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[REPLAY] Primera - Cellphone Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Primera. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Cellphone Escape Walkthrough

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Looks like a Vitamin Hana - going in.

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:24 PM  

Hi Meritneith! Don't play these usually but since it's you...

What? Those are good! :-)
Right now I'm working at the drawers in the second room. Got three open with clues from flowers (2x) and the sockets in first room (ignore shape of the sockets themselves and the holes, just look how they are positioned).

All four are open now, got a mobile phone and a cord.

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:30 PM  

The butterflies for the six colors, red is the highest position

Oh, and the phone battery. There are clues on it (needed for one of the four drawers) and on the phone.

Opened the butterfly drawer. Combine clue on the power supply and the clue from the back cover of the phone for the word on the right drawer.

Oh! That drawer gives the clue for the socket drawer I solved earlier! :-o

I can't be far away from the end. I've connected supply and chord but I can't plug it in. Seems I haven't found the right pixel yet.

Doh! That clue for the socket drawer was not only a clue but also a cover for the sockets themselves!

And out! Very similar to Vitamin Hana but the puzzles were quite easy. Nice game.

Dazz, how are things going?

Hi, and thanks for hint Meritneith
but stuck with shape of the sockets

could you please spoiler the 1st?

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:45 PM  

I'm just stuck with the flower puzzle, tried everything but no luck

Hi seb, hard to explain... I should play again to see if I can open the right drawer in the first room without having opened the drawers in the second one. Then it would be clear as water. Just give me a few seconds!

Okay, I did it the hard way first time... Open left drawer in first room (with butterfly clue), then in second room the top left drawer (flower clue, count petals). Look at the back side of the battery for the clue to open the bottom right drawer. This gives the mobile, look at the back cover.

Combine the numbers from the power supply with the barcode of the phone cover. This gives the letter code for the right drawer in first room. Then you'll have the finest clue for the socket puzzle! ;-)

thanks a lot :)

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:54 PM  

Duh! I thought they were for the dots, thanks meritneith! I'm so dumb in these games

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:56 PM  

For the bottom left puzzle of the check marks, careful with the symbols

Dazz, now to yours. There are two puzzles with clues from flowers, both in second room: for the top left drawer count the petals. If you have opened that legendary socket drawer you'll get a paper with numbers.

Look again at the flowers. The red central parts (don't know the word for it) have different sizes. Combine that with the petals to open the bottom right drawer.

Note that the battery must be inserted in the phone before it can be placed on the stand and connected to the socket for the final clue

Too late... sorry for my slow answering.

Dazz, you always crack the hardest Mirchi puzzles and give up on these simple ones??

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 12:00 AM  

Now Got the real clue for the dots, LOL, the paper with numbers

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 12:01 AM  

Can't help it meritneith! Japanese puzzles are my weak point,LOL!!

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 12:03 AM  

Thanks orit! Been stumped trytryto get everything in place

Shhhh! Don't allow those bad thoughts! I have problems with some Japanese games too but I liked that very much. No language barrier, that's the most important thing.

Someone here on EG24 had said Japanese developer make the best and the worst games.

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 12:05 AM  

Once you charge the phone, back off for seconds and come back

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 12:07 AM  

Yeah, that's the only good thing for me not to have Japanese conversation like no.1 games and vit. Hana

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 12:08 AM  

Thanks for helping me Meritneith!

Nice game and thanks again for help :)

Just wait for the next Mirchi game, then you can return the favour.

At least in the no1 games you can choose the language. I just love the Escape The Men series but are rare at the moment. :-(

My pleasure, see you all in the next games!

Dazz sit comfortably, I had to brute-force the TL cabinet as well!
It just didn't seem to make sense to me.
The flower bud puzzle was just to my likings...had to be combined with another clue, and hey presto...

Thanks to your guys' hint I knew I had to use 3, 4 and 5 figures that belonged to flower petals. And so it wasn't a big deal until I had there order correct...

ARGH! Au temps pour moi ! as the French would say.

'their' order, of course!

       Anonymous  12/3/15, 1:29 AM  

Look at the position of each petal Arby!!

Great little game.

@Dazz thanks, but I was already out :) I am known not to bother with 3-letter codes when I know all 3 digits but not their order...it's because the amount of combinations is ridiculosly small...

Be careful to read the letters from phone bar code before placing it on stand. You can't retrieve phone once it's placed.

Always logical and enjoyable games.

Couldn't see all of each letter in the word puzzles, but made it out.

where is the clue for door to second room?

well found a youtube walkthrough and see that i have to connect the cord to the plug..... which i did .... and then to the outlet but it won't let me..... sucks

I connected the power plug to the cord,but now can't put that into either the phone or the wall plug. And I can't take them apart now. Is this a bug? Do I have to restart?

I can't put the phone on the stand, either...

Nvm...figured it out. Had to put the white thing with the drawer clue into the phone. Out now.

Thanks for the repost. I really miss these type of games

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