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Bold Cafe Escape Walkthrough

Bold Cafe Escape

GamesBold - Bold Cafe Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. This is a great time to hang out, then you are driving your car to your favorites cafe. When you got there, suddenly something happened and everyone came out, you were enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe was not aware of the situation, everyone had gone, adding to your confusion, it turns out the cafe door is closed, and even more chaotic a lot of stuff in the cafe scattered everywhere. There is no other way except to clean it up and find ways to get out. Good luck and have fun!

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I suspect this is sponsored by a hospital treating Carpal-Tunnel syndrome.An absolute click-fest and a total waste of time

Like these even if they're not easy

Here's my progression so far:

Wall menu room 1
Wall menu, bottle, 4 tables, room 2
Wall menu, bottle, 2 beer room 3
4 plates, bottle, cheese,beer room 4
Wall menu, bottle, 6 glasses, 3plates, cheese, beer room 5
Cheese, 2 beer, bottle room 6
Nothing in room 7

Still got 10 more: 5 cups,beer,bottle,cheese,plate
Have to leave, be back later

room 1 : menu, 1 bottle
room 2: menu, 4 tables, 1 bottle
room 3: 1 cheese, 2 beer, 1 bottle, menu
room 4: 5 plates, 1 cheese, 2 beer
room 5 menu, 1 cheese, 1 beer, 3 plates, 6 wineglasses, 1 bottle
room 6: 2 beer, 1 cheese, 1 bottle
room 7: 5 teacups

I loathe these big arrows - why can't we have a normal cursor arrow?

WOW I absolutely hated this game. I was able to finish but guessing where every item goes is not fun. AT ALL!

The other games you at least had a clue where things went. 1 item was always missing so you couldn't finish the game but at least you knew where they went.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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