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Real World Escape 101 - Relaxing Mouse Walkthrough

Real World Escape 101 - Relaxing Mouse

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 101: Relaxing Mouse is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are trapped in the room with some woman. She could help you to escape if you will prove that she is beautiful. There is also relaxing mouse who will help you. Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Sneaky timing Guntars.....Thank you!!!

Lazy mouse!!

Yay!! I feel like its my birthday getting one on a Sunday!

Woo Hoo!!!

Sunday fun before heading to the airport, thanks!

Thank you Guntars! Yippee!

code on picture with mouse is not I V - change it to I _

excellent game!!! was fun to play.

Nice game!

Nice a cocktail....Thank you! With an umbrella even!!

Brilliant again Guntars.
Thank you.
Working on the walkthrough right now.
Care to share the cocktail Sharon?

Yay! TY

No I had to share it with that Lazy Mouse!! He kept the umbrella too! Guntars....Love your games! Thank you for the nice surprise! I'll have to get us a different drink Austen!

I put the paper on the window, but don't understand it. Any help?

Great game!! Needed a bit of thought for the colours, but finally got it!

You all are so smart. I'm stumped here.

Thank you guys for nice comments!!!
ala i thought at picture with | and - will be too obvious
so i put | and V

I never used the paper on the glass door. Did anyone else?

"There s also relaxing mouse who will help you." Love it!

Where are you, Cathy? What do you have in your inventory?

Sorry Cathy, apparently the paper spelled a word on the floor. I thought I had simply missed a view! LOL!

Nothing now but a red box. I put the paper with the holes on the glass and it don't understand it. Also, thought the 4 buttons was the answer to the 4 digits, but now luck.

Look at the floor

Yes! D'oh! Thanks Rachel

Okay, click on the floor below the glass door where you stuck the paper.

:D You're welcome Cathy! Will hang around until Austen posts his WT.

Moving right along now.

Fun game. Thank you!

Cathy717, I was with you, didn't see the floor hint, the rest was easy.

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:08 AM  

game not loading

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:09 AM  

Has anyone waited for long for the game to start? or is it just me?

I'm so stuck - I can't figure out the numbers in the mirror, done it backwards and upside down. The colours - no idea! LOL

Loaded ok as usual for me Dazz.

Dazz ley, keep refreshing. It did the same with me. If it still doesn't load after a few tries, clear your cache and try again.

Got the colours - flashing lights+colours on wardrobe.

Thanks Daisy - forgot about the flashing lights.

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:18 AM  

OK, Rachel, I'm on it!

W/T ready if anyone wants it.

Sunday evening, maybe my brain is on weekend mode. I need four more mouses (but even got that shadow mouse where later the letter hint appears). I see the 4 # in the mirror but it doesn't work. I tilted my head either to the right and to the left and tried the numbers in the according order but nothing. I need the Almighty Lipstick and the clues for the colours and the hearts in start view. And I think the FF will come to me while doing the rest.

Could anyone of you smart guys help me, please?


You jump up and grab Sniff 1 from the wardrobe then check out all the doors to see if they do anything.
Nope so you turn right.

On the picture of the snoozy mouse you notice a strange pattern bottom right so wisely make a note of it.
The red sofa looks comfy but you can’t shift it.

Turning right again you find a sad girl.
Being nice you decide to cheer her up.

Right again and you correctly figure that the pattern from the picture opens the right door and there you find Sniff 2 and a box.
Full of curiosity you also poke the panel at the back to see what those circles are for.
Aha! An order of some kind.
Rummaging around in the box you find a piece of paper.
Where to stick it?
A flash of inspiration hits you and you turn left and stick it on the window.
That didn’t achieve much so you inspect the shadow on the floor to find that the holes in the paper have formed a word.
You also take a well-tanned Sniff 3 while you are there.

You run back to the cupboard under the mirror and open the left door with your shadow word to discover Sniff 4, the black key and a switch.
Well that switch did something according to Guntars but what?
Turning round you discover that the switch turned the sofa into a bed and uncovered Sniff 5.
Resisting the temptation to use the bed you go left and open the cupboard with your key.
Grabbing Sniff 6 in one hand and a cocktail in the other you head back to snoozy.
After a fight you manage to wrestle the cocktail back from Sharon and give it to Mr. Cool.
Wow he drank that fast but at least he gave you Sniff 7 and some cheese.

Now to cheer up Miss Miserable.
She won’t accept the cheese so maybe you should gift wrap it in that box.
You do and she gives you a hug, Sniff 8 and two pearls.
You work out that if you place the pearls on the wardrobe door it will open right?
Wrong so you have another think and rush back to check the order in which the circles flashed in the cupboard.
Combining that order with the colours you crack the code above Miss Happy to gain Sniff 9 and the lippy.
Rushing to the mirror to use the lipstick (It always goes there right?) you spot that there is a number on the wall in the mirror.
How long has that been there?!
Adding the lipstick tells you the order to use the numbers and on doing so you get Sniff 10, the double f and a pattern hint.
Well you soon figure out that the hint opens the bottom of the wardrobe for Sniff 11 and you know just where to throw the ff for Sniff 12 and freedom.

Your 101st Sniff hunt is now complete.
What do you mean you haven’t played the others?
What’s wrong with you?
Go back into the archive and start Sniffing!

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:22 AM  

a little help,please..stuck at clue for the letters

Oh yes, and I'm missing two colours for the wardrobe!

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:24 AM  

is there something about the window?

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:25 AM  

I've just started,meritneith..and stuck!

It's al in the W/T above Meritneith and Dazz!

Beautiful walkthrough Austen!!

And back to the pub I go!

With Austen's Sniffthrough I found the pearls, then everything went smooth. Thanks a lot!

Dazz, look at the floor below the window. You'll find a clue and a shady mouse.

Austen, you deserve a cold refreshing beer at the pub. Have a nice evening!

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:29 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:31 AM  

how? the lines only move vertical and horizontal

Thanks for game :)

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:33 AM  

oh, you need to move the horizontal lines,,thanks Meritneith

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:39 AM  

could someone please spoil the colors? I can't manage it

I still don't get the clue for the orange numbers. Before the lipstick there are blue numbers backwards: 2836. After the lipstick there are red numbers not backwards: 2431. I tried 6238, 8326, nothing is working for me. I know I'm not thinking it right...

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:43 AM  

spoil for the colors,please?

Dazz - colors:

red, green, yellow, blue

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:46 AM  

thanks Zoe

Oh, I got it after replaying....the blue numbers disappeared somehow, and I think I must have written then down wrong....

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:48 AM  

Zoe : 2683

       Anonymous  5/17/15, 11:51 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

sunday sniff! yay!

SniffMouse Escape Game
always in Top 3

number in mirror
works after using lipstick

another great game thank you Sniffmouse..x
thank you Austen for your brilliant walkthrough

Thank you guys for playing!
Austen Great wt

ok game with use of video walkthrough

Thanks for another great game.

Very nice, Guntars! I have played them all. Very funny W/T, @Austen64!

Time to go to Austen64's pub!

That's the most flamboyant walkthrough I've ever seen.

Soemone totally spoils this and angelika's games for me with their sickly sweet OTT comments. Great game tho'.

Loved it
Thanx Guntars
Difficult CAT picture it!!!!

great game...thanks!

When I hear that btbtbtbtbtbt of the lipstick, I smile. Every time. Thanks, Sniff! (After all the comments that one game without lipstick generated, I don't think he'd dare leave it out anymore!)

Excellent game as usual from SniffMouse. Even more so when I can do it without help ;) Love the music too; when you get stuck it's still enjoyable.

This really was a very good game Sniffmouse.
Great new start of the new centennial.
Thank you!

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