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Ghostscape 3D Walkthrough

Ghostscape 3D

Psionic - Ghostscape 3D is a new scary point and click type room escape game developed by Psionic. Explore a scary old abandoned house. Will you get out alive? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Nicop]

Warning: This game contains bloody scenes and violence so may not be suitable for young players!

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Messing with the clock, it dropped a key but need something to break the gass.

only just got in the house LOL

Henrique set the clock to the times on the first three notes to drop the key out of the clock.

I'm missing the note for the 1st time...any hints?

I may be wrong but I think it was under the rug in the first room.

Moved a bit the ladder that takes to cellar, but need more numbers.

Hmm times come from notes..

Thanks Austeen. Got the key.

did some trapped spirits snapped a body etc LOL

Ok...I'm as stuck as stuck can be. Have 2 notes 2nd and 3rd times, 2 tapes, 2 crystals, one sphere and my clock won't work since I can't find the note with the 1st time...I'm assuming. Ugh...

Second number for the ladder is under the bed on note 4.
Looking for number 3 now.

Have, 3 tapes, 3 diamonds, 4 spheres and 4 notes, 1 orb, 6 paintings, 3 bodies.

I'm way behind y'all. I'll have to come back later and finish. Good luck guys.

No idea where to find last note. Probably it has the last number for ladder.

DSDiva the second note is in the chest to the right when you first go in but you will need the key from upstairs to get it.

code for door under stairs

hint for left side behind painting between 2 pentagram switches
hint for right side - 1st view upstairs

bf'd last number.

btw right click for fullscreen

I can not find the third year

how do those year clues work?

3rd year 1??9

Can't find my last valve.

Leroy enter the years on the 4# panel at the end of the corridor upstairs.

every time you put a year, the ladder go down
in the notes I find the year 1, 2 and 4
lost 3

how do I get behind the 2 pent picture?


Fiound it, but nothing happens. lol
What to do to collect orbs?

This comment has been removed by the author.

*found it!

Message to Linux users: Unity3D does *not* officially support Linux.

(Thanks a lot!)

If you're a little tech-savvy, you might get it to work using PIPELIGHT

Has anyone tried rapidly clicking the skull in thr fridge?

Put 5 crystals and 5 spheres on pentagon, but need sometjing else.

1914 was the third year

make a photo of each orb to disperse them

look closer at boiler in cellar to be able to place one of the spheres

I nwws to turn 2 more valves?
got all pics etc and all items placed..

Drain the bath tub up stairs for a note.. 2 Valves on the boiler

Collect all the items to see the epilogue

Where is the valve key please .

valve key is a spanner..
cant remember sorry

I'm stuck, can't lower the attic ladder down, guess i need more than 3 codes (never found the third one, just used the hint given here) don't have the spanner, no one left a hint for that

I think I'm out, or dead

aridza, the spanner is in the attic...as to the 3rd code, i had to take a peek at these hints...i never found it.

Keep getting error: "The content was stopped because a fatal content error has been detected."

my item list was complete yet there was no 'epilogue' ? Unless the script page after was the end of sorts? Great til then

spanner is in the attic

under barrel bottom of hanging body

after turning 5 valves, boiler door opens for pentagon to put on pentacle

push pentagon to reveal new secret passage at left side

so out of curiosity(i watched the walkthrough to no avail), where was the third clue for wall number code?

on the notes/papers were 3 #s or maybe the 1666 was on a book...did you get an epilogue?

5 notes

- under rug in hallway (year 3: 1914, time 2: 9.30)
- under rug upstairs after landing (time 3: 1.45)
- in bathtub (pull plug, year 4: 1939)
- under bed (year 2: 1666)
- in chest right of stairs (year 1: 1348, time 1: 6.15)

key for chests behind 2 barrels in bedroom

epilogue (after collecting all the stuff) is the end screen with written text

thank you alphaomega...found all of the notes but i didn't see year three...will have to play again.

Missing the #2 Crystal.

5 crystals

- in chest under table after landing
(key for chests behind 2 barrels in bedroom)
- in attic CB (go right after entering)
- under table in kitchen with fridge
- in fridge door
- in cellar behind barrel left side

5 spheres

- bedroom upstairs (left side before bathroom), in CB at window
- move 2 pentacle switches right of stairs
- dining room (key from clock), right CB at left side
- attic, in CB in far front after entering
- in chest right of clock (key for chests behind 2 barrels in bedroom)

I placed the crystals and the center thing piece on the pentacle, but it still says I'm missing something. What is it?

(I have everything but one of the papers. Thanks ΑΩ for the year)

Oh, POP. Spheres have to go on at the bottom

I can't even get in the house. At all.

I'm with Squiddles. Can't get in the house. No hints here for getting in.

Useless hints without being able to get into the house first. Will anyone actually help those of us stuck outside?? I have inverted four pentacles and there are no more arrows to do anything else, and the door is stuck.

Okay, so in the video walkthrough, there is a fifth pentacle on the far right side of the screen. I cannot see it in my game, fullscreen or not. It is not there. I cannot proceed. Why is it not there???

It looks like my game is not wide enough, but I cannot figure out how to reconfigure the screen.

Okay, I updated my Unity web player and it still didn't help it, so I tried playing it on Psionic's website. That fixed it. How fucking irritating. I only care because Psionic is like my favourite developer ever. http://www.psionicgames.com/games/ghostscape3dweb.html

Thank You S.M.P. Newstead. Using the link you posted works!

Well, it has created nothing but trouble recently whenever the EG24 team thought it's better to run the games off their own host play.escapegames24.com.

Many times it had to be reverted back to the original host...

The web player won't run - says it needs updating, even though I've downloaded it today.

I collected everything listed, took all pics, etc. NO EPILOGUE. What a ripoff. Second time through so I could SEE an epilogue.. No third time for me. Thanks a lot.. :-/

Don't go down the dark corridor, you have to start all over.

The spheres are placed on the floor star. The crystals are placed on the table star. To place the two back spheres you need to be in the boiler view.

Reminiscent of ExMortis in plot or to put it another way bit of a downer. Good game though.

Accidently clicked outside the frame and loaded an ad webpage, so running game is lost and I have to restart :-(

Thanks for the hints about the five notes, spheres and crystals. Now i cannot find all five valves.

I can't find all of the valves! Only found 4! Can someone help?!

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