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Fire Cave Escape Walkthrough

Fire Cave Escape

Games2Rule - Fire Cave Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to visit the fire cave fantasy place. But unfortunately you are inside this fire cave. No one is there to help her. You have help that girl to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Fire Cave Escape

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Don't like it. Too much red. Annoying...

I will give it a try has to be better than ena

navigation a little confusing LOL geez

morning dexy.

u can go left of that door too

sneaky picture piece in bottom left in scene with color clue

Use what looks like a spear to me, right of start scene on rock for 6 numbers

light bulb puzzle a pain. start out heading to the left.

here are a lot of places to go but it is a little confusing because of all the red colors I can say all the clues are in the red rooms haha

puzzle piece left, on dark wall, scene with order of circle colours

use halo of fire on octopus

egg goes in scene with spider and octopus wants a ring of fire...

I like the idea to help the spider to find the legs, instead of killing them

holy crap NOT A SPIDER dang

hahaha, ok, give some hours for picture puzzle...

metal plate goes in hole on right in scene with picture puzzle

Puzzle piece right side in spider scene

cut the lizards tail in 6 number scene for clue to the flaming balls

second egg for tree with rat

oh thanks hotz

still working on picture its tough

Lucky people,trees find))) I in the red scenes are hanging out)

this puzzle is ridiculous

help lol

I stuck missing 1 horse, 1 mask thingy for spider scene and a bucket or hook for well. I still have 2 "swords" in inventory. I can't remember I have done anything with circle in scene with color clue.
any idea?

from start scene there is a door you can go through, place for cats and flame things, use 'spear' in vessel for object with holes in.

omg finally

hotz did u use a sword in the well with lava?

Hotzenplotz, Using the spear in the well will give the third horse and 3 horses gives the last mask.

sexydexy, in which scene?

move wheels according to clue 5 10 12 16 to get bucket to pour on horse

the well with the lava hotz

thank you both!!

I am out now

Hotzenplotz, through the yellow door, then right up (where tree with rat is).

Red and black clue is for the horseshoe puzzle

Found wood) Passed the game)

I haven't looked down the well!!
so out no :)

it was tough but doable and makes much more sense than ena usually I run away first sight of a spider but I stuck with it although I am creeped out LOL u out hotz?

you will get it then hotz no doubt

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Can't place the horse. I drag it and it pops back to inventory.

Puzzle piece in scene with the 6 numbers

POP, use 5 10 12 16 on wagon wheels.

Need 1 more cat, 1 more horse, 3 more "masks" near snake, and a rat.
have 2nd egg to use.

Where did you find a octopus in yhis game? lol

ok! I missed a scene! Just found it!

POP, missed the well scene. smooth sailing after that.

Place the 4 cones, gives key, use in scene where you place cats

Out too!

waah, I cannot do the picture puzzle, I can click every picture and it gets a red outline but it will not move ... so I quit the game :(

black dusseldorf that's a shame

black dusseldorf, if you are still around, were you trying to move them around with only 8 squares?

the same thing happened to me when i was moving only the 8 around.

find the ninth piece and maybe try again?

it worked fine for me after that.

got out with an extra egg that i didn't use. also -interesting that this endless fire cave opens up to a bright suburban street

that is one goofy fire-loving octopus

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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