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Duck Escape

Games4King - G4K Duck Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have a duck farm house where you were raising all of your ducklings in the farmhouse to ducks. One day one of your ducklings is missing at the dusk. Your duckling might be trapped somewhere in the farm house. So use your skill to collect the necessary items in the duck farm house to escape your trapped duckling from the farm house. Good luck and have fun!

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Hope this one isnt bugged

That plant is gonna bite us cate

Yellow chicken has clue, balloons for color code

lol, dazz! that plant is about the only thing i've been able to "rassle".

well i have done the color code in every possible combination...is it yellow instead of orange?

Magnifier for key chain

yes. it is yellow.

Red blue yellow

Clue top of barrels with dots

Paper clue gor six buttons in pot

Lipstick is for white paper from chicken cate, not for our lips!!)))

thanks for 3 colors clue. I tried so many combinations and can't see, why it is THIS combination.

too bad for us, dazz!

The clue paper with 539 and colors are for the box you get from shapes, read the color of 539

Arrows for butterflies

hello hotzenplotz! has anyone found a use for the carrot?

ball goes in right tree in beginning scene for a little bee out of left tree.

Gems go under fountain cate, don't try to nick them!!

hi cate.
sorry, I haven't yet a carrot

the little frog is hungry.

I have a carrot and a magnifying glass and can't do anything.
How do I start??

but they are so pretty! and my birthstone, too.

I did cate!..........i ate it)))

jenny, the magnifying glass is used on pocket watch thing out of house on right of venus fly trap.

Bee for frog

Jenny, get the color code

place for lever is under balloons and then you'll have a use for the carrot...everybody's hungry in this game!

cute little game. thanks dazz ley for your help.

and pop, the carrot :)
after placing 4 gems and using the lever, a rabbit will appear...

Pitcher for cactus

Shame! I thought id eat that carrot

Cate I can't get into any house on right of the fly trap.
did colour hint and stuck again now with pink candy thing and a key I can't use anywhere.

Jenny, that candy goes in right spot beginning scene

Don't eat it!))

jenny, it's that candy thing that goes in the door, not a key.

dazz ley, are you hungry?!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yep, i ate it and had to shout "Open Sesame!!" To get it open cate))

Thanks for all the help fellow players.
I made it out.

Hey joe! If you come here

I posted the color code of the balloons joe! I played with them and set them loose!))

Hi everyone. Did anyone have trouble with the 6 color circles under where the 2 chickens are? I have been following the hint paper and I am not getting anywhere with it.

ok, I got the 6 color hint.

I'm out now. Everyone must have left.

how did you get 6 color hint???

Is there more than one carrot? I fed the carrot to the rabbit and nothing happened. I have nothing left in my inventory.

I watched the walkthrough and apparently my game was buggy. My stupid rabbit ate the carrot and didn't spit out a key. Guess I'll consider myself out.

Cant get on the game, keeps going to other games

Thanks G4K very cute game. thxACxo

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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