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Girls Room Escape No 18: Cosmetic Bag Walkthrough

Girls Room Escape No 18: Cosmetic Bag

FunkyLand - Girls Room No 18: Cosmetic Bag is another Japanese point and click room escape game by Funkyland. In this game, you have to use some items and solve puzzles to find five cosmetic bags and escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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After some comments in number 17, I can't resist :)

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This is a walkthrough.

We can’t get through the day without our cosmetic bag…... through

Oooohhh, nicely coloured!

Dear ladies, here we go.

The first one we kicked below the bed.
We lift up our red suitcase for another one.
Hmm, all sorts of hats/attributes on the circus-picture, which leads to number three.

Next, where did the guys hide the paint?
Ah of course, near the door.
The colour of course is … pink.
We need pink hearts!
Ah, on the wall, how lovely and cute.
Sweet rosy flowers, how romantic !
Will it turn the frog into Arb… eh, our prince?
No, it gives cosmetics number 4.

We’re missing one of our shoes, aren’t we?
Well, not anymore after using the number.
And the paws on the wall show how to dance.
Who will dance with us?
Cause, we now have a crown.
Oh Look ! A kingly frog in the windowpane!
So ehm … cute also :-).

There is number 5.

Sigh, this cute, cute game is over now.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah! Since you already posted the walkthrough arrie, no need for me to post hints

I had to be quick Dazz, otherwise I would be too late ....

It's just a little joke :)

Thanks for being quick, i need to put makeup now so do not disturb plz!!

Thank You Funkyland for the game. It was fun.

Lovely game again but - sad face here - I think this is the last in the Girl's Room series. From the creator comments, it was said after 17, there would be one more game in this series. Wonder what will come next?

Lol - Arby, maybe there will be a Boy's Room series just for you!!! ;-)

Really Janet? What a pity. I still miss the kitchen + its music. And now this one.
True, they will come up with something new.

Arrie, unfortunately your "hints" didn't help much. Where to use the paint? I tried to click on hearts and flowers but nothing paints. And that "hint" for the shoes didn't tell me anything. Guess I'm just dense this morning. Off to find a walkthrough on Youtube, which won't be as much fun.

Anna in spain, use the paint on the white board for the buttons on mirror.
Yes, i too think wts are no fun

You get the hint for shoes from the plates with flowers hung on wall for directions , but you need to place the missing shoe first

Sorry, Anna, yes, it wasn't as complete as it could be. Thank you Dazz.

These are always enjoyable....

These are always enjoyable....

lol @arrie NL for your tongue-in-cheek WT, very funny - I'll just add that even though I'm a guy, I always enjoy these Funkyland games, coz I like the puzzles

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