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Episode No. 014: Museum Escape Walkthrough

Episode No. 014: Museum Escape

Aries - Episode No. 014: Museum Escape is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Aries. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Episode No. 014: Museum Escape

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Wont load???


I guess will try later. Will wait to see if some one else gets in.

TY Anasteisha !! That did it.

I'm in bandytrc... playing in Safari, no problems loading.

It's ok here!


some kind of "special" leave on the plant. Just getting started, so don't leave me in your dust @bandy!

& Nini and Roberto and everyone else!

Can't get 3d glasses eve using stick.

there's an on/off switch on the left of the books. Look for a left arrow in the zoomed in view.

Hi all!!

4 crystal like shapes, a knife

And a paper from Anubis (check colors on pic)

Gosh I just found my last leaf! LOL You guys are way ahead! LOL

Shapes goes on "Leaf" pic for a key!

Use knife on yeallow piece to break it in 2 .. place them on "Star" pic.. missing 3 parts

got 68<->34 from fountain.

29561 won't work on "Brick pic"

3 red stars on buildings pic using glasses.

Man it would help if I knew what some of this stuff was!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Roberto I've been trying to get glasses but i can't reach it

!! Beside stool there's a color code!

You need to combine stick and hook.

Somehow that X is not 6, but 9.

where's stick? xD

How to get the glasses? I tryed the stick and other things but?

Oh ty s-t! got 2nd key

So much to do here; so hard to keep up.
Just got the 68<-->34 by pressing 1st, 3rd and 4th buttons on fountain

Miscounted the books. Correct is 627959. Got a note for bricks.

Nini, stick is under pipes pic I think

Ty roberto got ti!

Haven't solved that one yet zoz..

Where did you get 25961?

Where's the knife?

That's from the brick note(s) Roberto, but the 6 is 9 (mistake in the game).

Knife from red curtains with symbols.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lol, thanks Roberto. Already had that knife, didn't regocnise it anymore in my inventory :)

Under the wall hanging, if I remember right.

oh!!! I get why's 9 and not 6.. the X comes 1st so 6 upside down xD

Don't see an X in my note Tried every number instead of 6 but can't make it work.

Found 10 red stars and 15 blue stars so far.. still have glasses and binoculars active

clever Nini!
I think the 68<-->34 refers to the blue stars (6 in book, 8 on ceiling), looking for red clue...

What's with clock panel. How to use or solve that ?

@roberto, do you have two notes for the brick pic? combine them.

Any help with code for bricks. pls?

Nop! Got only one.

I think second note is from colors on stool? Can't find a clue.

@small-tool, I'm thinking it's a bit like the lockers in the NeatEscape game, so it would give a number: 57912, but don't know where to use it.

Can't find stick under pipes

out with normal end

Can't find a clue for the gears picture.

You have to solve the pipes (3 of them are not used).

@Roberto, I think one of the bricks clues was from the Anubis?
I can't seem to find the colors by the stool, and I still don't have a hook for my stick so no glasses for me.

small tool, the clock plus fountain

Combine 68<>34 code and Clockcode for gears

The 9 instead of 6 is not a mistake, the six is written backwards (xis)

Thanks zoz. You get a key by putting all leaves on pick, so you can open the roght dome and get the hook.


Ah! Finally go the pipes and have stick. have no clue how to shake the gear puzzie, any hints as to where the clue is?

POP (works every time), forgot about the sneaky arrows in close up views, for the color code

Thanks guys, got a kind of button/switch now for the robot.

Just read your comment Dutchie, Thnx!

Hmm care to share st?

Brick code:
Six/ nine is NOT and error. You will understand when you get both notes. Six is written backwards....

Jeez I h thought the "hook" was part of a slingshot, doh
thanks roberto!

Out, great game, thanks for the hints.

Like Dutchie and Froggie said:

Step 3 and 4 are right, 6 and 8 left.
And the up or down steps are from the clock.

Yep great game :)
After getting the gears pic it's smooth sailing to towards the end.

Anyone figure out RYB code on the little padded stool thing?

Got it duhhhh

Can't get out. 10 red stars, 7 green and 15 blue? So what?

Btw. Nini, don't add those stars. They are steps as well for the door. So blue is 1, Red is 2 etc.

lol I noticed s-t.. thx anyways

The padded stool code comes from the robot.

Btw. after doing the correct code on the exit door, DONT GO OUT, but go back to the clock panel.

where's the last item.. I want Perfect End xD

Zoz, that had me too!

Ohh the clock has changed!

Yep, the clock is changed, but no idea where to use those new numbers.

I'm still missing two pieces for the star...

Still can't get out. I have counted stars from 1 to 7.
1 B, 2 R, 3R, 4 G, 5 R, 6 B, 7 G. But doesn't work.

Last two pieces for the star came from the robot (as one big piece).

You get the 2 bottom pieces for star after place the button on robot.

Blue is also 8 Roberto.

8B Roberto xD

me neither s-t

Blue 8 where?

s-t maybe if we use the new numbs on fountain? idk

OK, I don't get how to do the stars on the exit door.

Game wont let me open the door I think because I didn't find blue 8.

Roberto there's an UP arrow somewhere xD use binoculars

Fountain still gives 68 <=> 34.
We didn't use the light pic so far, did we ?

got it!! below statue!!
Out with Perfect End!

another POP, got the last bit of the star from the robot after doing gears puzzle.

Roberto, did you look at the ceiling with your binoculars?

Use last code at venus statue for happy end

Yeah, Great find, Nini :)
And a great game :)

hmmm. I have seen that clue already but my door doesn't open.

D'oh! I was waiting for an animation sequence! Once I backed out, the top opened. LOL

OK! It worked finally. I had to click reset. Zooming scene out doesn't reset it.

Can someone explain to me how to do the stars?

myrdlebp count how many starts there are for each place they apprear.. on the ceiling there's 8 blue stars so Blue is the 8th to click.. but in the book there are 6 blues so the 6th is also blue.. do the same for the rest

Stars on the door:
To be sure: first reset.
Then this order: B, R, R, G, R, B, G, B

And don't go out yet if you want the happy end.

Loved this game, and loved playing it with all you clever people!


Thank you so much!

I know Aries's games get little love, because they're hard, and you feel you get stuck quite often. Still I love them a lot - because no matter how stuck I've ever felt in an Aries game, I managed to get going again without luck and outside help.

This game's no exception. Been playing it for well over an hour, made a lot opf headway, still I know I'm nowhere near the end. I still have no idea about the red and blue stars, for example...

But I'll keep pushing. Something's gotta give eventually.

       Anonymous  9/11/14, 11:26 AM  

A great game! Thanks!

I'm starting to think the stars are hints for the red-blue-yellow button puzzle on the side of the stool? But I can see no yellow starts...

can someone please spoil the stool colors? I have been stuck on this for far too long! thank you!

Bio hint for stool is on robot when you put a blue button bottom right

spoiler for stool


Am also stuck. Missing 2 star pieces.Don't have a button for the robot. Not sure what to do for the clock

Jo ann button is behind gear pic

click on clock and note top numbers and down numbers
combine with left and right numbers from fountain
===> order to click 1234.... on pic (1 is top, 2 down, 3 right 4 right 5 top 6 left.....)

Doh! Thank you Seb! I was trying to 'solve' the clock rather then use it as a clue! LOL

Wow, this is getting interesting!

Just the Buildings picture I would have omitted...considering that the skyline seems pretty alike to NYC and now think of the game's publishing date...hah

Brilliant game. But I too thought the hook was part of a sling shot!

Fantastic escape game from Aries. As usual, the game play and graphics are excellent. 5 Stars from me.

Thanks for the hints and tips guys, some bits were easy, others I needed a huge amount of help.

Hopefully I'll catch the next one live :D

Another superb effort from Aries. Long time ago that I played a game of this quality TBH...

Thanks for the help about the large stars. I too had counted them and clicked n times (!) per star on the door, until I got back here and read your helpful hints ;)

However I didn't need many other hints, except - HAH! - the one with the leaves. I felt so dense when I had to learn there were some outcuts on that picture! Maybe it was my screen brightness, but these shapes were nearly invisible!

About the "slingshot" thing: physicists would use these for high voltages, they look almost the same. These would be loaded with several kilovolts (DANGER) and show a fascinating electric arc...

6 is not a bug, 6 is inversely (in stonewall)

Great game - thanx for all your help!!!

Now that's a Five Star Game!

where do you find the last code for the statue?

oh i found it! looked at clock again!

Where are the green stars?

I can't find the four green stars.

       Anonymous  9/11/14, 2:58 PM  

I still have the bookmark and I'm looking for the RBY hint...

Both the 4 green stars and the RBY hint are on the robot after you put the button (from behind the gears pic) on that robot and click/turn that button.

seeing that right arrow for the stool buttons was tricky for me.

Excellent, EXCELLENT game! Such a great challenge! I would NEVER have got out without all the fantastic hints above! Thanks for a great entertainment!

Fantastic game, but glad I came in late when the clues were already up :)

       Anonymous  9/11/14, 7:34 PM  

All games should be this good! Very enjoyable, just the right amount of challenge.

Especially like the puzzle for the gears. I thought the up, down, left, right hints is simple but yet so well concealed.

       Anonymous  9/12/14, 2:07 AM  

I still don't understand where is the hint for the RBY puzzle and what to do with the bookmark ! I can't see any robot.

       Anonymous  9/12/14, 2:08 AM  

POP, the robot is the weird thingy... and there is definitely "ROBOT" written under it (sigh) (-:

what do you do with the butterfly bookmark to get the perfect end?

Just go out with it. That's enough to get a happy end.

thanks s-t, i had the happy end. I thought there was "perfect" end as well.

Well I'd like to know where this stick is that everyone is talking about??? I have the hook but no stick!!

That was shit!! it would be nice how to get the happy end.. the only clue was "came back in and clock was different but don't know why"..... so annoying... and I'm not saying it like I didn't try and work it out.... I couldn't find ANYWHERE to use the new clue from the clock!!!! Grrrrr

There are actually two players who posted about that:

Nini xD
got it!! below statue!!
Out with Perfect End!

Use last code at venus statue for happy end

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