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Butterfly Escape 57 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 57

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 57 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. 10 butterflies are again trapped in your house. You will need to find some hints and solve some puzzles to catch them all. Finally release them to freedom to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Cushions for arrows

Hi, Dazz! Loading...

4 buttons for colored 4#

Bulb for lamp

Hey lurky!

Happy Birthday, Guntars!

Lamp for colored buttons second drawer

Lighter for cake

Lamp hint: top to bottom then vice versa

Arrange jigsaw then turn the picture round

Buttons for dvd under tv

Candles on cake for the round buttons of left cb cb in kitchen, click those of candles that do not extinguish

Excellent - and I actually let the music play all through this (usually switch it off in any game) and still smiling! Thank you Angelika!

Calendar of march from that cb for the pink and blue buttons last drawer in kitchen, click in order following the numbers

Don't overthink the cyan/pink switches. Calendar dates 1-8.

You need two hints for the circle/diamond/triangle cupboard.

Rag for plant

Plant gives hint for dvd buttons

The butterflies are after Guntars! Run!

Combine 254, 136 with the shapes behind the picture, 1 is triangle...

Exit door is beside the arrows, took time to search

nice one, thx Angelika

nice one, thx Angelika

Nice game again, happy birthday Guntars :)

Cmon guntars, will you blow up the candles? I want the cake!!!

Nice game angelika, thanks

Huh! Angelika must've hidden guntars present somewhere so i won't steal it...))

Thank you Angelika xoxo Great tribute to Guntars Birthday!! Very Nice Game! ThxACxo

Beautiful game again Angelika thank you.
Happy birthday (again) Guntars you youngster!

Very fun! Thank you Angelika

Clodagh,Ράνια Αλιγιζάκη,Austen,Sharon,dutchie,Dazz Ley, thank you very much for nice comments!

brett johnson thank you very much!

Great game - thank you Angelika! and happy birthday to Guntars.

Happy Birthday, Guntars! Incredible game! Thank you!

Great game as always! And Happy birthday Guntars! I hope you'll have at least as much fun celebrating it as we have with playing your games!

AmyElvis,Popeye, jas thank you very much for nice comments!

Happy Birthday Guntars- the big 3 oh!

Great game too Angelika as usual

Another excellent game Angelika. Thank you. And what wonderful birthday presents you give!

I am late, had a lot to do today but i am here now! Phew what a great surprise!

enzed, Janet, K Stevens thank you very much for nice comments!

Great game - and happy birthday Guntars : )

This was kind of like a NASCAR race...left turn...left turn....left turn...I was getting dizzy....haha....a little tease...very enjoyable and Happy Birthday G man.

Happy Birthday Guntars!

Happy Birthday, Guntars! Hope you have as much fun your your day as we all have playing your games!

Thanks for the wonderful game, as always, Angelika!

Love your games. Happy Birthday Guntars!

Hi Dazz
Hi Austen
!!! HAPPY 30th GUNtars !!!
Thanx for the game Angelika
Lovely as ever

Happy birthday, Guntars!
I Love the whole Sniff Mouse team!
Thanks for all you do for us!

Sorry didn't see you here earlier joe, busy eating the cake:))

Zuleika Smith,Dimwit,Zoe,Lsquared,Joe M,Peggy thank you very much for nice comments!

Awesome game - Thanks Angelika!

Great game as always, thank you Angelika!

And Happy Birthday Guntars!

meritneith thank you very much!

Thank you, Angelika! Happy Belated Birthday to Sharon Raymond! Sharon, you have a beautiful family and you make 65 look gorgeous!! Happy Birthday to Guntars also. Thanks for all the gifts of games you give to us.

FireFly thank you very much!

Beautiful and didn't need help! :)

Beautiful and didn't need help! :)

cyndee43 thank you very much!

Easiest one to date

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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