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Coraline and the Secret Door Walkthrough

Coraline and the Secret Door

InkaGames - Coraline and the Secret Door is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Inka Games. Coraline will open a mysterious secret door, help her in this adventure! Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  7/11/15, 11:52 AM  

chisel under table in dining room

After removing the box (with pot and broom), use the screwdriver on the wallpaper behind that box and then talk to the mother again.

Gave te notebook with 5 drawings back to the father (the oldest thing to draw is the boiler and the weirdest thing the brick wall behind the door) and he says I can go out, but the door is still locked :(

Nvm, you don't go out the front door. There's a new arrow in father's room to go out.

where is the broom?

I already played this game long ago.

The broom is in the secret room (use the pot on the carpet to open it).

Roberto, I think it's a new one. There are more episodes in this series.

Give the beet to the cow and then you can milk her and then it's night.

hmmm. This is a sequel?

Ah, thanks s-t :)

After sleeping follow the mouse and then the house is changed!?

No idea how to pass the dogs :(
No idea how to open the well :(
Thought (after talking to the tall guy on the balcony) the leaves were the code for the balcony door, but nope :(

Nvm, I counted wrong.

Roberto, there was a trailer long time ago

Hi ST and Megi...heading in

I thought the ladder was to get the cat down, but nope :(

Nvm, plate with milk is to get the cat down. Ladder is used to put the stuffed dog back.

Milk gets the cat down!

I'm stuck! What two things do we need to get inside the tent guarded by the mouse? Popcorn and ??

I haven't seen a tent yet, but just took a photograph of the cat, so maybe you need that.

NVM need to combine the popcorn and the cotton candy

Where is the odd shaped window??

Nope cat phote is for the chicken to get an egg.

Odd shaped windown is in the hallway that leads to the girls bedroom.

How do you get the second safe combination?

Where is the ladder please?

I think the ladder came from giving the (first) hamster to the girl.

I'm stuck in the second dream. No idea how to get the second hamster, no idea how to get the cane from the old man.
Have the egg in the nest and corn in the chicken machine but nothing happens.

I'm struggling with the safe in Spink house. I'm sure it has to do with the dogs on the wall, but I tried all combinations and it doesn't work.

It is the stuffed dogs. I think it was 4 left, 4 right, 4 left.

Aha, finally worked - continueing :)

found it, how to get hamster down?

To get the haster down, combine the slingshot (elastic band combined with strange wand) with the little umbrella.

ΟΜG, I don't know what to do. Mum and dad busy, door in living room has brick wall. Can't sleep or turn off light as it is daytime. Got some food items and a bowl plus a screwdriver. Explored every room. In understaffs cupboard there is a boiler and a message ENG which doesn't say anything... Nothing to do there any more. Can someone hint me what to do next?

use battery on popcorn machine, need one other item to get into tent but don't know what

Finally in tent, make cotton candy with sugar in canon thing and place pedal in front of it.

Anyone remember where the little umbrella was?

Umbrella was in Boninski room
Tania - take the blue bowl from the kitchen and milk the cow outside (you will need a small stool)

Virginie - thank you! Was in that room so many times and never saw it on the floor.

to get second hamster put cupcake in front of hole with hamster.

       Anonymous  7/11/15, 3:11 PM  

Tanja, you need to play with the dads door.

Yay about time we had one of these games.

hmmm cant get eye from candy and from other dad on mantis :/

Did anyone figure out how to get the code for Mr.Bobinsky the second time?

How to get the chair from the tree, what is his weakness?

Hit the tree with the slingshot and rock

Thanks Yekaterina I, just found the rock and got the chair now.

No problem! This game is one tough cookie!

Argh - keep dying on the trapeze

Thank you buecherverschlingen

Double Argh - got the shelf and then fell down through floor

I think it was the barrel two steps to the right, Janet.

When locked in by the dream mother, puth the doll on the bed and talk to the ghosts.

Thanks s-t didn't notice the green arrow to move it

Wallking around now with the boy. He could take the rope between the two trees and he found a shovel and blue paint, but can't find a place to use it :(

Ok, forgot I had the brush as well.
Paint the egg blue and then you can dig where the bird was sitting.

How do you not get caught by the evil woman when you push over the giant cockroach ?

LOL small-tool. What a marathon game - reminds me of your riddles - only your riddles are a lot more logical and fun!

Lol, Janet :)
But marathon is over for me; ecountered a bug.
Don't go alone (as the boy) in the room with the giant cockroach. The roach is already pushed over, but since the girl didn't do it, the whiked wich isn't coming and there's no out arrow in that room.

Good luck guys. Will try again tomorrow.

I give up. No idea how to beat the giant candy and how to get the flaslight? or what is it. I never tought I would say this but I prefer smalltool's mazes, even the 3d ones :P

Dear God, this safe in the actresses' room... the stuffed dogs does not work. It seems to me the top four are facing left and the remainder are facing right. I also tried 4x left 4x right and 4x left and vice versa. Only thing I haven't tried is the t-shirts

Tania - then try it 4 left, 4 right, 4 right. Whatever way the dogs face no need to alternate right and left

thanks Janet, it worked now. I don't know why it did not do it before. I made sure to click reset before starting again.

I wish Inka games would do what ENA did, and allow us to play the games with adblocker enabled. I don't want to disable adblocker because when I do I get all kinds of adware with a million tabs, and causes multiple crashes so I can't play anything...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I already played this game long ago.

Roberto, you are RIGHT! Found a video WT from 17 December 2014 on Youtube, with the exact same story.
I think the difference is that it is now bilingual, while the original version from end of last year was in Spanish ONLY.

What else do I need to get past the dogs? I have sausage but need another item.

The earlier game was just the beginning - a trailer. Ended when she unlocked the secret door - this one is muuuch longer

Shannon - you need a somniferous sleeping solution to put on the sausage - dipped if I can remember where it was though

Thank you Janet... on the hunt for somniferous sleeping solution now...

thanks small tool, was stuck for a while on how to move that box

This comment has been removed by the author.

How do you get the cod for Bobinsky's house? Where do you get the ladder to get the first hamster down? how do you catch the cat? I'm stuck with lots of stuff I don't know how or where to use...

where to find the rock?

im stuck. after parents left for grocery, found small key in drawer and now im just running around outside don't know what to do... :(

NVM. used the key to parent's room

just freed a caterpillar...now what?

Stuck with Coraline, the boy and a giant cockroach. If I push it, "evil" mother comes and locks the girl and boy with the ghosts...

       Anonymous  7/12/15, 2:02 AM  

what is the combination for second safe?

       Anonymous  7/12/15, 2:16 AM  

what is the combination for second safe?

Rohan S, I think I saw it on the tiles in d bathroom of parents' bedroom, use magnifying glass

To get flashlight throw wood weaken potion at the wooden bridge, then throw orange at wheel under mantis.
Step into red line and go to bridge.
Now I'm stuck with giant candy and Bobinsky's code.

Think I got bugged out. Threw the stuff to weaken the wood, but she has no reason to throw the orange.

AARGHH! Almost at the end but I got bugged. Can't get cat after I've talked to witch!!!!

Diana look through the stone to get a reason

@valerie gunn
Same happened to me but walked around and around the cat and suddenly I could talk to it and take it with me. There definitely is a bug there, but keep trying...

I wish these games had a save button.

       Anonymous  7/12/15, 1:42 PM  

Yay! Finally it's here :)

Yesterday I couldn't take away a bottle, what on the bridge to pour out. It is very bad that game doesn't remain. Today I forgot to take a piece of paper when still the acrobat was. Now repeatedly the first code doesn't resemble. I don't know what to do. Anew again to start? (((Doesn't please ((Made game in 2 languages, can sometime and in Russian will leave?)

       Anonymous  7/13/15, 7:57 AM  

I also wish there was a save button. This game is way too long for not having one! I bet they already thought of that, but didn't implement because of some technical barrier. But maybe they could have broken the game down into several parts and released each individual bit weekly.

       Anonymous  7/13/15, 10:35 AM  

Where's the camera??? :(

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Very good adventure from Inkagames with some lengths because of many timed, not clickable dialogues.

You should walk through the house first to see every room because I will describe only the locations to go.

Act 1: the real side, part 1
Kitchen: Open refrigerator to the left, get everything. Get the blue plate in the back on the right and the pot on the left. Talk to mother about "go out and explore". Dining Room: there is a screwdriver on the floor (table foot upper left). In the room with the mirror on the left, open the door. Talk with father about "go out and explore". Then use the door a little bit to annoy him. You will get a notebook and a pencil. Leave room, to right into the hallway. There is a little "wave" in the carpet. Put the pot on it and then jump on the new wave to the left. A door opens. Grab the pot, enter room and get broom.

For the tasks: the oldest object in the house is the water heater (you stand in front of it now), the piece of art is the painting on the right wall of the first room (named "transit room" from now on). The non square shaped window is the bulleye upstairs on the left, the picture of yourself is drawn by using the notebook on the mirror next to your fathers door. "something very weird" is the secret door in the transit room. Use pot on the red cross, broom on pot, screwdriver on the door. Return to mother in kitchen, ask for key and return. Open the little door, use your notebook to paint the wall behind the door. Then show the notebook to your father. A new arrow comes up in the south to leave the house.

Backyard: in one of the 4 bushes in the background is an oak branch. Then grab the battery on the floor (cutscene). Now count the brown leafs on the 5 trees, write it down. Go south. There is a bench on the right tree. Go left (location "Angi"). Talk to her twice ("why are you sad?"). Return to trees, go right. Go upstairs (location "Bobinsky"), grab beet (its red and somewhat hidden behind the fence in the center). Return to backyard, go left into the location "Park". Then go up/forward until the end. There is a ring of leaves, grab the middle to reveal the cover of a well (which is needed at the very end). On the far right is a green Dollar note, take it then return twice to the little archway and go left. "Cow" location: feed cow with beet, put bench and plate on cow, get milk (cutscene).

Act 2: the others, part 1
Unwrap Wybies package, go into the kitchen (cutscene). Go upstairs into your room, switch of light, use bed. Cutscene, follow mouse. Enter little door. Watch the painting on the right wall, then follow the simple gameflow for some minutes. Then go into the heating room and grab the pedal, go into your room, switch off the light and go to bed again.

Act 3: the real side, part 2
Goto kitchen, talk with Mother about your dream, then goto your Father and leave house. Return to the cow (park, then left) and grab the bench again. The anvil is for the end of the game. Return to the backyard, south, right. You stand in front of the house. Use bowl with milk below cat, then go up to Mr. Bobinsky. Talk option 1, talk again option 3 ("try the code"). Then use the code from Act 1 where you had counted the leafs. Go down to postman, talk, give Dollar, get package, give it to Mr. Bobinsky. Go down, go up again (cutscene), enter room. Get "Magnifying Glass" from the left, then "A piece of cloth", "A small umbrella" in front of the yellow ochre colored box, "An elastic band" (its the red thing behind the box), "somniferus" and "A guess hat" from the barrel in the front. Combine "elastic band" with the "oak branch/saori wand" and the umbrella with the newly created slingshot. Combine somniferus with the sausages you got from the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Leave, go down an then to the right. Shoot hamster with your slingshot. Return to "Angi", give hamster and get ladder.

Return to house front side, go to the left to "Misses Spink and Forcible" (location "old ladies"). Use sausages on door, enter door. Go a little bit to the right to grab the little cup from the desk. Then give the "guess hat" to the lady on the right (cutscene). You have a "stuffed dog" and "ace of spades" now. Use ladder to put the stuffed dog on the shelf. A secret safe opens. Look on the shelf: the red noses are front, the yellow wings are back. They show the direction for the safe (usually somewhat like 4x left, 4x left, 4x right). Open safe with this combination, get Polaroid Camera. Go out and use camera on cat. Go to Mr. Bobinsky and use photo on chicken to get an egg. Return to frontside of the house, talk with Wybie. Return into the house, dinner, go into your room, lights off, use bed. Then stand up again, use cheese on the green chest, use bed again. Same procedure as before, follow mouse, use little door.

Act 4: the others, part 2
Talk to the "other mom". Leave house through the front door. Visit "other Angi" then goto the park. Cutscene, talk to you "other father", option 3 "eating". Use mantis then to sit on it (loong cutscene). In the room of Mr. Bobinsky place the battery left to the tent (there is a small wire barely visible), use the corn on the chicken in the upper left, then grab the popcorn. Use the pedal on the "cannon" front-left, stuff sugar into the cannon and use pedal to get cotton candy. Talk to the little mouse left (its right from the entrance of the tent. Combine candy with popcorn, give it to the mouse (long cutscene, you may clean your house during this). You are in your bed at the end.

Act 5: the real side, part 3
Leave your bed. Ask your mom in the kitchen about the key, then ask for breakfast (cutscene). Open the drawer behind your moms seat, get little key, open your parents bedroom room with it. Go right into the bathroom, use bench below window, open window. At the place, where the caterpillar was, use your magnifying glass to get the code for the safe in the heating room. There you get the key for the secret door again. Use the tunnel to go on "the other side"

Act 6: the others, part 3
Go into the kitchen, read the message on the table (cutscene). Leave the house through the front door. Talk to the cat. Follow cat to the left, then talk again. You will find a little stone below the right tree trunk, use stone with slingshot. Then go to the park, north 3 times until you reach the pumpkin carriage. Put the cupcake in front of the hole and grab Hamster, return it to Angi which gives you a ticket. With the ticket enter the room of the two old ladies (long cutscene). When Coraline is in the air press "Deliver" when she is in the middle of the screen (needs several retries). When she is falling, press the green arrow on the barrel twice (looong ingame scene). Then use your bed.

After you woke up, return to the theater of the two old ladies. Left to your head in front of the seat is something on the floor, grab it (a pair of button shaped glasses). Return into the house, talk with you other father in his room. Then go north of the park where you will meet the cat (looong ingame scene again). Return to the location north of the park, go left and talk with the old man. Then go right (this location exists only in the "other world"), use loaded slingshot on tree and get chair. Return to the left, give chair the old man and get "An oak cane" from him. Return into the house and use oak cane to break the door of the transfer room. Enter room (cutscene). Use doll on bed, talk with ghosts then (all 3 options).

You are playing as Wybie now. Go left to the 2 fallen trees and pick blue paint. Use brush on paint, then blue brush on egg. Go to the park, pick shovel from the left. Return to front of the house, go right. Use ladder on left tree, open knot. Use ladder on right tree, open knot. Use blue egg on nest, take rope, pick ladder. Use shovel on cross to get a key. Use key on front door, enter house. Use rope on mirror, as Coraline grab rope. Follow Wybie now. In transfer room push the cockroach at the wall which is blocking the secret door. A timer starts. Swiftly click on the little door and leave after a short talk with Wybie (BUG: if you fail here, you are Wybie again and have to use the rope first. If Wybie goes into transfer room alone, he gets locked and the game is fubar)

Act 7: the real side, part 4
Leave room and go to the left to the stairs (cutscene). Go to the old ladies and talk with the right woman, ask her about her parents. Leave, talk with the cat in front of the house. Follow cat, click on mirror. Return to transfer room, use key on little door and enter.

Act 8: the others, Finale 1
After a long discussion with you "other mother" go to the diningroom. Talk again, option 2 (game), option 3 (finding game). Go to the park and then go to the north using the LEFT way. North of the park go right, then use your button shaped glasses, go right again, talk to the man with option 2 ("big mistake"). Then take the green bottle in the right. Return to the park to the entrance. Place the char so Coralines head is below the wheel of the mechanical mantis. Use the triangle stone on the other father, then throw the Orange on the wheel of the mantis. Go one up on the LEFT side, then click on the top of the bridge, use the bottle there. When the timer starts, grab the gear knob (which is the 1st eye). Take the flash light on the right, then go to the theatre of the old ladies. Use the triangle stone on the candy, then grab the candy. When the timer starts, use the flash light either on the left or right row of bats. You will get a new Icon in your inventory "Duck". Use it and wait for the end of the fight. You have the 2nd eye now. Grab the paper on your right. Look on the ace of spades card in your inventory, write down the arrows. First arrow is "A", 2nd "B" and so on. Then look on the paper you got. Virtually put the arrows on the letters, the arrow points to the number to use. Go to Mr. Bobinsky, use the 4 digit number to open the door. Use triangle stone on the ball, enter the tent. After the bla bla pick the hat of the man (cutscene). To to the front of the house, speak with the cat then grab the 3rd eye. Go to the left to the 2 fallen trees, talk with cat, take cat.

FINALE ON THE OTHER SIDE: go to the transfer roomm, you see your parents in the snow ball. Then talk to the "other mom". Show her one of the eyes. When she asks for parents (time starts), point to the door. When she had opened the door (timer stards), throw the cat on her. Next timer start: pick the key from the door (a little bit above the red arrow), then pick the snow ball with your parents and jump into the door. Inside grab the door knob, then use all 3 eyes on the door knob too. At the end use the key to lock the door.

Act 9: the real side, Finale 2
After a loong scene you wake up in your bed. Leave the house through the work room of your father. In the backyard you find a stone, take it. Go to the park, north until you see a circle on the floor. Grab it, put stone to the left, the use oak cane to open the well. Put cloth over hole, put key on it and wait for the hand.

Cutcene, you play as Wybie now. Go left twice to the cow, pick anvil, return to well and throw anvil into the well.

=== FIN ===

I too wish that there was a save button. My computer gets messed up part way through and I get a serious lag and can't place objects where they need to go. Had to quit yet again.

I too wish that there was a save button. My computer gets messed up part way through and I get a serious lag and can't place objects where they need to go. Had to quit yet again.

Please help! I'm stuck at the giant candy. I've thrown the triangle stone at it, but I can't pick it up!? Is this a bug!?

I give up. Sorry, Inka, I usually love you, but I'm giving this two stars for being WAY too long, having no Save button, having worse logic than usual (throwing the orange at the mantis... really?) and being buggy such that I had to quit at the final hurdle. I'll watch the walkthrough to see the end.

Finally done but lost the enthusiasm for this game about 3/4 of the way through. Thanks so much Bernd for helping me to finish it. Would have just just not bothered if not for your excellent directions.

The game started lagging horribly. This is a first for InkaGames.

I often asked Inka to make a 'save' button for their larger games. My laptop crashed in the middle and I had to start all over again.

wheres the ladder

Crazy game, but interesting story.And very long.
Nobody can play this to the end without help.
Thank you Bernd for your great walkthrough. If I remember right,
it's not your first "Inka" walkthrough.
Not easy to vote this one. Ok, I give 4 stars.



Have absolutely no idea how to get the wood weakening potion. Please help?!

Blimey, what a long game! I can see why we had a trailer for so long before it came out - must've taken months or even a couple of years to make. Kudos Inka, a little tricky or illogical in places, but in keeping with the original story - amazing. Couldn't have finished without Bernd's walkthrough though ;-)

what is mr bobinskies code

how do i get the 1st hamster down

where is the cloth to be put on the well

Where is the cloth to put on the well?

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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