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Aries Episode No. 021: Xmas 2015 Walkthrough

Aries Episode No. 021: Xmas 2015

[REPLAY] Aries Episode No. 021: Xmas 2015 is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Aries. In this classical game, you are trapped in a little café, decorated for Christmas, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this location. Collect 10 Santa tokens as well. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:15 PM  

Check behind the umbrella

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:18 PM  

Use cane on tree

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:24 PM  

One Santa coin on top of window

put the jacket on the lady to get cell phone from it

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:30 PM  

The 6# code is behind calendar, use cell phone on barcode behind one of the tissue racks to get hint

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:31 PM  

Just 1!!!!!!!!! Was hoping I'd see you friend:)

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:32 PM  

Clue for shapes code behind a tissue rack

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:35 PM  

Coin goes to slots machine

Hi Dazz! Look left at slot machine

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:38 PM  

Got eight pieces now, one on exit door

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:41 PM  

You mean look on its left side? Nothing there? Or is it my eyes?

zoom on it, then there's a left arrow...also use cellphone again on lower part

Out. Nice x-mass game.

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:46 PM  

Thanks just1!

got 9 now, and we need 10 - all I have left is Roman numeral clue

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:49 PM  

Same here, searching where to use lighter

there's a candle on every table, they give you letter clues

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:58 PM  

Lighter isn't working on either

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 9:59 PM  

Nvm! Forgot to switch it on.....duh!

still no idea about the Roman numerals

I clicked on a scene with a box that needed a code on one of the seats but now I can't find it

Box on a seat by the tables is what I meant to type

Yhx Jorge, I haven't found it yet either, but I believe it has to be there...too bad this turned into a pixel hunt after all.

oops Yxh was supposed to be 'thanks'

Still not findig it - wonder if I have to reload the game or what

How about you, Dazz? Didi you see the magic box?

*did you*

sheesh, my fingers are flustered

Ok I found it again. One of the tables has a right arrow when you zoom in that you can click for another view.

I only have 9 santas though

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 10:25 PM  

I'm still digging around folks,Which box is that just1?

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 10:27 PM  

Ah thanks Jorge!

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 10:28 PM  

Jorge, you might be missing the one on a window top of one of the tables, or on exit door, or on tree

Found it! And I'm totally ashamed that I missed it till now...I got all ten, let's see - one's on the lego Santa, one was on a napkin-holder. one on the tree, one under welcome mat, snd some came from boxes...

No problem Dazz. And that was it. Got out with normal end though

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 10:30 PM  

Also there's one on miniature Santa beside the gift s

hm, need new code for 2nd ending - save before you go out!

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 10:32 PM  

Don't sweat it just1! you're an awesome playmate and I can't go sometime s without you! Sometimes we need to drink coffee more! Nice game guys, thanks for your help

So I went back and now I have another Key. But where to use it?

Hi ! Jorge there is a box bottom big cb

You can look at Dart board

Thanks Seb. I found it. out with Happy end

I found the keyhole, it's beneath where you put the 10 Santas - but I don't have the key yet - what code did you use? I'm confused by the dartboard

On the dart board is another Coin. I think it was on the bulls eye. Use it on slot machine to make sense of the dart board

Just 1 look at pink "box" near lego

Thanks I missed that coin - must be getting tired

Out both ways now, very good game, thanks all

lol, at the end she'll be wearing whichever outfit you have on her, plus the red hat :)

Anyone around and know where I can find the top of the screwdriver?

Guess not. That was all I needed so I'll just pretend I finished.

for Sd there is an arrow on the left of slot machine

       Anonymous  12/19/15, 11:50 PM  

And the other piece is behind the umbrella

Good game. Thanks :)

Aaaaand fan service at the end! :)
What a rack!

You got happy end, and I still have no idea how to solve the darts with the clue from the slot machine!

Slot machine shows THREE colors. But there are FOUR darts.
Ignoring one dart makes no sense, as we need 7 digits.

Arby, on darts look at numbers corresponding only at 3 colors hint (GRY)

Oh!hint darts not for 7 digits ! another place (com 10.39)

Ahhh! Thanks a lot seb. Yes I was trying to find a 7-digit number to put into the panel concealed under the calendar...

Such a wonderfully crafted game...except for the final part with the pink thing.
Number only worked after the 5th try, as the response of the pads is fairly buggy... (works, works not...)

can't get the letter clue

Unknown, If you light the tea candles on the four tables each gives a letter. Anagram for the word. Ting-a-ling-a-ling.

Thanks clio-rose.

how do you get a close up of the dartboard please?

sara, you have to have the exit key, after placing the 10 santa's. Then, and only then can you zoom on where the key is needed under the santas, open the pink box on the bar, and see the dart board. If you have the exit key, open the door, and then click 'cancel' when it offers you that.

First scene; Santa 1 in lower part of Christmas tree. Santa2 being held by Lego-santa on bar. Lift calendar to see number box. Get lighter from ashtray, and while its viewed, light it. Note blue box which needs a something to open it. Lift door mat for paper and read numbers right to left as per arrow. Santa3 on door wreath. Note grey filing cabinet needs word clue. Collect walking cane from holder and then move holder to collect sd handle behind umbrella.
Back out and go right. Click on first table, light candle for letter and check out napkin holder for shape clue. Back out and go to next table, light candle for letter, and check napkin holder for zilch but notice right arrow, click it and see number box. Enter the roman numerals right to left as indicated by arrow on hint which gives Santa4. Table 3 napkin holder when turned gives Santa5.
Turn right. Light table 4 tea candle and now you have four letters to anagram. While there, click up on window to collect Santa6. Checking napkin holder you see a QR code. Dress our girl back in her grey and lace outfit and grab her phone, scan the code and see that you need a score minus a bonus? ehhh? Never fear, all becomes clear.
Go right and check out the pokie machine, but below. Open it and enter shape clue for Santa7. Look at pokie machine proper view and know you need a coin, but not only that, you now have an arrow going left. Click it and you will find the other part of the SD. Now have a squizzy at the pinball machine. Do the maths as instructed on your phn to get a number. Hang a righty again to go back to calendar, lift it and enter the 7 digit code for a coin. Back to the pokie machine, and whacko..winner...Santa8.
After making a full SD go back to the blue box which needed a 'something' to open it. ..Yayy...Santa9. Use walking cane on top of Chrissie tree for Santa10.
Using your now anagrammed four letter word clue, open grey filing cabinet and place your 10 santas, collect key and you can be out..if you want. If you dont want to leave yet...click cancel and back out of the door scene.

Hmmm,now you can zoom on dartboard behind Christmas tree and it gives a coin. Yayy another bit of gambling so back to the poker machine. Pull the handle and see what colours come up. Back to dartboard to see what those three coloured darts have landed on. The pink box on the bar near the ashtray is now viewable, so enter the value of the darts as per colour clue on poker machine. DONT do the doubles and trebles..simply the number on the outside ring of dartboard in colour order. Pink box opens for key. Use key on lower drawer of cabinet where the santa's were placed. Get santa hat. Now you can leave for happy end. ...(i think and hope i got that right)

Happy holidays to all our friends here. I have had such fun meeting you all, playing games with you all, laughing with you all ..and cheating off you all. hehe. Thanks and cheers to more fun and laughs on EG24 in 2016.

Another excellent game!!

Finally!! An Aries games completed with only 1 hints used! YAY!! Great game, thank you!

You can change her outfit for the final credits...either the hot red dress, or the boring brown jacket :)

Fantastic game!!

Shoot... I spent like 5 minutes trying to get the santa hat on her. Turns out you don't even have to... It's enough to obtain the hat.

Another great game from Aries!!!
Thanks to Dazz ley for the last Santa - missed the one on top of the far right window :/

       Anonymous  12/20/15, 11:54 AM  

Yw bumjelly! Yeah this was tricky

Great game, loved it. Reminiscent of te eeshie gmaes

FYI: you need to use the phone to open the door under the poker machine.

       Anonymous  12/9/18, 12:51 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one (again) due to a suggestion from our staff member, responsible for the replays - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, Aries ☺
& thx clio for the WT

Two sneaky navigation arrows on zoomed slot machine and one of the tables. Thanks for the hints above! Objects that were not actionable magically become actionable later, trial and error to see which ones. Dart board becomes magically reachable later in the game.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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