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🖳 Esklavos Desolation Escape Walkthrough

🖳 Esklavos Desolation Escape

[REPLAY] Esklavos - Desolation Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Esklavos. Suddenly you found yourself in a desolate scenario. A complete city devastated. But someone managed to escape before you, you must find the way. Good luck and have fun!

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Desolation Escape Walkthrough 

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won't load, just white screen

       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:14 AM  

Try again, flower - it loaded for me .

just w8 a little and it'll load :)

Easy out !

Had to go to esklavos website and it loaded there. Now can't find gloves or open the trunk.

The gloves were in the car in hangar bty, use crowbar on both cars.

1 eye,2 rocks, a loaded slingshot (used), SD (used twice), gloves (used), crowbar (used)

Make a slingshot from things in trash, add stones and shot on hanging box, Open box with SD.

now a letter. Contains part of the clue for the piano I guess (Mi)

One eye came from piano, code on a paper...second eye came from pattern plate in garage after using SD there.

Can´t remember where the piano code was written but it starts with 117 etc....

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:23 AM  

I am trying to solve the square pattern in the garage with no luck (using the first image when you enter the garage) - any hints?

Only 7 numbers to push...

oH! the code is just the numbers under the DAD clue lol
thx Zazie


Pattern: start third row to the left, one more left, then up, the same on the right side and a 4 suare block in the middle.

       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:26 AM  

oh - "draw" the two figures as close as you can from the top and the bottom (leave a huge gap between them in the middle)

For the below pattern start at left most down corner.

       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:28 AM  

out - with no help - i can;t believe it!

       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:29 AM  

what to do with dolly

sammy mehau move it's arms and legs to match the paper u found in the garage

       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:34 AM  

what to do with dolly

       Anonymous  5/31/14, 7:35 AM  

oops thx

Where are the rocks?

never mind

where to put diamonds?

Purplepink diamonds go in the machine. Problem is, can't figure out how to set the clocks. I assume it goes with the clue in the envelope but no matter how I set those numbers, it doesn't work.

number codes are different for each person

thanks Blessed, I put the diamonds there and tried 4 12 9 7 for the clocks, but that didn't work.

mine says 5 hs. 3/3/1 But I've tried various ways to set the clock hands to 5 3 3 1. Am I missing something?

how to enter the date in machine

Looks like we're all stuck and the one who got out has already left haha

Oh, the 4 12 9 7 did work, now out! Thanks for the help!

purple did you enter into the clocks from L to R?

My letter says 12 hs. 4/9/11
I set the top clock to 12 and the 3 lower ones to 4,9 and 11.
What am I doing wrong?

Well, it worked for me, too, after failing several times! Not sure why but I left the room and came back and it worked. Enter numbers onto clocks from L to R.

Myrdle, even after I did that, it kept saying "The date's not set." Then I left and came back and tried clicking the sparkly door area again, and it worked.

Where is the stone for slingshot? Search like mad in the trush but nothing.

try going left to right

NVM, found it in the barrel

Nos are L to R and tried leaving.......still no open door :(

ok I'm really not getting the piano code

7 keys, 7 numbers. If you had to refresh it will have changed.

wo finde ich brechstange und code für 4 stelluigen code uhren

where can I find crowbar and code for 4 stelluigen code watches

Thanks robin, tried it three times but must have done it wrong because the fourth time it worked

after entering numbers ,put the diamonds and then it works

anyone still here?
where are stones for slingshot?
@marita if you haven't found it yet the crowbar is upstairs beside the piano

found stones in trash can first scene on left

Enter code woe, chit says 3 hs. 6/9/12

Everyone's code for the clocks is different. Just enter the four numbers left to right.

Thank rod found, I'm looking diamond nr 3

marita start with 3 on left clock then 6 on next small clock 9 on big clock ...

I did so, now illuminates what, but diamond nr 3 is missing where is he?, got behind the plate already made code and brought crate from above, can not find a third

did you get the one from the doll?

yes of doll and 2 of crate

This comment has been removed by the author.

Although have again started and hang out with other codes, but still only 2 diamonds, nr 3 I do not

Wenn ich mich erinnere, war in der Nähe Code Uhr Uhr, Brecheisen in der Nähe von Piano.

puzzle wand letzer raum,da gabs ein auge,kein diamant

robin danke,hab brecheisen ,2 augen,2 diamaten ,steinschleuder,schraubendreher,handschuh ,karte mit code für uhr,kann nr 3 diamant nicht finden beim puzzel wand gabs auge kein diamant ?

Puzzle Wand Zimmer der Uhren. Brauchen Schraubendreher zu öffnen. Clue an der Wand im Zimmer nach links.

hab nochmal durchgespielt,aber an wand letzter raum,da gabs ein auge ,2 auge gabs ja piano

have again played out, but at last wall space, because there was one eye, two eye gabs piano

Where are the stones for slingshot?

wo augen verwenden

ton stones in front of the house, take with glove

Missing 1 diamond, have 1 from doll 1 from crate after using sling shot and have 1 eye from picture puzzle in last room.
No clue for piano but have clue for clocks.

2 Augen über der Tür, wenn Haus betreten

code für piano steht unter zettel bei uhren,unter puppenbild

ah danke hab zu dunkel bild,daher nicht gesehen,hab nun 3. diamanten

bin nun raus danke


Once you have both eyes, put them in the mask over the door in the doll room. This will give the 3rd diamond.

mez clue for piano is numbers on note by dials in last room

I can't find the stones in front of the house. Is it in car view, in pile of junk view or in door view?

It was in oil drum behind radiation sign in car view! Finally found them!

What a great game

cant find the crowbar!

where is the SD??

Wendy - The crowbar is in the room with the piano.

LORdesigns - The SD is in one of the piles of junk or trash cans. You can access these once you retrieve the gloves from the trunk of the car in the room next to the clock machine.

For those who despair of the numbers (like me for ages): Set the clocks according to the envelope from left to right. Once they are set click on the magic door thing. Just setting the clocks will show no effect.

Thanks mac carter. but how do I open the car, I thought I needed the crowbar!


For the car in the first scene, use the crowbar on the hood. For the car in the other scene (next to the clock machine room) use the crowbar on the trunk.

these latest games have been dark and gloomy. I like the island games better.

I don't understand how to do the piano.

Chad you have 7 number code on paper and 7 piano tiles.
My number was 2733325. Tiles of piano left to right = 1 - 7

       Anonymous  4/16/18, 11:43 PM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Federico ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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