laptop

Pop! It's not 1, it's 7...

've got a half of a black steins and water left in the tank and accounting, but crate in the entrance hall is too, no code found for it so far, code for clock is on the front glass, next crate, key for book is in the sink outflow, then plugs in and let water, so far without functional

Ah, thanks. Can't get power on without purple wire...

and for code box on the shelf u gotta find stuff to make a telescope glasses and a cardboard tube thingy then look through the window of the first door on the right with it.

velovan, please tell me how you found all the wires. Im missing red and purple

code in the book, when man with pencil scribbles on it, 520, then crate on and red liquid into the tank, hand absäbeln that give the pool, laptop goes but enter code still does not work

No obvious way to get the last door open ... Looks like there's something on the floor behind it. Tried sliding the card under the door but that didn't work.

ok their is 2 wires were the power generator is one up top and one inside.

I got those two, and one from the office, I think, and one from the crate. Still only have 4.

got those ones. and one in desk draw I think
still totally stuck though
waiting for someone to post clues lol

Stuck now - got lift open, takes you to dark passage, pink water in basin, last door still locked.

ve now 3 discs, the black completely, but code for laptop and move image not yet

Time to go, I think. I'll try again when there's a walkthrough...


Tried going back and getting the pot to scoop pink water, but no luck.

green switch top left started 7153, below 8246, press from one to eight, so the top 2 from the left first

code for laptop is weddingdate, code for picture on wall see my comment 3:33

Need code for 4 digit safe from book shelf

Wires from memory:

Top of bookcase in office
Top of left hand cabinet in power room
In power cabinet
In locked case in corridor

Can't remember where last was - in something, I think

'm part of a corpse but now note image not moving

alright.... might have to come back too.
Need to know location of red and purple wires if any one can help...... or how to get to them ;-)

Worked out what's going on with lift... Offices are floor 5, you need to go to floor 7

Marita, do you have the 4 digit bookshelf code?

use knife on dead body to get strange stick, take elevator to get on floor 7, use stick on deep hole, then you can out the 3 disks on wall
Code for safe please??

you can *put* the 3 disks...

code wadsad is not as w push up 1 times then left a, d would be yes s right down or what?

Red wire was in top section of flight case in hall, can't find purple one I think it can be seen in broken lock room?

codebook front right door, watching with telescope 1352

Anyone found a use for the walkie-talkie yet?

Broken lock room not accessible, purple wire is...

@marita, look at your keyboard, the arrangement of WASD, and look to see what keys have the same arrangement.

W= up

Which symbols you have to use with the 3 disks?

can someone please help with the purple wire please?

@xaxa, I'm at the same place...

Any idea about the strange sink on floor 7?

I'm guessing the pink water ends up in that...

..but on floor 5 the sink is plugged...

what to do with dish on floor?

Do you mean the empty oil lamp? I haven't been able to pick it up...

i opened the door with the 3 discs on 7th floor. i think it was

Doesn't work...

desperately need the purple wire guys
im not getting anywhere without it

I think it's in the left desk drawer - or was that the plug?

that was the plug @Maddz

OK, I'm replaying in another window, will try and find it again.

You & me both januarii!

Had to give up i did the wires wrong and they had all vanished

i think i got the purple cable when i build the telescope. it was either in the tube or the glasses

@gerrit101, are you sure? Please, try to remember! river -eye-sun doesn´t work for me

@escape girl - I thought the same thing, but you just need to click the orange buttons in the correct order to get them all green.

Oops, it was river - sun- last one too fast human?

i think last was man

cut off aliens hand,doesn't work at last door

yes xaxa. replayed it and it was riversunhuman

I tried river-eye-sun and that didn't work, the first is definitely river, the think the second one is the next one after eye, and I don't know if I had to change the third one. It opened so fast I didn't catch it.

Take the hand of the dead body to use it in room behind the 3 disks

You need to cut off the alien's hand and soak it in the pink water.

Than put the hand into the pink water

thanks gmm,that works !

Ihhh, warning! There´s no happy ending...!!

to be continued?!

Thx for playing with you all

What!!! After all that, 'continue'....


The modern intercom password-numbers come from the note.
81 was given, on the note there is an incorrect sentence, containing the words 'be end' . b = 2nd letter of alphabet, e = 5, the word END refers to the end of the pad, so 9.

The order for the 3 discs comes from looking around in the room you're in. At the left a place for water, in the middle the round circle is referring to the sun, at the right in the coffin fits a human body, so river-sun-human.

can't find anything to make telescope, any clues?

@ Donna,
About item the tube, click it, a purple wire comes out.
About item the glasses, click them, the two glasses come off.
About item the tube and place the glasses on it.

Thanks arrie, but the trouble is I can't find tube or glasses!!!

lol ....

Donna, I'm in hallway now as well. Did you find them?

your a legend arrie!! Didn't find the key in the bookshelf. thanks for helping xxx

Did anyone ever get into the room with the broken lock?

No Maddz, no entrance there.

Did you read that the body is dehydrated? Yes, it is.

Great, once I'd found the green key!

       Anonymous  4/19/14, 9:21 AM  

I finished, and I'm very confused.
Whatta game!

Now that is an escape game ... Everyone should be like this, with no comments allowed for 1 day ... that would get the braincells working ... The web hosting sites could post clues every 2 hours, getting you to at least visit their site ... no sgn in, but they get the eyeball views ..

I found a vicious bug. I'm color blind so it's difficult to identify the cable colors and almost impossible with them being so small. I did the best I could but when I hit the power swtich I got "It must be wrong", when I went to redo the wires they were all gone. I'm not going to restart.

anyone still playing? ... only found 3 wires ... where are other 2 (purple and green)? ... hopefully someone will so kind and make a walkthrough ... so stuck ... : (

scroll up Venn Detta. Everything you need from where you are in the game has been spoiled.

Thank-you ... will try re-reading the hints ...

I'm still here if you have questions?

From 4.50 am on down is a Walkthrough.

Are you 'out' Venn Detta?

the green key is behind the stone safe, for which you need the round stone key which is under the right hand of the second dead guy (shot dead).

If anyone comes back, I would love another explanation of why 259 was the last of the code. I don't get it and I don't understand Arrie's explanation. I can keep going, I just like to understand they why of things.

@Prufrock, I played this one with PurpleLogic through the chattbox. Someone got stuck at this point and we just jumped in. We struggled with a good explanation for it. The only thing we could come up with was reading the note. There is a sentence which says:
"the only way is to the first door,
does Hank still outside
I don't want to be end like Lina."
We thought this door was the last one in the game and hadn't used the note yet. So we searched for a clue in here. The sentence is incorrect, but than again, every description is odd.
But I played around with the word 'be' because it's the odd one out in the sentence. I just tried 8125 + 1, or + 2 etc. and came to + 9, that worked. We thought the word END referred to the end of the pad. But I agree, it's not completely satisfying.
If you take the words 'be end' out the sentence is incorrect again.

And what about : Does Hank still outside?
That's incorrect too. We first thought H = 8, a = 1 ... but nk gives 4 numbers instead of 3, so that wasn't right either.

Anyone with another suggestion? Would be great.

While I'm at it, let me complete a Walkthrough here. Why not...

Tom is very glad that the explorers left items in and around their tents that he can use. He doesn't want a pillow, cause he's a tough FBI guy. He can sleep with his head on a stone if necessary.
Tents from left to right:
1 = knife, 4 = head of hoe, 5 (cut open with knife) = notebook, a light.
Outside: get the rope, use head of hoe to get the stick.
Click arrow to go forward.

Tom always liked working in the garden, but Carry didn't. He's happy to do some 'green' work.
Cut the grass with the knife.
About item the stick, click the head of hoe, click stick to combine the two, use it on the dirt. Go into the cave.

It feels like Egypt. Tom and Carry went there for their honeymoon. A smile appears on his face.
Click right and left arrows, on each side one of the blocks can be pushed back = a hole in the floor. Throw in the light.
About item the stick again, click the rope, combine with the stick. Put it over the hole, climb down.

Tom remembers this guy, never liked him ...
Oops, should have warned you first ... Jeans/white shirt guy. Take pencil from his hand, take paper out of his mouth.Turn left. Note signs on the wall:
river - moon
sun - mountains
human - eye.
Turn left. Get the pot. At this wall a 'bronze knob' is needed.
Turn left. Click the broken pots, take a lamp. How to click the stones in the wall?
About item the paper, turn it around, read: sun-Mountains-river-human-moon.
Look at the place of these words on the other wall, click the stones in the wall in that order, eye being the last one, move on.

Tom feels proud of himself, so far so good! Easy Peasy puzzles, he may not be the first one in, but will definitely make it OUT.
Note signs on the wall: triangle 1 arrow to the right, 8-shape 4 arrows to the right.
There's a place for a brown disc and a green disc. Go through left dooropening.

Ah, Tom doesn't remember him. Awful colour green on his legs. Tom is surprised to find so many valuable stuff in here, like keycard, intercom ...
Green jeans/blue shirt guy. Take keycard next to shirt, click his hand, take the 'bronze knob', take brown disc. Place pot there, right arrow, take intercom from his hand.
Note sign on the wall: square 3 arrows to the left.
Go back, go into right doorway. Take top of pyramid, place it on the item in the middle part, click hole in the wall, place the lamp, click stone at the end of the shadow, take green disc.
Note sign on the wall: circle 2 arrows to the left. (Take back the lamp, you need it to move on).
Go back.

The discs are heavy, but he's got to try, pity there were no bottles of water in the tents. He's thristy.
Place discs .... Take them back.
Go back one scene, turn right. Place the bronze knob, look at order of shapes, turn arrows accordingly = your first green key.
(You better try that one on the diary, we all did .... with every new key we found .... lol).

Move on ... oops second warning, someone's watching ...
There's no time for Tom to think about the guy watching. He's in a winning mood!
A modern keypad appears, Carefully read the conversation. First numbers are given: 81.
The explanation for the 3 other numbers is not clear, so here just the spoiler. If you see the light on this one please leave an explanation. The complete number is 81259.
Move on.

Tom entered a laboratory now.

Familiar territory for Tom. A sigh of relief. Has he seen this place before? He stopps to think it over. He wás here before .... wasn't he ....? Who can tell .....
SUITCASE: RED wire, grey key, tweezers, note for wirepanel.
This grey key opens the 2nd RIGHT DOOR: BLUE wire and black key up high, key opens panel in this room = GREY wire and the place to put the wires.

He looks around in his old office. Where is the picture of him and Carry? Tom smiles again. Someone did some cleaning up in this room. It looks good!
The green key in inventory opens 1st LEFT DOOR: on bookshelf a GREEN wire.
On 3rd shelf (from bottom up) a safe.
On 4th shelf a green key.
On 6th shelf code WADSAD. This code opens the picture safe. The letters refer to the keyboard arrows (up left right down left right) = a button appears.
Left drawer of the desk: a plug, between books a grey key, which opens right drawer = power cord for laptop. Place it.
Click the picture, read the story, get the 2nd date.

A misty cloud enters Tom's head. This room doesn't feel good. There's something wrong here ...
But he remembers his grandfather who taught him how mirrors work.
The green key opens 2nd LEFT DOOR.
On the floor a tube, you also get the PURPLE wire, glasses on the shelf. About item those, take the 2 glasses out, about item the tube, place the glasses.
Numbers on the glass = time to be set in the next room : 7.20.05.

Back to the hallway. Use telescope on vague numbers behind 1st RIGHT DOOR, 2531, but, the number is reversed.
Use it on safe in the bookshelf = half a disc.

Tom's a clever FBI guy. He always plays Abroy-games, thinking one day he could use that knowledge, so these red buttons are a piece of cake.
Go into 2nd RIGHT DOOR. Look at the note, place the wires accordingly by dragging them from the left to the right = you can now push the red buttons, they all have to become green = power is on.

If you're colour blind:
The order in which you picked up the wires (in inventory) =
On the note from top to bottom the order is =
purple from 1 to 1
grey from 2 to 2
blue from 3 to 5
red from 4 to 4
green from 5 to 3.

The X-ray reminds Tom of a similar case. That didn't end well for the guy involved ...
Go to the laptop, type in the date of marriage. The X-ray shows something we need to get.
The note gives some sort of info too .... (to change files click the x on laptop screen).
Also in this room, click the button on the wall. It activates the elevator. No need to go down yet.

His hands are shaking a little, so very odd .... where IS this place? But, there's work to do, he's got to find Carry!
Go back to hallway and to 2nd LEFT DOOR. Enter the next room with keycard. Set the time = (oh sorry, third warning was needed ...) 2nd half of disc. Combine them.
Use knife on the body to get a strange stick, use knife to get the hand. (Never thought I would one day write things like this lol).

Ah, finally opening up the diary! Tom sits down on the ground and starts reading. The first pages are in strange symbols to him, but the second part is interesting.
At the bathtub behind the body use tweezers to get a grey key, place plug, fill the tub with water.
The grey key opens the diary.
Read till the torn pages.Use your pencil there, read on.
Go back 1 room and open the suitcase = red liquid. Pour it in the tub.

Tom realizes he's in the middle of this game now. No turning back ... no turning back ...
Go down with the elevator, by clicking on the low button and on 7.
Place the strange stick in the circle, the stone goes down, the door appears. Place the discs. The order for the 3 discs comes from looking around in the room you're in. At the left a place for water, in the middle the round circle is referring to the sun, at the right in the coffin fits a human body, so river-sun-human.

Tom is getting more and more thirsty, his body needs fluid soon, he should have taken some from the tub before putting in the red stuff, oh well ...
Move on.
Place your hand .... ah you didn't read the body is dehydrated ?? Back to the tub with red water (5th floor). Place the hand in there, now you can use it. Move on.
Access to every door is denied, but at the right you get a yellow key, at the left a usb stick. Click ... sit back and enjoy the following conversation, which ends in .... eh ..... normally we say : getting out ... but, well .... Tom ??? TOM ????? T O M ??!??!?!?!!!!!

thank you Arrie for the WT. I can't wait to play it again.. started it yesterday but got STUCK. wish it have a "save" option

it's a pity that you cannot save in a game like that :(

The keypad numbers that need to be pressed are slightly darker.
So starting with 81, the order of the other darker numbers you have to figure out for yourself.

Thanks Arrie ! great WT :)

       Anonymous  11/3/18, 11:09 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one from a suggestion of one of our staff members - thx arrie

thx for all your creations, Yeah ☺
& thx arrie for the WT

Now for me, that is how I like escape games ... some things you have to work out rather than carry 4 items to one spot 4 to another etc etc

thanks for finding this arrie - and for the WT as well

I remembered how awesome this game is, and checked if the link was broken, and it wasn't. I agree Unknown.

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