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Sonomama Escape 2 Walkthrough

Sonomama Escape 2

Denasu - Sonomama Escape 2 is another Japanese point and click room escape game by Denasu System, the creator of Rooftop Escape. In this game, you try to find items and solve puzzles to figure out this game.Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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Another one. Going in.

Okay, pretty much stuck with a ton of text I can't read, a green ball, a sexist poster and a hammer behind the vent which I cannot get.

Also, er...you can zoom in on his crotch....

Here is the translation from Google. Best I can do.

- Jail -
Conversation character has occurred when the "balloon" button to the right is a valid
Conversation proceeds by the mouse wheel rotation in the message field or on the button click,
Skip the conversation of a series you like, click while holding down the SHIFT key button
Light is lit in prison fell the day ...
[Ge~etan also] Shit! One's Me!
[Ge~etan also] not forgive! Meg and the moss!
The Funjiba~tsu Caught taking [also Ge~etan] If it goes that way!
The Ge~e'll also worked with cousin of the manager of acquaintance [Ge~etan also]!
The www'll Yan was appointed as customers go And then [Ge~etan also]
I sighed Ge~etan and laugh bout also
Fu ... [Ge~etan also]
And, now [Ge~etan also]
Ge~etan grabbed the iron bar cage of wax may also
Power is overflowing in both arms of Ge~etan also ...
The oh oh oh [Ge~etan also]
Teme I'm Shiranzo~tsu another [Ge~etan also]!
Victrex nor the cage
[Ge~etan also] ...
[Ge~etan also] ... ...
Ge~etan was hands down quietly
The over or [Ge~etan also], without Nantes jailbreak
[Also Ge~etan]'s if so, Tsugunae a sin to properly over
Dare [Ge~etan also]? Obey the law? I like
Of course innocent [Ge~etan also]? Innocent of the charges?
Sin named innocent [Ge~etan also]?
There ... [Ge~etan also]? What it "innocent crime"?
[Also Ge~etan] what must the "sin" ... Well after all ...
Moge~e ... God [Ge~etan also]
Noisy [guards]! ! So shut the fuck up !
Voice sounds and yelling in the hallway cold
Ge~etan When you reply with Oh Oh while Hojiri Hana also
I Daycare back to wall
And just because it is a prison [guards] ... carboloy,
It's not thinking does Nantes trying to [the guards] escape?
In particular [guards], because I do not Nantes prison door next to you?
The story I'm not related to [the guards] you. I because no door?
[Ge~etan also] ...
"Ge~etan also" is a captive by the circumstances
Although it is full of feeling you want to jailbreak ...
I got a ball
It will be selected by clicking on the item
It becomes larger image by the (SHIFT + click) or double-click
I got a magazine clippings

Oh, um, there's a crowbar under his...scrotum.

Can't use the crowbar on the vent. I have no idea. This game is...intriguing, though, so I'll stay.

Vent diagram on back of magazine clipping. E is open, S is closed (or the other way, can't remember).

Still need to open door on ceiling, move ladder, open door behind mouse man, and get into the dark hole. Stuck.

Use crowbar to the left of his leg, on the wall panel.

Grrr, I don't know after that, and I'm about ready to leave.

I'm giving up, now. I cannot go further. I'll check back to see if someone got it. Good luck.

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:28 PM  

Roll green ball across floor and it tips over ladder.

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:28 PM  

Pick up ladder with crowbar

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:29 PM  

Place ladder down near floor under hatch, can go up closer view to hatch.

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:37 PM  

On back of poster S = Start & E = End, open each slat of the vent in order, for me from the top it was 135642, then get hammer.

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:37 PM  

Use hammer on hatch and get screwdriver.

Enter the hole then give the photo to the guard and out

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:42 PM  

The button on the right with a 2 like symbol on it seems to be a Save button for your progress.

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 8:45 PM  

I give this 3 stars, language barrier was a problem and the pixel hunt for using the crowbar on the wall was the only real problems.

How did you roll the ball?

click ball and click ladder

then strangely use crowbar to pick it up

clicked ball everywhere including ladder, don't work, I give up

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 11:57 PM  

Just to the left of the guy you do something to the wall with the crowbar, it's near that I used the ball and it rolled across and bumped the ladder, making it fall down bang, then use crowbar to pick up the ladder.

forgot that bit LOL crowbar in alien crotch...
The used it lower left of alien on dividing wall

Good going, SMP!

This must be a bad joke !!

Says the game needs Flash Player 11.4.
However...they officially stopped making them for Linux at 11.2!
So thanks a lot Mr. Japanese Author for locking us out!!!

OK I managed to break in!! Replace "sono2.html" in the URL by "loader_sono2.swf" and voila!

But ... my ball is sticking like a Bazooka gum...won't roll by any inch...I give up (for now).

I see what it is. You break a hole in the wall into the other cell with the crowbar, then you can roll the ball into the ladder knocking it down. Then you can pull it into "your" cell using the crow bar.

So get smuggled crowbar from his nether regions.
Use to break hole in wall (top corner of panel next to his left hip)
Click on front left corner of futon, pick up picture and ball.
A tricky bit, with ball selected click on hole in wall, then click on ladder. Ball will roll into ladder knocking it over. Then select the crowbar and click on the ladder to procure ladder.
Click on bottom right corner of picture to see the clue on the back to open vent to get the hammer. From the top click on vent louver 1-3-5-6-4-2.
Place ladder to reach hatch, by selecting ladder, and clicking on floor below hatch. Then use hammer to open hatch and get the screwdriver.
Use screwdriver to open large panel on back wall, click on left button of choice pop-up.
Give guard picture and your out.

I see what it is. You break a hole in the wall into the other cell with the crowbar, then you can roll the ball into the ladder knocking it down. Then you can pull it into "your" cell using the crow bar.

You, sir, are a star! The "hints" above were so confusing that it almost sounded as if the crowbar had to be used only after using the ball, not before!!

After you punch a hole in the cell, you roll the ball to cause the ladder to fall. Then you reach through the hole with the crowbar, hook the ladder and drag it through the hole. Once you realize you don't have access to that cell, it all makes sense.. I think..

Arbeitslooser, I said in an earlier comment exactly where and how to use the crowbar before using it on ladder. So, my comments preceded everything that iconland wrote. Iconland picked up where I left off. So, perhaps, read more thoroughly before calling other people's time-consuming help "hints," implying they're not helpful. Why even comment unless you're going to contribute? And why assume Rwill is a dude? Foot-in-mouth day, huh?

       Anonymous  7/31/14, 1:57 PM  

@arbeitslooser 7/31/14, 4:17 AM

Install Chrome on your Linux system, the in-built flash is the latest version.

Thanks, Clodagh. And you, iconland, for picking up where I gave up. I finished with the rest of your help. Rwill's realization of it being in the same cell is great. It makes sense. I'm sure that's what the Japanese said (the non-copyable part).

Here's the rest of the copyable text, for anyone interested in broken English:

I got a bar
I used the bar
I used a ball
Was haul Hook ladder to the bar
I got a ladder
I got a hammer
I was leaning against the ladder
I used a hammer
I got a driver
I removed the screws on the iron plate with a screwdriver
Ge~e even likely impassable somehow ... [Ge~etan also]
Ge~etan went into the hole in the wall and also Mozomozo ...
[Ge~etan also] Thats narrow
[Ge~etan also] Ouch!
Ge~etan bumped his head against even
[Ge~etan also] ...
Boo ... du ...
[Also Ge~etan] Who was! !
Guy body the fart in a place like this [Ge~etan also] is! !
Blech [Ge~etan also], and Kusse! ! Bitterness! !
[Also Ge~etan] - C'mon and ~ I do not it in narrow Toco
[Ge~etan also] ...
Is it bad to say monologue [Ge~etan also]! !
[Ge~etan also] ...
You I no use to say over to himself by deliberately fart in the hole [Ge~etan also]
The Kaa ~ [Ge~etan also] Is there even such a law
Oh [Ge~etan also],
Ge~etan is passed through the hole.
This [Ge~etan also], this guy is lucky
Ge~e - also came out in the row next to [Ge~etan also]
[Guards] Kora~a! !
Guards have been rushed
[Guards] Kora! !
[Ge~etan also] ...
[Guards] co, Koller! ! !
[Ge~etan also] ...
[Guards] ...
Eh [guards]? What a little?
Are you gone to prison next to why [the guards]?
Huh [guards] no good? It 's not a place of Kimi there?
[Guards] try to use your head a little? Hey?
Is it out of the prison of their own [guards] without permission, and if I go over there,
Is it bad or good for [the guards], think?
So Is the [guards], How Is what I should do, you can begin to conclusion?
[Ge~etan also] ...
The Ge~etan even got me to the keeper
Although not want to be rough ...
Hey [guards], this is-What
- What [the guards] ...
[Guards], this is over ...
[Guards] ...
Guards staring gravure
Oh [guards], hey,
It'll be done [jailer] toilet
[Guards] Keep in thought in the meantime? At what we do? Right?
Jailer went away
[Ge~etan also] ...

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