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Episode No. 013: Coin Laundry Walkthrough

Episode No. 013: Coin Laundry

Aries - Episode No. 013: Coin Laundry is another new point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Episode No. 013

Episode No. 013: Coin Laundry Walkthrough

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ehhh! I always get warped out of the game. Can't play this properly. 'Happy playing' you others.

I got in two clicks, then out of the game. It looks like a good one, too. Gonna try Chrome or Firefox

Yeah, not sure how we're supposed to play a game that doesn't actually let you open it.

ahaa, vk has same problem. looks like a serious in-game buffer overflow, hazardous or forbidden pointer arithmetic or something. my, my

same thing happens in Chrome, although I did translate the page. Top item on the right is this game (episode 13) and second item on left reads "Game". But both just take you right back to the same place. Pffft!

I do like these...just can't get in either......

Loading!!!! :)

nvm...false alarm!!!!! LOL

me too.

nokra - you crack me up!!

This comment has been removed by the author.



Hi zoe.... :D
TY TY TY @Nini xD

Episode 12 loads just fine. Not 13 yet...

thanks a lot Nini

seb - you're probably right. Those of you on the other side of the world may be able to play soon - lol!!

HI nokra!

Hi zoz!

no Zoe, it works now with new link :)

Nini xD - that worked - Thanks!

Now I gotta leave.

Got a stool, a ruler (used), 2 papers with hint (1 used), coin

Need diamond number only.

got a key from the pink box, BF'd one number

yeah.. I don't wanna bf T-T

watever.. bf'ed diamond number and use key behind clock. Used coin to remove cover. Now a code is shining on the wall

Diamond number is on the first washing machine. Two diamonds. So does anyone know the 180. 270, etc code?

Keep getting cans and drinking/recicling so u get all numbers.

vkacademy another hint for it on black can.. I'll work on it .

I have only gotten one coin from the fourth machine (CLEAN code) and I bought the blue can with it. where can I find more coins?

Oh! The recycler!!! My god I'm getting dumb these days.

vkacademy drink from the can and then use it on recycle machine.
Repeat the process.

hmm I don't understand the hint on the black can...
L4-E9.. math maybe? idk

I sure hope this laundromat has a bathroom after all these sodas....

I think CLEAN is also the code? So x49xx so far. CAN are the letters we still need to find. Just guessing at this point.

Hmm, coke machine doesn't want my money :)

hmm nice guess vkacademy.. but then how the letters relate the numbers?

try to put coin in can machine but when I click to have a can, coin falls and no can
what 's wrong ? please

seb u need the key from the pink box. Use it behind the clock after placing stool

OMG - where's the toilet :)

The number of the box (I thought) was .. times 90 (degrees). So I thought the number would be: 24326. WRONG (I guess).
There is a yellow number on de right side of the cb (next to the books). I just dont know where to use it. I also don't understand the hint: L4-E9. And what about the diamonts? An the note with abc etc.?

HendrikVeder that was the 1st numbers I tried lol.. it couldn't be that easy right? :P

And does anyone know the code for the BYR box?

Thanks Nini , try to find all the numbers (miss the 2nd)

and there's also a red number on the right side of pink box!

You're right Nini xD! ;)

eehehhe!! got color box (blue numbers on 1st washing machine)

new paper gives a 5-letter word. Dunno where to use it yet.

The 3 number packs gives hint for button box!
Blue 137, Red 268, Yellow 459

YES! Nini xD! That was the green box. Now what?

Now the blue box.. I have no idea what to do..

AHA! The numbers on the cabinet, pink box and first washing machine tell in what order to push the red blue and yellow buttons!

Nini and her "AHA" moments! What would we all be without them!

The green box code is pretty straightforward. Now what to do with that word...

lool I wasn't the only one who got it :)

and I dunno what else to think on the blue box code... up to u guys :P

For the blue box I also looked as it were a clock. Then the number would be: 60966. Not right again! :(

The word is maybe to use it for the last box next to the exit door.


idk.. I thought 124-59 = 65 .. great! that leads me nowhere.

Please post correct link. Won't let you play.

kcturbo, it's about the sixth or seventh message down on this thread.

Nini's link worked in Chrome, not in IE. Thanks, Nini

Turn L 180deg = 7

oh no.. it cant be LOL! TY Jim.. why didn't I think of thaat?

so.. don't go out just yet! there's more than one ending

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu Jim! Holy moly, that was a stumper.

       Anonymous  7/24/14, 11:19 AM  

Jim, for the dumb people like me, please tell a lttle bit more...

w8 till washing machine finishes its work and get earring (?)
Out with Happy End

Yeah, go back to the dryers...

L4-E9 is the actual shapes/figures you need to rotate. So if the first one is 180, then you rotate L 180 degrees. The second one is 4, and you don't have to rotate it at all since 360 takes you back to the top. - needs to be turned 270 (or just 90, same thing for that shape), E is another 180 and then 9 goes around a time and a half.


       Anonymous  7/24/14, 11:28 AM  

Wow, thank you very very much for your crucial explanation, vkacademy!!!!!


That's no range shit or what the hell...

You have to read it literally

L - 4 - (dash) - E - 9

Gawd was I dense...

and then replace the 2 letters in there, there are only two. Tsk...

BTW, what did we need the S word for? (Sxxxx)

that's the code to open exit door arbeitslooser

thanks Nini, I was dense again!

In some games, once you use the key and touch the exit door, you ARE out! But hey, there was an AAAAA letter panel inside that compartment!

What a great game!!!

Is IS an awesome game. Shame it only has 3 stars. Total brain buster but logical and innovative.

There's a second ending. If you unlock the door, touch the exit door, it asks you if you really want to exit. Say CANCEL and go back to the first washer with your coin.

Not sure what to do from there.

Happy End. Go back to the first washer with your coin, insert it, press start. Hunt for another puzzle to solve with an alternate number. Get annoyed. Spin around a few times. The washer's light will be green.

Open it to find an earring. Happy End.

do not work

easier than usual for an Aries , except for the L4-E9 , that was tricky .. Thanks Jim !

and Thanks Anasteisha R. for the quality games !

A very belated "Hi!" back to Zoe. I'm going to try this again...

Aries has done it again. Excellent game.

Decyphering that L4-E9 hint alone took me over two hours... but was worth it.

I got the normal end, working on the other.

Five stars, no question.

Haha, finding the happy end took about a minute after I had the normal end :)

BTW, where was the red 268 hint? Never found it, but it wasn't hard to brute force it.

Good game! I never would have gotten out without major help on the L4-E9 code.
@bio, the 268 was on the side of one of the machines... maybe the green recycle machine? You just had to look for an arrow pointing left or right when in the closeup mode (same with the yellow 459 on left side of bookcase).

Not loading.

Blehh! Now that's low-down! The arrow has a different purpose in normal and close-up mode!!
In the latter case, it will NOT change the room view, but show the side of the furniture! heh heh...

thanks zoz ... I'd never have looked there

I see. thanks! Never found it - but luckily, I never needed it :)

finally found the second shape clue, it is under the window counter, a 5.

I've clicked everywhere - I can't find a yellow number on the right side of cupboard. (or anwhere on cupboard)

Arggh! Must read comments carefully. Thanks Zoz - hadn't spotted arrows.

(Oh and it's on the left)

Ohhhh, that was hard! Thanks for all the explanations.

great game! Thanks for the help with the blue box - that had me stumped.

Be careful! If you do the cans recycling, it will still allow you to buy another can at the end but then you cannot recycle it any more and get the last coin you need to operate the clothes dryer :(

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