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February 25, 2016

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The Happy Escape 10 Walkthrough

The Happy Escape 10

Tesshie - The Happy Escape 10 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape. In this game, you have to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Great! I do need a happy coin today.

Am I alone? I could use help. I don't understand "I love cat"

Laurien check the back of the chairs.

I did that, with no clue for me. Tried to combine with the wine glasses. No result.

Good morning everyone. After first look I got 2 coins, a handle and a blue thingy.

combine red and green thingy for cross drawer (to the right of +/- handle)

Laurien, note that the letters on the chairs are the same as I LOVE CAT. Use the positions to know where to press. Example: I is the 1st letter (3rd chair so press the 3rd button).
Wine glasses are for puzzle after placing the "+"

I have the card suit numbers, but dont know how to combine for the three digit code.

U can use incomplete catcher to move away Mr. Birdy and see diamond clue.

check candles next to door...

@clio just write them down one after the other and u should notice what to do.

Just seen that! Yay, hope there'll be no calls for the next hour.

Thanks Nini.

Do some basic math to open the 109 cabinet. (3 cabinets must equal to 109)

There's one coin below Mr. Birdy's hat.
Last coin is from pouring champagne, looking at the bottle, assembling lever thingy.


Thank you Nini. i had the COVE turned around.

Can´t find the clubs...

Dabbeljuh, you need the flashlight first :)

how to open left cabinet to do the math?

That was a lovely game. Thanks again for the card suit hint, nini.

I got the flshlight, Nini

Hotz, u need a key.. don't really remember where to get it.. have u done the Zodiac puzzle?

Dabbeljuh, then "About Item" it :)

TY, got a key from zodiac signs...

Ouch! The clubs is printed on the flashlight... *facepalm*

Hotz. You need a key, which comes from the astrological signs puzzle. If you have the metal piece, put it on the plate under the cloche.

i can't understand the math... pl help

never mind... pop

Tinnan, there are 3 cabinets with levers:

Cabinet 1: 150/80
Cabinet 2: +/-
Cabinet 3: 125/41

You need to get 109 by changing the levers.

Phew... Out! Very good game! And, thank god, totally different to the clicking-like-mad-to-find-an-item-in-the-dark-games! 6 stars from germany!

Done! Nice game!

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Hi, Someone said something about a metal plate for the puzzle on the table, where would that be? the only metal thing I have has a shape on it and is probably used to open something

POP, nevermind, I didn't see it over the I love cat puzzle

But now I don't understand the zodiac puzzle...

aridza, the table + the plate gives the order. Start with the rightmost button and follow the symbols. "-" means unlit.

Thx Nini

Thx Nini

Hi everyone ! I can't seem to find a clue about where this rusted metal rod goes... Any idea ? thx...


Lovely game!!
The only thing that left me stuck for a while was when I was looking for the number of diamonds to add the +1 until I understood that you don't need a number, you only write down what you have:

SPOILER2 64 +1 15=379SPOILER

I have th little violet thing, the rusty handle and the grab stick and I´m totaly stuck

thanks for the number (what diamonts?)

Black Düsseldorf: Caro=diamonds in english... ;-)

stupid me....after a long time I realize that the glasses have different filling level....

..maybe I get up too early in the morning today....thank you escapism

Sounded too easy...

Thanks for another amazing game!!!!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

How do you do the zodiac ??

What do we have to do with the hippo?

I still have the champagne bottle (used), have 10 coins.

Haha I add my two posts.

out by big red X

Is anyone still here?
I do not understand how to do the zodiac puzzle at all.

Really stuck and can't find a walkthrough or help anywhere.
Too bad, I WAS liking this game.

Do them in order from top to bottom.

Btw, great game again. So verry happy there are still good game makers around.

Jenny, put metal piece on plate and follow symbols from top to bottom

click virgo, libra, virgo (to unlit), cancer.....

The top one is showing you the M like symbol has to be lighted.
Then the second row is telling you M like symbol and Omega symbol lighted.
Third row is telling you only the Omega symbol lighted etc.

Thanks for trying to help but still not making sense. There are many more symbols than it will let you put in.

Jenny click in order 343124
3 to put virgo symbol as 1st row
4 to put libra symbol as 2nd row
3 unlit virgo (only libra in 3rd row)
1 to put cancer as 4th row.....

Thanks Seb.

I did get out, but I still do not understand how that zodiac puzzle actually worked. Other than that great game.

In my inventory, I have a metal thingy that doesn't fit anywhere, a purple piece of something, a flashlight and a handle probably for a grabber.
There are 2 places with zodiac symbols (behind the picture and under the cloche), but none of them is active...

use flaslight in big vase and push mr birdy with handle

Did you do the card suit numbers maths to get the screwdriver?

I have also the numbers corresponding to cards symbols (clubs and so on), but I don't understand how it works (I saw the answer in a comment above, but I prefer to understand !)...


Thank you for your answer (our comments crossed). No, I have the value but don't understand what to do. Spade is 2, club is 5, heart is 64 and diamonds are +1...

Sorry, clubs are 15, not 5.

Put them in order as they are next to the code pad.
And you'll get ???+???

pdgph, i was confused as well. NiniXd got me through that bit. Write out the numbers horizontally in the order given, including the maths sign. @escapism gave a spoiler at 2.25am

whoops..too slow at the typing again.

follow order 4 symbols on cb
spade heart diamond club ==> 2 64 +1 15
==> 264 + 115

@clio and small-tool,

Thank you for your help ! That does make sense !

And thank you to Seb, too !
Now, I'm struggling with the zodiac signs...

I've solved the zodiac symbols (by myself, that's incredible...) ! (-:

Give the 10 coins to the hippo.

Give the 10 coins to the hippo.

well this one was fun

i need help. "If you have the metal piece, put it on the plate under the cloche."
I have the metal piece but it won't go there..... what didn't i do yet?

never mind figured it out the metal thing i am talking about is not the same as others are talking about..... just realized i didn't have the + and - lever right.... out now!

Just started!
Tried to input the code for the letters but no result.

I've tried 34234121

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Love tesshie, no developer comes even close to his/her games.

Ok I have a metal bar with a shape in the middle that goes no where, a purple piece, and some kind of grabber. I solved the cat puzzle but theres no metal plate. I don't see a mr birdy or a flashlight. I don't see where to enter the zodiac puzzle. There is a plate under the silver lid and the zodiac above the cat puzzle with screws. Please help!

Sarah, have you checked the statues on both sides of the painting?
The left one will give you a green bar.
Solving the "I love cat" puzzle will give you a red bar.
Combine the green and red bars and place them in the drawer under the cupboard closest to the floor vase.

I have done everything, but have nine coins.

Did you get the coin under Mr Birdy's hat?

Where is the flashlight?

Get flashlight by doing the puzzle with the "drawer" under it. Look at the four wineglasses on the table and see how full each one is.

Thanks, Janet. I finally had to go to another site to find out about the glasses--I thought folks here were referring to the stack of glasses at one end and that I needed to find a bottle of wine to fill glasses. I hadn't come across the hotspot to zoom on table. For anyone else who is stuck the same way, you can only access from "cove" side of table.


Zoom in on table.
Lift plate cover (cloche), notice symbols.
Turn left.
Notice the backs of the chairs "TAIL"
Notice 3 cbs along the wall.
#1 is locked.
#2, pick up blue bar
#3 is locked.
Open drawer below cb #3, take coin

Turn right, notice large floor vase (need a torch)
Zoom in on candles on each side of the door.
Left candles, take coin, notice clue of 'hearts 64'
Right candles, take grabber handle

Turn right, notice backs of chairs "COVE"
Zoom in on wine glasses at each plate, noting levels of wine in each.
3 cbs along the wall.
#4 is locked
#5 needs 3 numbers with playing cards as clues
#6 has #109 on front and is locked

Turn right
Zoom in on statues in each corner.
Left statue, take green bar
Right statue, take coin.
Zoom in on 3 plants.
Left plant, take coin
Right plant, notice clue of 'spades 2'
Zoom in on painting & click on it
Solve "I LOVE CAT" puzzle using the placement of letters on the chairs - get a red bar. (34234121 press white button)
Notice a place for Mr. Birdy, and a metal plate with zodiac symbols.

Combine green & red bars, place them in drawer below cb #3, this unlocks cb #3.
Take wood bar from cb.
Use levels of wine for puzzle. (3124)
Take coin and torch.
Notice numbers 125 & 41.
Click on torch twice. Notice clue of 'clubs 15'
Use torch on floor vase, use grabber handle to move Mr. Birdy. Notice clue of 'diamonds + 1'.

Using number clues of the playing cards, enter 3 numbers in cb #5, take screwdriver. (write the numbers down in the order of the suits displayed on cb for math equation) (264 + 115 = 379)

continued on next post

Walkthrough continued

Go to painting, use screwdriver to remove metal plate with zodiac symbols, take coin
Go to dinner plate & lift cloche. Place metal plate in space indicated, take coin.
Go to painting. Using the zodiac clue, press the buttons in order. (A "-" means that button is off.)
(343124 & press white button)
Take the key for cb #1.
Open cb #1, take coin. Notice numbers 150 & 80.
Move the levers in cbs #1, #2 & #3 for a math equation to equal #109. This unlocks cb #6 (150 - 41) (L R R)

Open cb #6, take green bar.
Combine green & blue bars, place them in cb #5. Take grabber part.
Combine grabber part with grabber handle.
Go to floor vase, take Mr. Birdy.
Click on Mr. Birdy's hat, take coin.

Go to painting & place Mr. Birdy on its stand, take key for cb #4.
Open cb #4. Take champagne, click twice to open.

Go to the end of the table closest to the door.
Zoom in on stacked champagne glasses. Pour the champagne.
Look at empty bottle & click. Take metal rod out of bottle.

Combine metal rod with wood bar for a hex wrench.
Go to cb #6. Use hex wrench, take coin.

Go to cb #4.
Place 10 coins in Mr. Hippo's mouth.
Take Happy Coin.
Take key for the door to escape.

Thanks for the excellent walkthrough Peggy, I needed it when I got stuck :)

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Tesshi-e ☺

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