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Strange Little Searching Walkthrough

Strange Little Searching

[REPLAY] Kamokichi - Strange Little Searching Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Kamokichi from Kamonosoukutsu and KamotoKamotoKamo. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Strange Little Searching Escape Walkthrough

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oooh Kamo and it's late too! I'm staying.

and stuck with a key, driver/ screwdriver? and various pieces of furniture that appear when placed.....so stuck

I get it.. place things on boxes and they appear on the room

key(used),strange key (used), SD, knife.. and some furniture

"Please do not stab me", LOL. Cut box to open corridor, use giant matches for floor.

used knife to cut a part of the box and now I can see the door

must have wrong key ... metal box still does not open

got matches from using desk and climbing

and second...3rd box on table (from the left) does not seem to accept any objects

place matches as furniture.. need key for door

AHHH thanks Nini! Finally I know why that bronze desk never accepts any clicks...you got to click ABOVE it

how to obtain the knife?

I think knife is inside box, uses key from door in floor.

what's the purpose of the signboard? Haven't been able to do anything with it ...

Sorry, playing again, key for box comes from wall behind shelves/desk.

(pop got it)
No! Key from door in floor is the strange key.
The key we need to open the metal box is found by CLIMBING the giant match box and not looking upward, but straightly to the wall!

(this was the answer to zirc's post)

that compartment is pretty well-concealed...

completely stuck.. tried everything everywhere.. tried to combine stuff on inv.. nadda..

No combining required. There are three keys. Don't forget to unlock drawer in shelves. Matchbox is furniture.

lol zirc.. I've done all the unlocking and furnituring... still no key for door.. SD still unused

I'm with you Nini

Except I used screwdriver on small table in new room

Look at floor where sign/box goes.

You folks, I AM OUT!!

I can't believe it's vice-versa this time (since Nini normally helps me (us) out with her cleverness...)

OK so I'm here for help...hope you've already placed the giant matches as "floorboard".

what table Me2?

AGDGFHSJF LOL!!!! Can't believe I didn't check that spot!! TY !!

Well, I got out. Replaying to see if I can help anyone, but now I can't find the silver key with the little character on it.

Let me give another hint: I hope you guys remember that strange object shown in a mirror. There was one combination of small boxes where a mirror appeared.

Arby I've opened small room and table there, now what?

Me2 put the blue piece u took out from box in the "train box"

Use the little guy that looks like a screwdriver to start the train.

Final part of the game is just some funny climbing...

Out phew..
Ty guys!

LOL *grin* (can't help it)

Very easy after opening door.. combine blue paper + shelf on box and then use little SD guy to start the magical train to freedom! :)

Blue paper was very last try for me...first of all I had tried ALL the small boxes, haha....

Whew, thanks for your help!

haha arby I kept trying to cut that thing while I was going in circles around the room trying to find the silver key lol! So that was the very 1st thing I tried xD

Fantastic creativity- loved it

All people are too fast. Have SD, 3 keys, 3 blocks (shelf, signboard, decorative box). What to do next?

tautau,if y have 3 keys,use the silver one to enter in the new room

Thanks all. Finally understand the box and out.

Not sure I understood it all but out. Thanks for pointing out matches were furniture.
Strange little searching indeed.

"combine blue paper and shelf on box"???? I have tried to combine everything everywhere, please explain.

I am so stuck - I see the door, have used matches as floor, have put all things in and out of box, have blue paper unused and screwdriver unused - any help out there?

Is there a video walkthrough?

For folks coming after - when you remove the furniture from the boxes click on one of the floors and there is a door, when you open it you will find the key for the blue door - then proceed with above hints, i.e., using the screwdriver, placing blue paper, etc

Damn that was strange. What really got me was that NO ONE ever said to use the knife on the dotted lines in the box. You mentioned the matches for a floor and a second room but not how to get that wall out. Anyway, good stuff.

Great game, only needed one hint [Nini's, thanks] for climbing on table. Great game!

In 2nd room, use SD on black box, put blue card and shelves inside. Climb up the train and use SD. Pull the lever and nice trip.

What a great game! Enjoyed every bit of it!

It was very special and difficult, but we managed to solve without help.

Excellent game - today's been a great game day...

How do you start it? All I'm getting is the Yepi commercial.

Well that was different! What a great game!!! Hope there's more!

Here's where the hint for the knife was posted by Nini xD:

Nini xD 9/19/14, 8:48 PM

used knife to cut a part of the box and now I can see the door

Great game! First time with this developer that I haven't had to use any help. Great job!

That was a nice little game! If I rated these, it would def. get a 5 star review! Thank you for all your help! I always need it!

fun! I really enjoyed this game; very imaginative. And that's the first adorable sd I've seen here ;)

great game

Searching Through the Strange Little

Check all the drawers (one is locked)
Take the "signboard" [SB] from upper left and the adorable sd from lower left and the tiny "decorative box" [DB] from the lower right.

Have a look around the room. Going 2X right, you can take the Blue Key from the window. There is also a floor compartment in this view, where you can take a Happy Face Key.

Use the Blue Key on the locked drawer and take the "desk".

Now to go to the four tables with boxes, where you can rearrange the room.
Remove the Shelf from the second box (notice that it was on a Blue Mat). Now your shelves with the four drawers is gone!

Each box on a table represents a wall in the room.
1. wall opposite four tables/boxes
2. wall to left of four tables/boxes (where Shelf was)
3. wall with four tables/boxes
4. wall to right of four tables/boxes
You can redesign the room by placing different blocks in boxes 2 and 4.

Begin by placing the Desk in box 2 and go left.
You can climb on the desk and reach the cubbyhole high on the wall. Take the box of Matches.

Return to four tables and remove the Desk (it was only needed for climbing) and replace it with the Matches.
Go left and there's a honking big box of Matches. Just above that is a wall compartment where you can take the Blue Ball Key.
Open the MatchBox by clicking on the left end and remove the Matches.

Back to the four tables, this time going to box 4. (you can remove the Matches from box 2).
Place the DB in box 4 on the blue mat and go right. Use the Blue Ball Key to unlock the box and take the Knife.

Back to four boxes, remove DB from box 4 and replace it with the SB.
Go to box 1 and use the knife to cut along the dotted lines. Take the piece of cardboard and flip it over to see it's blue, just like the mats that go under the furniture in boxes 2 and 4.
Go right and look at the picture on the SB. That looks like a train engine with the Shelf behind it.

Go right again and, Whoa! When you cut box 1 you opened the wall to reveal a door at the end of a hallway with no floor.
Zoom on the slots at the base of the opening and use the Matches to create a floor.
Go to the new door and use the Happy Face Key to unlock it.
Enter the new room and note the train engine with an empty trailer and also the box on the table.

Use the sd to open the box.
Place the Blue Mat on the rectangle by the tiny train engine, and then place the Shelf on top of it.
Go to the "real" train and click on the Shelf to see the back of the engine. Click on the red lever atop the engine and place the sd, which is also a train conductor!
Click on the conductor and ride away!

Great game. I loved the concept, and the gameplay itself matched it.

I did not all understand what I have done.
But very interesting game.
5 stars !

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