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Lo Nyan's Room Escape 13 Walkthrough

Lo Nyan's Room Escape 13

LoNyan's Room Escape 13 is another point and click room escape game by Lonyans. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 13

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Hmmmmm, I rarely get these on my own. Bad Idea joining early! LOL

Oh! I love these ! Never catch one live :P

2 numbers from hourglasses, colors from drawers, 2 squared with letters, a key, 2 knobs

no, @myrdledp, great idea! The thrill of adventure and all that. I have 2 colored nos. from hourglasses, a camera, 2 drawer keys (?), and a letter grid which is missing s, f, and n, but I have the letters h, a, and d (!). Looking for a place for those keys now.

oh and a box, 3rd square and took 2 pics

I have no knobs but everything else the same and totally lost as usual. ;p

okay just opened cabinet w/ colored nos. You need paper that tells you what to do w/ the green #.

OK! Used knobs and got 3rd hourglass and hint for green number.
4-dig code complete!

now I understand the pic w/ stars. Need to find 2 more stars and set the switches.

after u open cb with color code, use stars hint on levers

got all drawers open for another square, SD and flashlight

oh found them. they're all in the same cabinet.

Oh, have knobs, but they look more like keys to me.

CB gives shapes hint. Use that hint on drawer cabinet and then u'll get the order for the sound system.

Stereo gives order for pic above CB, house/moon/tree/star
got key for tall CB

Still live? I'll try to catch up (yeah, good luck with that, zoz)

use SD on cat pic and flashlight below couch for 2 extra squares.
I got all 9 so I guess it's time to use the green book hint :)

       Anonymous  11/16/14, 8:07 AM  

Very well-thought out game!

red box gives tape. If I use it on pics I need to take more then the 3 I have so far

@zoz, come on in, sit and drink some coffee while we bustle around the room! Nice to see you!

And I need the F

I don't remember where I got the F @Christina sorry

Oh and also, don't forget the 4 leaf clover from pink box!

Hm I'm still working on the squares puzzle
found 2 possible solutions but none worked

       Anonymous  11/16/14, 8:15 AM  

E is top right

Oh nvm! On E-I and H-G, don't forget to skip 1 :)

Now I got the robots puzzle

And Out! Perfect End

The F is in the pink box.
And you do need a 4th pic and scissors, After you solved the 9 letter puzzle.
Love these games!

Hmm, looks like everyone else found the hourglass with the blue number before solving any puzzles/opening any CBs, but I can't find it...

I have managed to get the smilie face ON, but that's it. And the grand total of 6 letter squares. Slowly plugging on! LOL
The blue hour glass was fairly easy to find if I found it. Unfortunately I can'y remember WHERE I found it, sorry! :(

Thanks myrdle, I'll keep looking. I'm afraid I'm much better at the puzzle portion of these games than the hidden object parts.

having trouble figuring out the red box with letters...

excellent game, nice and logical, as usual for this author :)

How to get all drawers in cabinet open, please?

Only 1 end? I'm out with Congratulations!

@myrdlep, for the four door cupboard, note that the switches each have five possible positions. All the way up, up once, middle, down once, and all the way down. Compare this to the Stars picture.
@mel, think 1,2,3,... for the red box.

       Anonymous  11/16/14, 8:52 AM  

Need 4 digit code! I have 6,2,8?

myrtle, set the switches inside cb accordingly to the stars on pic.

I never did quite catch up, but at least I found a way to be useful (I hope!)

Tud, you need a paer showing red+yellow=green.


@Tudi, there is a piece of paper, I think in a drawer in the nine-box desk, that tells you how to get the green number.

lol, @ Roberto, I'm your echo.

       Anonymous  11/16/14, 8:56 AM  

I have paper but what is blue?

Little key from bottom drawer of cabinet next to sofa opens bottom drawers of the tall cabinet. Highlight the key and click on the handle not what looks like the lock. Gives blue hour glass and drawer knobs.

       Anonymous  11/16/14, 8:59 AM  

I have not seen blue hourglass....... I unlocked bottom right drawer of tall cabinet.....

Tudi, you and I might have the same problem--the paper took the spot where the key was, but I still hadn't unlocked one of the drawers! Started over and everything was fine.

ARRRG! I swear, I have flipped the switches like on the star pic. I can only get the far right drawer open.

I had to re-start. Had the same problem as Tudi and jkk. Lost key before I could open the drawer where the 3rd hourglass was.

@myrdlebp, Think of each horizontal bar on the Star pic as a switch position. Inside the cabinet, the order of the stars is not the same as on the pic. In the cabinet, left to right, it's Single Black Outiline (position 4), then Black Outline with Black Star inside (position 1), Outer and Inner Stars Outlined (position 5) and Thick Black Outline (position 2).
So, from left to right, the switches are 4th from top, Top, Bottom, and second from top.
I hope that works for you!

@zoz OH JEEZUZ! I wasn't EVEN looking at the stars inside!

Palm to forehead! Thank you!

Easier than most of the guy's earlier games - but still a very good one. high marks.

I'm just glad I could help @myrdlebp!

What a lovely game!! Thanks!

I'm still missing two letter tiles and have no clues as to what letters to input into the red letter box. I'm sure the SD is used in the 3x3 desk.

This will be on and off all day long, I'm afraid! LOL

Finally got the red letter box open. Very easy if you DO think
Thought I woulf find last letter tile in there, but no. :(

Ahhhh! Last tile answered my question about where to use SD!!!


My next fight is the 3x3 letters, OH BOOOOOY!

       Anonymous  11/16/14, 10:26 AM  

Great game ! I can't believe that I didn't need help... I usually do !

Whew! Well, it didn't take all day!

Would help if I didn't skim over help hints so much! LOL

Thanks for all your help, Guys! Once again!

Anyone still playing? I'm hopelessly lost on the 3x3 letter box.
I'm spatially challenged. :)

ACK! I figured out the 3x3 grid (finally!) Now I'm stuck with scissors, tape 4 pics & something in the right desk drawer I cannot grab.

POP! YEA! I think I've got it now!

I don't know what to do with robots.I have picture with letters.

OMG I just saw I can put the letters.

yipppeeeee! Thanks so much, Lo.nyan's Room! Delicious, gorgeous games. My favorite indeed!

Magda, click on the colored square of the robot when highlighted, and you can change the letter there.

Use scissors to crop the pics and then tape them together to get letters.

Sorry! I think my refresh is too slow to post. Loved this game so much.

can someone please spoil the red box, don't understand one, two, three clue....

The letters are the first letters of the words one, two, etc. so its ottffssen. I'm missing the scissors and screwdriver if anyone can help!

Oops got it, I swear i looked in that drawer

thanks for the help (not) to the people who ask for help then say they worked it out, but don't think to help others by saying how they worked it out.

Great game. Got thru without any help. Logical, straightforward, challenging, and fun! Keep 'em coming Lo Nyan!

Thanks for the game. Brilliant! Did it myself for once :)

Awsome game!!!!!!!

Hard puzzles, but logical! No WT required

To obtain perfect end must be taken from red envelope a blue flower that goes alone on the inscription "SAVE GAME"

for the red box i think it was
5 7 9 so you would need

@BARBARA please tell where you found the flower and the red envelope. Thank you.

Great game! Finished all on my own...

migosh I missed it! For perfect end, the blue flower is in the red box. It's worth it to play again. What a fun ending!

hmmmm...well, I saw the blue flower in the wt, and a much better ending, but I can't seem to find the flower in my own game. Anyone? I want that blue flower! :D

That was amazing! And I was able to follow the hints to complete by myself.

I loved it, it's so nice to play a thought out game. Three cheers for Lo Nyan

That was really fun. Makes you think, but everything is sensible. I stopped playing escape games a while ago, when the website started to flood with sub-par pixel-hunts. but this one reminds me of why I used to play in the first place.

That was great! Lots of fun!

Thank you for sharing your creativity!

beautiful, game...just challenging enough, but not too tough! Perfect escape game.

I wish we could see MORE of these!!!

The ending was so cute!! Excellent game!!! Thanks for the hints everyone. :)

Smashing game ! So, here we go .....

(btw Zoe, I like your BOLD-ness .... lol

W A L K T H R O U G H - part 1.

First round.

- a box below the cushions. In it : stamp D.
- below the couch : a flashlight is needed.
- drawerblock left of it : 1st : stamp A.
- 2nd : hourglass, turn it = view a red 6.
- 3rd : envelope with key,
- bottoms of drawers: blue, yellow, red.
- color/symbol code on the drawerblock, clue is needed.
- picture above couch: we need a camera.

Wall with blue painting.
- picture on sideboard: we need a camera.
- 3 radio buttons, connected with drawers, clue is needed.
- 4-number is needed to open the sideboard.

- on the desk: picture, we need a camera.
- spot on the lid for 9 letter-stamps.
- drawers in it need knobs.
- drawer sidetable below lamp = stamp H.
- picture frames on the wall: Lo needs a sd.
- stars are a clue for knobs inside the sideboard.

- on the cushion : red box with missing letters.
- on sidetable : the camera.
- drawers showcase : use key on them.
- in left drawer : hourglass, turn it = blue 8.
- in right drawer : two knobs.
- glass doors are closed.

Second round.

- turn 1st hourglass again, click the 6.
- place knobs on the desk-drawers.
- in left drawer : hourglass, turn it = yellow 2.
- in right drawer : envelope with paper clue for hourglasses, to be used on the sideboard.

- use the hour-glass numbers to open the sideboard.
- use stars clue on the handles to open drawers.
Three things happen: on the doors we see the symbol clue for drawerblock, the drawers mow open, and the blue painting holds 4 drawings.
- in drawers : sd, stamp G, flashlight.
- furthermore: box with stamp E, box with stamp F.

- below couch with flashlight : stamp I.
- put sideboard symbols in drawerblock, click blue button :
order for clicking buttons on radio.
- click those : order of clicking drawings on the blue painting.
- do those : key for showcase.
- use sd on lo's picture : stamp B.

Open the showcase.
- down right, a box : stamp C.
- robots, click belly : change letters, clue needed.
- green book : clue for placing stamps.

W A L K T H R O U G H – part 2.

Final Round.

- place the stamps = open the desk.
- scissors
- picture, we need a camera.
- in little drawer : paper with clue.

- take the four pictures with the camera.
- cut them with the scissors.

About item red box.
- click the black spots and put the first letters in
as shown on the paper, click button : tape.

About item the four cut pictures, use tape.
Use the 4 letters you see on the robots.
A key is presented.

It is of course the exit key.


To open sideboard:
6 2 8 8

Sideboard stars clue left to right:
three down, all the way up, all the way down, one up.

Placing stamps:

Letters red box:

Letters on robots:
Blue : I
Yellow : A
Green : B
Red : E

Lo Nyan's are the best escape games of all.
It seems, its not only my opinion, Have a look
to the rating !

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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