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Casper Escape 21: Magic Pumpkin Walkthrough

Casper Escape 21: Magic Pumpkin

[REPLAY] Casper Escape 21: Magic Pumpkin is another point & click room escape game developed by Angelika for SniffMouse. In this game, you are trapped in the house with Casper, the friendly ghost - 13 of them, actually! You will need to locate them all and figure out a way to escape from this place by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in the house. Plant the pumpkin, so that it will help you, too. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Thank you Angelika!! We are heading in.....Casper perfect for the season!! xo

Yep, tis the season for Casper to make an appearance.....

Well I am stumped. I've collected a few and planted something, but nothing grows and the piano dude won't move

A pumpkin grows but the colors doen't work on skulls.

Josh plant the seed water it then go two scenes to the left then come back....

it does work!

I don't get the 5-colors-clue :( don't know how to combine colorball, book-clue and/or # in pumpkin-top

Did you get it Roberto? Number the beach ball from right to left

Oh it grew, finally. I went around the room a couple of times. Now to puzzle colors. They probably correspond to the numbers on the pumpkinn lid

hmmm. The hammer is stuck on my game window.

Yep Sharon! Thanks!

I am really bad at these.
You are all talking about stuff I have not even seen yet.
Got a key and 2 Caspers and that's it.

Ok Great! You are so very Welcome!

If numbering from left to right doesn't work, just try it the other way around, lol, always confusing those combo's aren't they.

lol, those three faces behind the bats.

ohhh shame on me :D thank you sharon!

ohhh shame on me :D thank you sharon!

Wow Angelika!! Very nice game!! Loved it......5 Casper Stars from me! Thanks for playing with me Austen! Team work!! Loved it.

You're very Welcome Han Na :-)

Hammer is used on the wall where the wallpaper is torn. Zoom in on it.

Roberto just go use it on the bricks...should be ok

I bf'd the sliders. Where is the clue for them?

Wonderful as ever Angelika thank you.
Great fun playing together Sharon.

Okay, figured out the arms thing. But stuck again.
Seems I need water.

Nothing happens! That was the 1st place I tried the hammer. I think it doesn't work anymore, although I still can drag it over the game, but when I release it it goes back to the center of game, not to inventory.

It's the colour code under the bat combined with the colour key on the 5x5 grid Roberto.

Start with taking down a part of the wallpaper for a number, and using the key from the large pumpkin-top.

I've had that same thing happen to me and then at the end when I needed the clue it worked for me Roberto.

That's not what should happen Roberto, perhaps you need to refresh.

I think I carried around a red heart...i almost started over but ended up working out.

5223 will not get in anyway to the 4# on the cabinet.....

and the sound effects get stranger.....haha

5223 with colors will spell a word on the chart....

Roberto this is the place to hit with the hammer:


Thanks Arie.
At the very start I clicked that wall paper, but got to ths stones and never looked again.

I restarted the game and worked finally. Thanks friends!

Yay Roberto!

Yay Roberto!

Sharon Austen Thank you very much for the wonderful comments!
Roberto unfortunately occasionally it happens, but if you apply the object, then all will be well.

Don't worry Angelika! I'm used to make games and I know things like this something happen! Thanks for the game!
Tey're always nice to play!!

Роберто Thank you very much! I love your games!

BTW, I solved this kind of problem in my games using (getNextHighestDepth) when selecting some item.

Roberto!! I have a question for you

Roberto thank you for the advice i will look for it.

lol! I mean sometimes in my post, not something!

What is it Sharon, please?

       Anonymous  10/14/15, 2:07 PM  

I can't get the pumpkin color code to work. Combining the lid numbers with the pumpkin, I get Dark Blue - Yellow - Green - Light Blue - Magenta. Neither that nor the reverse is correct.

ps238principal use the numbers from the lid starting from right to left

pink, green, yellow, cyan, blue

Apparently I need some water but I don't know where I'm supposed to get it.

I feel for you, Puzzled!
All the yacking that was going on and not one
person offered any clue for what to do after getting
the key or salt shaker!

I figured it out. Use the four Roman numerals behind the wallpaper to open the cabinet.

So, what did you do with the salt shaker?

Where is this magical seed?

OK, so the salt shaker was actually a
watering can (use knife on plain pumpkin),
and the seed was from
the pumpkin-guy's arms. THAT clue was
in the green book above the pumpkin. (rrlrll).

You get the seed from the pumpkin with arms and legs. Clue for that is in the green book. The slanted lines represent his arms.

I miss AO so very very much

Thanks Puzzled.

It's always my luck that the hints I need, are
rarely, if ever posted!
Many people start posting about 8 steps into
the game, ignoring the important "starter steps"!

Great game - thank you Angelika!

AmyElvis thank you very much!

Thanx Angelika
Weocome back Casper
I miss ed you

You're right Kev, it's frustrating. Either nothing to help you start or cryptic clues that only make you feel stupid lol. My first move was the 4 numbers behind the wallpaper 3142 that goes in the 4# spot. Key is not the usual black key we're used to seeing, and goes in the cabinet. The colors on the pumpkin are backwards, so the colors are:
Light blue or aqua
Dark blue

Hope that helps.

Joe M thank you very much!

4 letter word is ROOM (combine color clue with chart in drawer)

GNAW - Game Needs A Walkthrough!

1. Step forward, tear wallpaper: Casper 1, and 4# clue.
2. Enter 4 #s in lower left of cabinet. Get Casper 2, knife, and clue for those who can't read music. Don't try to play the piano yet, it is very frustrating.
3. Go left, get Casper 3 from column.
4. Left again, work pic puzzle; a type I very much dislike, where you just click until the right piece appears in the right place. The only thing it exercises is your patience. Get Casper 4.
5. Read the green book. You've already seen the pumpkin with moving arms; the LR clue is above him on the page. For the sake of your sanity, ignore the color clue for now. Go to pumpkin, get Casper 5 and a pumpkin seed.
6. Left again, zoom on pumpkin in the state of nature, use knife on it. Get Casper 6, a piano clue you can't use yet, and an Unidentified Tinkling Object. (It's a watering can.)
7. One more left, turn over pumpkin top, get key.
8. Left again, use key, get Casper 7 and shovel.
9. Go right, use shovel in sand, toss in pumpkin seed, water it.
10. Go around the room and take in the sights, return to find you've grown a rather unusual pumpkin. Zoom for Casper 8.
11. Study numbers in pumpkin lid, and imagine it turned as it would be on top of the pumpkin; so from 1-5 the colors are pink, green, yellow, cyan, blue. Now you have no clue where to go with this, because the puzzle was not working till now and gave you no clue what it was supposed to do! This is why I do not admire the 'This puzzle is not working right now' innovation. But go to the skulls safe to the left of the pumpkin with arms, and you will now find that colors are to be entered.
12. Enter colors as spoiled above; get Casper 9, some holy water and a color/letter chart.
13. Now you need the clue from the book; forget about the pumpkin lid. Yellow 5, Green 2 twice, blue 3, very easy, a well-known word around here. Go right, enter word in large cabinet, get Casper 10, a cross, and yet another color clue.
14. If you could have moved the bats before you saw this clue, you would know that they have 4 possible positions; again refer to the color chart, not the pumpkin, to find what the positions are. No Casper this time; get 3 doughy faces.
15. Turn left and dump your holy water on the jerk at the piano. I guess he was a demon. Anyway, now you can play. Get Casper 11 and a clue for the doughboys.
16. Go either way twice and put your cross on the coffin. Get Casper 12 and a hammer.
17. Go to doughboys, enter sequence for Casper 13.
18. Go to exposed bricks, zoom, use hammer, and out!

Kev Jonsey...Start with Arrie NL's comment at 1:25 how close to the start do you need to be?

The bat levers are (starting at bottom 1-4) from the 4 colors under the bat:


ahhhhh thank you Just1! Great walkthrough!

Use the #s from the piano on the 3 faces:


That was my last casper so out now. Very nice game but need people to leave better clues.

Ah, just1 posted a great WT at the same time I was posting. Great job and thank you!

A bit of analysis ~
some positive and negative things I note about this game. This is all good fun for me, and Angelika, I hope you'll take it in the same spirit. Free games are always good!
For the positive, your artistry as always is fantastic. I look forward to seeing what amazing rooms you're going to come up with next. In this you're just about on a level with Tesshi-e. Remarkable!
Also, very good of you to include a tutorial, as it were, for the non-musical, who now can not only play real music, but can learn what they're doing! Nice.
As I said above, that sort of picture puzzle is more of a hassle than a puzzle. Other types are much more fun to do.
It is an extra challenge when the proper sequence of things is so confusing, such as having several different color clues. I don't mind that. But the idea that players should be prevented at all costs from brute-forcing annoys me. If someone wants to run through 9999 possibilities rather than think, why not let them? Anyway, it usually won't happen unless the answer is very simple; so there are scads of games out there with answers that can easily be deduced, but still won't open the safe until you see the 'clue', which is usually a spoiler. You're not guilty of that, at least; but it is frustrating, and unrealistic, to not be able to diddle a puzzle to see what it's supposed to do, until the proper clue comes your way. Many of the foreign-language games we've played here, btw, could only be solved by brute-forcing, then working backwards to the reasons for it. But it's not a thing we use unless we're desparate! And as I pointed out, your puzzles aren't even susceptible to it, there are usually too many options.
Enough from me; I hope you make a thousand more of these! And thank you.

Well said just1, and I also like that the game let us know when a puzzle wasn't ready to complete. That saves time and frustration. And agree with you how beautiful the games are! All the color clues in this one was very hard to figure out for me, but I still look forward to the next one. Her games are so far above the average here there's no comparison!

Lilrascal...extremely well said! We all have to remember that these developers work so very hard for our entertainment and enjoyment. I especially Love Angelika's games because, you are right, don't bother with a puzzle that isn't working right now. Move on. We haven't seen the clue for that. I LOVE that feature! She is brilliant and remember they have feelings just like us.

Pet-peeve: hash marks with a slash across them signify 5, not the number of hash marks. Or, more correctly, one shouldn't use the slash until there are 4 vertical hashes. Didn't hurt the game, just irks me...

Just1, lilrascal, Sharon Thank you very much! I will consider all your notes.

I didn't want to do 'This puzzle isn't working right now', but I about it was asked by many players, and that that you don't like puzzles I didn't know, many love them, let's make vote - who wants that there was no more 'This puzzle isn't working right now'?

Angelika....I vote to KEEP "This puzzle isn't working right now" IN the games!

I think Just1 is saying about the 'rotating puzzle".

I love the "Not working" bit.
Each time I get a new clue I look to see which puzzle is now working.
Please Angelika keep this feature!

For me getting past a puzzle is not enough.
I want to solve it and understand the logic behind the solution.
Angelika writes some very clever riddles and merely following a spoiler or brute forcing the answer is an insult to the time, effort and brainpower she invests in creating them.
Please Angelika keep posting these wonderful games.
There are very few developers whose creations will get me to go home from the pub!

Many thanks Sharon and Osten! LOL

what else is irritates?? I'll try to do better, I didn't know what don't like

Expat that is part of the beauty of the puzzle - at first glance I also took that number as a five but on closer inspection noticed that it was four.
As far as I am aware there are no firm and fast rules for "Wicket gate" notation.
All that was needed was a little better observation than I originally used.

well, I don't like it much because it's not realistic, and seems to me unnecessary, but I know I'm in the minority there. Things that really get me irked are in other people's games, not yours. This one was kinda frustrating but that's good!

angelika...i find your games most enjoyable just as they are...they are always lovely to look at(i still have happy thoughts of the kitchen in one of your earlier games) and make me use my noggin more than most...that one must give it some thought before solving is a good thing!...just1 is spot on with the brute forcing of some of the foreign language games, but i think we quite often have to bf simply because we can't translate the clues...the hashmark clue was tricky, but that is a good thing...as to the "workable" warning...i like it...much like tomatea and it keeps me from wasting time trying to open a "locked drawer or door".

keep up the great work...and, whatever improvements or changes you decide to make, know that i am so appreciative of your efforts in making a proper escape game...they are something to look forward to.

cate Thank you very much for nice comments, I appreciate it and will try to accommodate all your wishes.

angelika...the only accommodation i ask is that you simply keep doing what you're doing!

Austen -- I got the # correct on the first go around b/c I did bother to count. Thus the 'pet peeve' as opposed to a legitimate/general complaint. Just pointing it out b/c it distracts & detracts from the game for me.

Having said (written) all that -- I'm not producing games for a community of strangers, so have no standing to 'complain.' This site and the games on it give me a few minutes pleasure each day, so thanks, Angelika, for taking the time to develop games.

As for the 'not available,' you could go humorous "do you really think you know enough to try this puzzle?" or some such. I think not allowing puzzles to be attempted simplifies the games too much -- it's like following step-by-step instructions rather than learning by doing.

Beautyful game!
Casper's back!
Thank you Angelika!

another great game thanks for all the hints you guys
thank you Angelika x

I like the "puzzle not working right now". I know I have to find another thing or clue first. BF'ing is not my style.

Rüdiger Lupp, ting ting, Catqueen Thank you very much!

After opening RIP with cross - I only got a ghost - no hammer for me! I'll consider myself out as I'm not replaying.

Ha ha Just1, I got the impression from reading that wt that this game frustrated and annoyed you.Sorry if that's the wrong impression but I was laughing reading it. As for the "not working right now" thing. Certain people have voted to keep it in, you can bet your boots it will be kept in.

       Anonymous  10/15/15, 10:52 PM  

Now which one do I prefer? Butterflies or Casper? Oh well, as they're both developed by the same lovely angelika they're both lovely, thanks angelika!!
Just1, thanks for your great wt! Was so helpful and I see nothing funny about it hectorpector!

What happened to AO?

       Anonymous  10/26/18, 6:01 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is soon...!
(just look at the daily games the devs create atm ☻)
therefore the next time, we will provide also replays with a Halloween topic, continuing with another crowd puller and tried & trusted dev from the past: Angelika (for SniffMouse)

an Angelika/SniffMouse is always worth a replay - enjoy, mwahahahahah ☻!

thx annaby for your submissions - much appreciated! ♥

Спасибо за замечательную игру Ангелика!
thx for all your brill creations, Angelika ☺
(hopefully, you will have some more time in future to make more of them...!)
& thx just1 for the WT

had very hard times at that time...
but already for some time I'm back on track & eager to make EG24 thrive again, together with my great & dedicated team (slowly growing...!) - thx Loki & LSquared for your contribution! ♥

AlphaOmega and Loki, I sure do miss Angelika's games. I have played and enjoyed every one of them and every SniffMouse game. Hopefully Angelika can start making more Casper and Butterfly games very soon.

I miss the Sniffmouse games (both Angelika's and the RealWorld escapes)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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