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Gatamari Escape 24 Walkthrough

Gatamari Escape 24

[REPLAY] Gatamari Escape 24 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gatamari. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Gatamari Escape 24 Walkthrough

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Book gives hint for the 3 blue buttons.

I have a scarf which i unwound for a thread. (U-turn in one of the scenes in the snow). I also have a 'no idea what it is but it looks like a knob or switch or an aerosol top'. Also no idea what the shoe closet is showing me.

umm....what book,small? Im still wandering around with my thread and knobby thingy

It is a knob, use it to open one of the closets to get the book.

ohhh..the knob is a knob for the right top cupboard on the fireplace side of the house. Have the book now.


Took the window and placed it below the 9 lights thing, but don't see a hint what corners to click :(

I guess, the shoes is a hint for the green box in the same view, but no idea how :(

window has keyhole behind it but we can't get key till we pick up magnet argh!

shoes has to do with height of heels?

I was able to grab the key under where you put the (painting?) with the telescope maxed out at 3

Blue bars clue in book is for the 1,2 ,3 puzzle box.
Gives ladder.

How did you get a telescope, Brad ?

I don't exactly remember… I THINK it came from using the heart/diamond clue and the paper I got from the electrical box

I will just wait for all your hints and cheats, i think. Im still trying to work out what the book means by 1 = hearts, and 9 = diamonds, which i am guessing has to do with the nine buttons/placed window, but am probs wrong. lol

Clio, no. The hearts/diamonds goes with a second clue to figure out the 6 box puzzle. Click on the painting and watch the rotation...

Any hints for any other codes then? To get started.
Code wise I only did the 3 blue/cyan buttons.

Window gives L/R clue

Thanks Brad. Friday night and a couple of drinkies = clio brain no thinkies. Will try again in the morning. Leave hints though please. Thanks.

Sorry guys, I didn't realize this one was live. "Long time listener, first time caller…"

I've been writing it down as I go, and I'm up to having batteries in the snowman's mouth… But, here's what I have so far:

Key in mailbox

Get Firelight

Use String on key

Get Magnet

Use Magnet on Hex/Star/Circle

Get Batteries

Use batteries in snowman's mouth

Eyes light up White/Blue and project on the window above door… And I'm stuck

That's my problem. I don't have a key for the mailbox (or can't find a key in the mailbox)

glad to hear you're stuck! I would have been p..sed if the whole crowd solved it all and I just had to read the solution! :P

small-tool, what do you have in your inventory?

After turning of electricity use ladder on back fence. Use telescopw to see footsteps.

Thread, book and ladder, is all I have. Knob, window/picture and scarf used.

Brad, His brain, his intelligence and a trick or two up his spanner.

oh...and what he said too. lol

ok small tool , going from memory, if you used the window/painting on the hook under the row of lights, watch the rotation of the picture until it "bumps" up. Use those directions on the electrical panel. inside is a clue paper. That should get you into the 6 box puzzle with the notebook.

I think that's where the telescope came from. I didn't start writing it down until after I already started...

Once you have turned off the electricity box you can use the ladder on the danger sign to climb over the fence. The telescope can be used there too, must have to do with the shoes.

Bucket from 4 digit locker after counting footsteps.

TNX clio, I just get lucky every once in a while...

Kernowman, how far did you extend the telescope for the footprints?

Ah of course, the window is not for solving but a hint. Thanks :)

Middle one, Brad.


then is it the order in which you see them, or the order in which they are in the cabinet?

Nevermind Kernowman, POP

Bucket goes in BBQ but can't place firelighters.No fuel/matches?

Oh cripey. Small, Arby, Brad and a whole team of brainiacs...and i still dont understand a thing. Kinda cool really. Means one of you brainiacs will feel morally obligated to help the 'less brainiacal" and.............what ho,what hey.......write a walk-through. (fingers crossed)

Don't know if it's relevent but you can close the locker below the 483 number.

Did you get the batteries yet Kernowman?

Thanks guys :)
Caught up now I think.

The one for the snowman? Got that, but don't understand the projection.

The footstep hint cannot open safe.

high heel = 6
Sneakers = 9
bare foot = 4
boot = 5

But 6945 does not work

Sorry guys, I gotta go. Time to go to work…. Good luck everyone!

Tautau, go look at the shoe rack in the front of the house. Start at the bottom

On the box is an arrow telling you to go from bottom to top.

Thanks all! So stupid

I guess the snowman hint is for the 4 letter code, but can't make out the letters.

4 letter code? The only one I've got left is the Roman numerals, unless I'm missing something?

the locker that was already open with the 483 pass im pretty sure i reversed the number and the locker came out the wall there is a match there

Close the 3 button cupboard again, to see the other part of the cupboard.

Yeah, great find Ting ting :)

Doh! Totally forgot about that! Thanks Small.

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 8:26 AM  

if you put the book over the blue/yellow circle, you get 4 letter password

Another great find, thanks Thaihoney :)

I guess the new ladder is the hint for the I, II, III box, but can't make it work, thought it was 1, 3, 1, 1, 2

Nvm, it is the two ladders combined. Have coals now.

Same here - Not 121121 either.

you know what the HARDEST thing about Gatamari's games is? You never know WHERE a clue must be used. The footsteps clue could as well have been used with the Roman numbers box (e. g. click 'II' number of times you count footsteps etc.)

Plodding along, but am giving up at the reverse 483 number. Pls someone,do write a w't if you understand it. Thank you in advance.

Can't combine the two ladders. Pls share the ladder hint, s-t

Not in the inventory, but just put them in front of the door, Tautau.

I don't understand the clue at the backside of the keycard. I guess it's using the paper again (still active in the invetory).

NVM, got the ladder hint

Ah, bucket can be used TWICE!!!

Put ladder on wall, and use it as a weight :)))

high above your head...

Out with darkness end

Good one, Arby, but what does it do?

A hint please for the door code, Tautau.

@s-t no idea yet, but I thought it's important to know to advance further...

You can also take the battery back and put it back in its old place, but nada :(

@s-t, the 6 digit from diamond / heart hint

The door code clue is SHEER GENIUS ;) (for math fans)

Still get nopassword end, this time I switch on the power

GuruOne...a message from the crypt...been awhile since I've seen you on here...

6 digits !?
I can only put in 3 digits !?

s-t - think equations :)

There is something peculiar about the door code clue: it's exactly 6 squares which are arranged the same way as on the lower safe in fireplace view.
Pure coincidence??

Ah of course, thanks Kernowman :)
Now to look for other endings.

If you put battery in snowman & turn power back on the game continues.......

yes got the door code and out thank you Kernowman and every one else for the hints great game

OK - just got the No Items end. So 1 = Darkness end, 2 = no items end. Back we go again.

well there must have been a reason why the power switch was still operational ;)

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 8:58 AM  

?? what blue/yellow circle as mentioned above to place book ??

GuruOne, long time no see. Thanks. That will hopefully get the brainiacs up and competitive and stuff. Happy whatever time you are in Japan......what can i say, but up the mighty maroons. Looking forward to my cheating tmrw.

No time to hunt for other endings :(
But great game, thanks for all the hints guys :)

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 9:01 AM  

?? the only one ic is at the end of the telescope ??


not bad methinks :)

battery in snowman lights up blue / yellow eyes that projects onto house, use book there for 4 letter clue

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 9:14 AM  

oh, so no blue/yellow circle yet...so where is battery? mad at myself or being lost, even with great clues...I got to this point with just the safe drop out clue

Password is only revealed inside if you have used the bucket high above outside!
YOU CANNOT SAVE here - be warned.

Battery is very well hidden in this game...seen the yellow compartment with the 3 symbols? The rightmost one is a circle, there is a battery in there; but you need a magnet to pull it out.

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 9:17 AM  

bet battery in bucket that I have no wood, just the match

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 9:18 AM  

sad, no magnet yet either

OK, I'm stumped!
Hung bucket at rear of house.
Placed both ladders at front of house and nothing works for me regarding ladder placement.
No card.

Key + Thread into gutter gives magnet.
Obtaining the key is very crazy, you will hold it in your hands once you can spot it with your telescope :)

Ladder pair form an 8-number sequence of 1 to 3. Go from bottom to top of ladders.
(Note: I don't know whether the order of ladders actually matters, but even this can be. You can start with either of the two.)

Get key from wall grate under window puzzle with extended telescope. Key opens mailbox to get "fatlighter / fuel"
Combine string, from snowman scarf, with key to get magnet from grate in fireplace view. Use magnet on round shape in the 3 shape puzzle to get battery.

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 9:30 AM  

ARBY=used that key hint(ty for keeping it as a clue!) and got the key...sigh...I can move on

Thanks, Arby. I wasn't looking at the pattern of the rungs!
I kept trying to extend the 2 ladder sections, like an extension ladder, in order to get higher up for a clue or inventory item.

Well, one thing that might not be popping into the eye of new players is that there are TWO ways to 'TURN'; one time to the snowman scene, and one time to the scene with the electric fence. Yours truly was stumped the same way at first, until he discovered this fact ;)

>ty for keeping it as a clue!

well, sue, this is what I'm always trying to do ... most (!) people here aren't dense, they just need a nudge into the right direction, but what they usually dislike is someone who spoils away the way to get there without warning...

Thanks Kernowman, for the door password clue, reduction equation indeed.

Not even that. Simply divide the upper number by the one directly below, e. g.

would mean that the number to remember is a 3.

...but Guru was right, this puzzle requires a VERY clever mind to create because you will both need to use up all figures from 1 to 9 and have divisions without remainder per column.

       Anonymous  3/27/15, 10:13 AM  

make sure you put the battery back where you originally found it before going into lit up house

OK, just so you know how dim my bulb is today, remember this:
I totally missed that in playing the game twice and now and I'm back in for the third time. Sometimes I'm just "Tupid"

Thanks sue1qw for the battery tip.

>make sure you put the battery back where you originally found it >before going into lit up house

sue, now I have to return the thanks back right to you!!
I *had* put the battery back, but just by pure coincidence! Must check what will happen if I do NOT...heh

...OOOH this is MEAN! You will be able to watch the screwdriver behind thick glass, but you won't be able to grab it! HR HRR...Gatamari you scoundrel...

Can't you show a little mercy for the poor folks that saved 15 scenes before?! ;)

This is a very good game! Puzzles with a variety of difficulty levels and a lot of logic involved.
Well done, Gatamari.

Yes this was a blessing after all this 123bee, Ena, EightGames, YalGames...cookie-cutter stuff the last weeks.

FINAL part of the game: (UPDATE #2)

0. IMPORTANT: Make sure to do the following two steps first, for you cannot "correct" either of them once you're inside.
- bucket must be hanging where it should hang (look up)
- battery must have been PUT BACK where you originally took it from. (Thanks to sue1qw for this useful hint.)

1. enter door code
2. turn power on
3. DO NOT go in UNTIL power is on! (Otherwise: !!! Darkness End. !!! )

From this point on, you CAN NO LONGER SAVE, so you have to have prepared everything the correct way.

4. pick up SD (*sigh! it opens*) and unscrew panel
5. enter password (revealed high up on wall)
6. exit, and enjoy outro :)

Would love to enter door code but I don't understand the explanation above. PLEASE someone spoil the door code??

The steps you did before (with using the hint on the paper) were in this order:

4, 5 - 2, 7 - 1, 6
9 - 3 - 8

Now take away the commas and you have 6 numbers (3 of them two digit ones).

Look at the back of the keycard and interpret the lines as division marks.
Do the maths and you get 3 (1 digit) numbers.

WOW .. A Game at last !!! .. Thanks Anasteisha R. and Thanks everyone for your hints !

Walkthrough ????

That was a great game! A bit more challenging than most other games posted recently, I like the games where you have to use a bit more brains than just searching for the hidden items.

Please. The math.
I can't math.
I really really cannot math.

it's not really complicated math @fdbd2 .. write down the order you used to open the six buttons safe following the clue on paper , you got :

45 27 16

9 3 8

now do the math lol , following the clue on the back of the card , simple division !

45 / 9 , 27 / 3 and 16 / 8 for a three digits code !

Ooooh okaaay, I had the numbers paired up wrong. D:

I can't for the life of me get the bloody match ! - I've seen the hints here re - reversing the 483 - but 384 does nothing and I've tried all combos of those numbers - Please help

After reversing the 3 and 4, be sure and back out of zoom and click on the safe until it falls out and on to the ground.
Then zoom back in and take match.

How do I light the fire please ?

POP ok got match - when you reverse the 483 code the light doesn't turn green so I thought it hadn't worked . . . but it had !!

Yes, in fact EITHER combination will work.
You need to deliberately use the WRONG combination so that the safe door is blocked, as you need to use the safe door handle as a grip to rip the safe out of the wall. The safe itself is not that important any more; what you need to check out is the empty space behind where the safe was crammed in.

Gatamnari is one of the few developers I insist on playing through without help - because they deserve the efort. I alyways know they will take quite some time - but the time spent on them will be worth it.

And it was, indeed. Perfect game.

       Anonymous  5/18/18, 2:17 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Gatamari ☺

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