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The Spirits of Kelley Family Walkthrough

The Spirits of Kelley Family

[REPLAY] MoonMonky - The Spirits of Kelley Family is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Zeno Colangelo and Federico Chiummento from Moon Monky. Alvin Kelley has just moved with his family into an old mansion. Here Alvin will enjoy a well-deserved retirement playing with alchemy, an old passion sidelined for too long. However, the tranquility will be disturbed by an old acquaintance returned to visit him. It seems that their souls have been trapped in four mysterious crystals inside an old mansion. Luckily you came to free them! Solve all puzzles to retrieve the elemental crystals and finally release their souls! Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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The Spirits of Kelley Family Walkthrough

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Spoiler:   Use This:


hammer, knife, pipe and ladder

another key on roof.

Use knife on pillow for another key.

need a plate to give the birdseed to the bird...

put birdseed in shelf inside.

need something to collect water.

and the code for piano.

Only have a hammer, and not sure what to do with the bookcase...hint?

calender date is used on globe

hammer the chair in dinner room.

use manchete on plant rightside in globe room, use the two tube pieces to fill swimmingpool to get stone.

found 2 stones so far.

You can take the two tubes back and place them on other spots and then you can use the sink to open hot water and then on the mirror the piano code.

Thank you, Roberto. I'm stuck again now lol. Have a key I can't use, and a hole in the boiler room in the roof, and no ladder.

And replace the tubes and adjust the red buttons to get the water to house.

Cyndee - did you check the small closet under the stairs - across from bookcaswe

Thingy you get from the piano is used in the bedroom to get a wooden thingy for the tree outside.

That will reveal the pianocode after turning on hot water.

After putting the missing book back the books is a slider puzzle.

Found a book, placed in bookcase and now it's a sliding puzzle :( Hate those.

Thanks, Janet! I forgot about that closet!

Need a colourcode in lab.?

the tree is two yellow and one blue but the apple is not one red or three red...don´t understand

Was cool until the slider... End of game.

the color clue is in the tree outside

Was cool until the slider... End of game.

For me red worked for the apple.
Another door now.

What is the hint for the colours on the new door. A woman with a dove.

Did you do red twice s-t? Doesn't work for me.

Nope, I did red first (once). Then the two yellow, one blue combination.

Ah ok, next door is open now :)
The woman colour is the woman symbol on the hint (so blue and red mixed).

1st color is orange from the picture in the tree - working on second one now

First flask One red, and second flask two yellow and one blue doesn't work for me. Guess it end here. Nice game anyway :)

LOL - I'm sick of these dead ends - me too

dutchi, first mix yellow and blue and put after that a second yellow in the flask

Dutchie 1st flask red. Pour it in. For 2nd flask press yellow and blue to get green. Then press yellow again to add it to the green in flask. Then pour it in

No idea how to walk the maze. Is there a hint?

Thanks Janet :) that's what I call a clear hint :P

I got out of the maze and ended up in the tree - can't remember how I did it. But I didn't get anything in the maze - except frustrated

Just trying every path got me out in the end.

Janet, before going up the ladder you can go left to pick up a vase.

Lol Dutchie - but is someone's going to quit a game - drastic measures are needed ;-)

Thanks small-tool. And easy too since there's the opening by the tree now

Fill the vase with water and put out the fire in the oven/heater.

Now the kitchen door isn't too hot to handle anymore.

Can't seem to fill it from the bathroom sink

Out now, thanks for all the hints :)

Fill vase in the pool.

Okay fill up the pool

Use the coin where you found the vase, to get the last gem and the last diary page.
Great game :)

great game - thanks for the hints!

Very nice "look" to the game as the graphics are a treat to look at. Going in...

WOW ! Good game !

Excellent game so far, not done yet!
Yep, the slider was tough for me, but the other aspects of the game made it worthwhile. Especially liked the sound effects such as the bongos and guitar in the piano room, the commode flushing, etc. Adds to the enjoyment of a good quality game.

plz,what is the number code for earth globe ?

For some of those late to the game, there is more than 1 ladder in the game.
I took Small Tool's clue (@ 8:01) for the Vase location to mean the ladder to get to the roof. I was looking everywhere in that room for the vase.

You have to solve the color mixing puzzle used to open 2 doors in the lab and then solve the maze to get the vase!

Bumjelly the # code plzzz

Code for globe puzzle was from the calendar, I think it was 2806 but I'm not positive...
Was going to replay but can't get the the game to load again.

Code is 2826 ???

I have a machete and nothing else. I got upstairs with the wood from the chair. The door under the staircase is locked. Anyone...?

Nm, theres a key in the bathroom drawer I clicked on a bunch of times before, heh.

Spoilers for Key locations:
Brass key - from bathroom drawer
Silver key - from roof top
Old key - from pillow in bedroom
Iron key - from globe w/4# puzzle

wheres the vase?

I had to watch the walkthrough for the slider and the maze but wow! What a great game.

Debbie - the vase is in the tunnel immediately to the left of the ladder to leave the maze. You can go back down by the big tree - no need to go through the maze again

This mischievous boy and the blue diary pages remind me of Myst. :)

I don't get the calendar hint

Oh I LOVE MYST. I just reloaded the URU Live so I can play around in it during Christmas break, long weekend)

Myrdlebp - yep this was a bit hard cause it looks like too much is circled - 28 for the day then 2 and then 6 is circled

TY Janet! :)

       Anonymous  12/17/15, 6:08 PM  

The game won't load. :( I've tried FF, Chrome and Opera.

TY Janet! :)

Game crashes when you try and go back into dining room.

Game crashed. Not going back.

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 4:27 AM  

Don't start waited 31 h. My eyes are red. Red and yellow arrow spinning in cirkle.

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 6:09 AM  

Works if open frame in new tab (FF)

Game ran fine for me in FireFox.

Although, I had to go to a
different site to do so.
( newgrounds dot com )

Bookcase Slider Puzzle:
If any of you are like me, and hate slider type puzzles, I had to resort to watching the YouTube walkthrough in order to solve.

It's nearly impossible to complete if you dont have another viewing source, allowing you play along as you watch the walkthrough simultaneously.

So I came up with a number type diagram to help. It is also helpful if you just don't want to watch the video, as the moves tends to go a bit fast, increasing the chances that you'll loose your place.

I numbered the books 1-12, from left to right & top shelf to bottom shelf. Separating each book number by an asterisk to make it a bit easier on the eyes, and appear not as jumbled bunch of numbers. Sorry it's so long, but this was the shortest walkthrough I could find which had the least number of steps/moves.

1st Shelf: 1 2 3 4
2nd Shelf: 5 6 7 8
3rd Shelf: 9 10 11 12

Tap the books in the filling order:

       Anonymous  2/20/19, 7:04 AM  

how do I know if the water puzzle is finished? im kinda stuck on it.

       Anonymous  2/20/19, 7:12 AM  

what is the wood stump for?

       Anonymous  2/20/19, 7:49 AM  

I loved that game. I finally finished it.

11/10 Points

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