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Ant Escape From Cage Walkthrough

Ant Escape From Cage

GamesNovel - Ant Escape From Cage is another point and click escape game developed by Games Novel. There are ants  that live in the forest. They lived peacefully there and sometimes people go there to give the ants foods. Then one day you go to the forest to see the ants and you saw a mother so angry because her son was captured by a hunter. You are so concern on the angry mother Ant and find the captured ant. You found the captured ant and she is locked in a cage. Can you unlock the cage and help the ant escape? Good luck and have fun!

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Yay games novel!

Nut in scene 3

Pumpkins go in scene 5

Hammer in scene 7

363 for scene 8

My last fruit was in scene 8

Hamner goes in scene 1

Toys go under ant

Black ball goes in scene 6

My last flower was in scene 5 top

Well I am stuck. Need 2 more acorns and nothing left in inventory Have done most of the puzzles need one more 3 digit hint?

Shovel goes on scene 8

AWWW Found a stick on the roof of house.

Stick in scene 1, use it on holes

Use stick 2 x's

And out! Poor old ant looks like he got into so hoch! LOL

bandy, I took too long to save the ant, it died waiting for me to finish.

Stupid me - don't get the mushroom hint

LOL yvonne! Rudiger start at yellow dot go through then come back to yellow dot.

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Mushroom puzzle not working either way?

Rudiggerlupp, do me a favor and stop calling yourself stupid, no one's perfect

Just start at yellow dot follow through then reverse back to yellow dot.

Dazz Ley, keep at it :)

bandy - do you mean on the hint itself cause that dot is dead as toast and I don;t see any yellow dot on the scene

No the hint has yellow dot follow the line then reverse back to it.

Believe me i did that 100 times but never worked before,thanks bandy

Rudigger lupp did you zoom on the hint?

Gray green green yellow cyan gray green. then green gray cyan yellow green green gray.

Nice game though i was going to steal yvonne's toy and get that stupid ant

Yellow dot on hint paper is just were to start.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Katcheng! That was it - thanks Bandy for your help!


This comment has been removed by the author.

Those mushrooms were terrible. I had it right but had to do it 12 times before it actually worked. Not impressed at all!

Hey Dazzy
What would I do without you!!\
Thanx for all the hints


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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