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Underworld Army Episode 2 Walkthrough

Underworld Army Episode 2

[REPLAY] PrasanGames - Underworld Army Episode 2: Project Bermuda Triangle is the sequel of Underworld Army 1 point and click adventure type escape game developed by Prasan Games. Professor Pain has an evil plan to destroy the world. You are an important part of the plan and that is why you were captured by him. You play in this episode to escape from Professor Pain. Secrets await to be unfolded while you work your way to escape. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Underworld Army 2 Walkthrough

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Anyone here?

oh you have to move the rods

Thanks for posting, Edgar :)
Nice touch to put the EG24 link of part 1 in the intro. Good old times :)

Is there a clue for yellow door lock or just random clicking?

you have to put it in order from 1-6

I used the battery from the elevator to open the toolbox to get the screwdriver.

Dutchie, you have to fail first to see where all the numbers are.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:24 PM  

I wonder if this was real

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:24 PM  

Was there anything from the newspaper?

yes, got it

Oops, of course the battery was just to borrow, take it back or else you can't do the pressure.

whats the point of the no green no gain game?

Just keep trying Jinx, eventually you will win.
And for the game next to it, a bit the same, but that's a skill game.

ugh the caster control panel sucks. i can't beat it =\

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:36 PM  

I'm stuck with the four colour boxes. Is there any trick?

Sneaky key in the power room (left).

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:36 PM  

what to do with the elevator puzzle?

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:39 PM  

Got it. Do green last.

You mean, the making 74 or something like that, Dazz?
Just look at the steps both dials do and make it that number.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:40 PM  

What was that again, Dazz?

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:41 PM  

Yeah this one, small, thanks!

this four color boxes thing is killing me

Lol, just got their buecherverschlingen, but I actually did green as first one (with using red) and it works as well.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:45 PM  

I need the second paper slip for with the greek (?) letters. No idea where to seacrch.

What to do to shut off unit 3 ? Do we need that paper from the gamble game ?

Ah ok, got it, you click the first wire and then click the first symbol of the paper from the gamble (or was it the skill ?) machine.
Odd though, only 4 symbols on the paper and for the 5th wire you just have to try one.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:51 PM  

Thank you, small-tool.

ugh can someone help me out with the four color boxes lol

Lol, stuck on four colour boxes also.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 1:56 PM  

Four colour boxes: The last one is green, the second last yellow, and the first one was purple, if i recall correctly. And the colour i can't remember was second.

All I remember from those boxes is: I first did green, then red, but red didn't stay at its place (only to do the other colours) and was the in fact the last one I think.
I used red a lot to make the other two colours get to their place. But maybe buecherverschlingen has a way easier method.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:00 PM  

No small-tool, i failed your trust. I just remember once i had it it was actually quiet easy.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:00 PM  

How to get the power on for second floor?

Stuck on the second floor. All 3 units are off, but how to do those 3 handles ? Is there a hint somehwere?

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:02 PM  

Have card with strange shapes, no idea where to use

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:03 PM  

Need key to get to processing zone

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:06 PM  

My FF crashed. I need to start again.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:06 PM  

Ah it's behind the power cells

Ah ok, Unit 3 has the hint to do the 3 handles on the second floor.

Dazz, I think that key was left next to the purple/pink pole in the power room.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:10 PM  

Small-tool, there is an icon on the bottom right on the screen in the second room. Maybe it is that.

Yay, out :)
Great game, too bad we probably have to wait for episode 3 another 5 years (part 1 was in 2010).

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:12 PM  

Stuck with the box, duh!

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:16 PM  

I'm stuck at this frikking rolling thing puzzle, which suddelnly decided that i only get the green lights.

On my way to ANTXO looks a bit like hell :) Thanks for the help!

If you didn't play part 1, do play it when/if you got the time. It's great as well :)

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:24 PM  

Out as well. That was fun.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:26 PM  

can't get out of the colored box,looks like I'll be trapped in this place,lol

How many papers you get from ABC machine? I got only one.

Only two papers in the game I think, both from the games room. One from the gambling machine and one from the skills game machine.

10 minutes playing on left machine and got nothing.

I thought it was just clicking and sometimes you're lucky (in fact I was lucky on my very first try), but maybe it's also a kind of skill game. Maybe you can do long and/or short clicks.

       Anonymous  8/12/15, 2:41 PM  

finally out, didn;t expect this ending but great game

Finally got my 2nd paper! Phew! Thanks.

Where's the clue to open the card's panel?

Don't remember a cards panel!? What puzzle exactly?

3 spinning levers.

Ah ok, that one. I posted about that, it's the 3 circles in the unit 3 room.

lol I read your post but don't know where's unit 3! Searching for it!

The riding with the subway/train thing.

Thanks ST! Enjoyed this game a lot!

OMG what an old sequel! pdgph still known under 'Pascale', that must really be 4 years ago or more! ;) Holy craze-balls...

Looks I wasn't around as a registered user on this site 5 years ago...so I hope it will make some sense to me playing a sequel w/o having played the prequel...ever

Cant solve the color boxes I quit.

Color boxes: Think ATOMIX! :) This was quite a stunner of a game in the '80s. You had to assemble molecules, by always using atoms as blockers so atoms could no longer float freely in the area :)
This is the very same you have to do here. You need the other boxes to BLOCK the one box you want to place at its position. So if you need pos. 3, you have to block 4th and 5th column by other boxes so the box you're currently working on is stopped there.

And now a question from my side, what about color order of wires??

It took me almost eternally until I figured out that wires can also be attached randomly across!!!
However, without a color order, solving this puzzle won't be so easy...

Colors of wires don't matter. Start with top wire and connect to 1st symbol on the prize card. Continue with all 5.

5 stars!

DANGGG!!! Unfortunately your answer came a little too late, Tiquer ;-) I had already tried 30 combinations at that time...yes, top-to-bottom will work.

I got the spinning puzzle at the end by brute force to get sub card where was the clue?

aah got it thanks ST

I must have lucked my way through this game. It all just flowed and followed on. I guess my strategy of click and hope for the best worked. The part i was absolutely stuck on, was how to position the three thingys to turn the power on, second floor. Thanks for the hint there, small. Cracker of a game, and well deserving of 5 stars.

This was fun.
Most of the puzzles could have been a little tougher to solve, and the hint for the sub key card box's lock was a bit sneaky, but otherwise fun.

(Next time, please, make the sound mutable.)

good game - but calling it the game of this summer with Neutral's Elements also on the board is a bit of serious reach IMHO :)

Can someone explain the wire puzzle for me step by step? I read the walkthrough but i cannot figure out HOW that solution works. I also cannot magnify/enlarge the clues in the inventory. This is a frustrating game.

The "prize card" has 4 symbols (too tiny to read correctly) and I cannot figure out how the wires connect to different symbols and WHY it is connected in a specific way.

Chris - click the top wire, then click the first symbol from the card. Then click the next wire down and then the second symbol from the card. And so on...

I also had to give up at the coloured boxes. How very frustrating.

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