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Gut's Riddle Of The Seasons Walkthrough

Gut's Riddle Of The Seasons

Gut's Riddle Of The Seasons is another free online riddle game created by BoneGut for Escape Games 24. "Hello and welcome to the Riddle Of The Seasons! As you play this riddle, you'll explore all 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall/Autumn. So, get ready for the fun!" Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by LinR]

Note: Please don't post exact answers, just post hints for levels!

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nice, Gut !

Thanks for the riddle Gut! :)

Hi gut! Haven't met you before but going in

Great! Thanks Gut :)

Yeah BoneGut!! Thank you for the riddle! It is good to see you back making riddles!

Am i supposed to type the song only or song and artist in level 1?

Dazzley, focus on the picture.

Just need to know how to type the answer

I don't have a picture; just a white space with a red x in the corner to the left of the album cover. I guess I'll try again later.

Same here zoz, is it not supposed to be there?

zoz, I understand what you mean, but ... this is a riddle ...

the answer : replace 'levelone' with your answer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Is there really no picture, maybe check it in Paint!

Not getting it guys, think my answer is wrong, nothing goes in everytry, a little hint on what that box is?

I've tried snow, snowing, white, whiteout, winter, waitresses??????

pic is not white.

Oh, ho ho, ho ho! Put in Paint, as Dutchie suggested, then fill to see something else! Wow!

No picture or anything, just plain white

there's something written at the bottom of white screen.

Now I'm flummoxed by the next level.

But how are we supposed to see it? I can't highlight it or anything

Dazz, use the snipping tool and copy the "white" picture to paint.

Then choose for instance red and use your bucket.

Thanks for the riddle Gut.

Look at Dutchie's hint Dazz Ley - try using Paint.

I just changed my screen brightness to see it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks guys! But....here'sthe embarrassing thing:
I don't know how to use paint

Wow..thanks Gut (not that I'll be able to do this - lol!!)

I don't know if you can find Paint on your computer Dazz, but otherwise, do as Roberto suggested: change the screen brightness, or tilt the screen to see it.

Think I'll just sit here and listen to the Zombies Time of the Season...LOVE that song!

Dazz Ley You are not the only one, I don't know how to either :) I can point and click, that's about it for me.

Ah hah! Gut definitely had my number!

Thanks arrie! That helped me this time

@Dazz, what kind of computer do you have? If it's a Mac, go to the looking glass in upper right corner and type "Paint" and it will find the paint application.
Once you have Paint, you can click and drag the white box into Paint. Then, click on the paint can and choose "fill".
I hope this helps!

I can't use paint very well. (Paintbrush on my Mac). I could see the answer anyway. It was very faint, but readable!

Thanks zoz! My pc is actually asus using windows 8 but you just taught me how to use this!

A little hint for riddle 2? Im just listening to the 4 seasons

Love it - our reward for solving a level is another great musical piece! What a GREAT idea!

Though its relaxing!

summer,is it something with the cities?

I don't know. The word "spring" is in red. At the end of the music is a picture of the 4 seasons...looks like spring summer winter fall.

unfortunately this video is not available in your county because GEMA... can anyone spoil the title of the song please?

Zoe, but what does he like listening to?

What season FuZzEl?

Good thinking Sofia, go on ..

lvl 2 spring

The music is not relevant to solve the level, but it's Vivaldi's 'Spring' from the Four Seasons.
Important is the list of Gut's favourites.

thanks arrie. I will try

arrie,nice meeting you again in a riddle,cant figure out the order of letters

I tried: music, rock, jazz, alternative rock, disco, heavy metal...

Ha! I am just sitting here looking at that list of songs. The only thing i can link is "Chemical" and "Led-Lead"

Level 2 - Spring

I think Gut likes listening to us going crazy trying to figure it out ;-)

yes, perhaps he does! I needed a hint here as well.
It's about counting something on each artist.
and then
it's about picking.

Hi Sofia!
If you have letters, did you try to use anagram? Sometimes anagram solver puts solutions in Capitals as well.

@Arrie, when you say counting "something", do you mean letters?

zoz try to count something else

This comment has been removed by the author.

I got it!

Good question, zoz!!!

Yes Zoe :))

You can count all kind of things, not just letters.

yeah chocolate cake =)

@zoz, at 1. how many words are needed to describe the artist ?
Use that number to pick the letter on that one.

congratulations FuZzEl :)

No clue on lvl 3. But I love Mungo Jerry!

Nope can't see a thing and I'm not mucking around with my pc to play a game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

daisy dorset no need to change anything on your PC. just copy the picture into paint and try to change it a bit.

Wow, I was just ready to call it quits when I got it. Count words, not letters!
Thanks @everyone who gave clues!

thank you arrie. Very nice little riddle! Even though it's short I really liked the fakt that it can be solved with just basic riddling stuff and without a lot of google. When I went from spring to summer I realized that I had the answer earlier but didn't see that it was a word. Silly me :) Normaly I get stuck on the first level in the most riddles but this one is a good one for riddle beginners like me and it makes me feel willing to try other riddles in the future. Thank you for the nice work BoneGut!

pfft zoz, you had me sweating a bit here!
I thought my non-hint drove you off!
Glad you pulled that one through.

Wow.. very short but enjoyable! Loved the song choices. :)
Thx Gut!

Summer seemed so easy compared to Spring. With a little help from Wikipedia, anyway.

hey everyone. i hope you like this riddle.
if anyone is on level 2, it's all about counting and picking.t should you count and then where to pick from?

(btw dazz, i love your avatar. hehehe)

@BoneGut, great riddle! Not too long or short, not too hard or easy, it's just right.

Thanks gut!

Thanks for a nice riddle Bone Gut, I was expecting a 30 leveller, but this was just right for me right now. I'm not a chocolate person so I'll let you decide who gets my slice of cake :D

if you are on the fall/autumn level, that's me on guitar.

We have an Axe hero:)

Too much hassle for quite a boring game.

Thanks Fuzzel, but I get no picture either.

Daisy, i had trouble with that too for level 1
Followed zoz's comment 9:54 am

@ hectorpector67, it's all about the solving and making the breakthrough. They are meant to task your brain...

Not blaming the game of course, it was my lack of skills

@hectorpector67, it's not boring, it's fun!!

A very nice nice BoneGut. Do not listen to people like hectorpector67. They have trouble tying their shoes and find it necessary to insult others in order to feel good.

I would like to request some ice cream for my cake. :)

I sneakily waited for more hints to complete the riddle!)))
But no one said which season is their favorite: mine is winter, love snow and rain!!

If anyone needs help, please ask, I'll be here for a little while more.
@Dazz, Spring is my favourite - start of the golf season (Hi s-t) and the football season is getting to the serious part...

Thanks BoneGut. Enjoyed this. Great music. I've gone back and played some of your earlier riddles here. Thanks for the new one

Lol rambler! You seem to be a sports finatic, maybe bone gut should prepare another riddle of sports!

Zoe - Level 3 Summer - What do those rings represent? And what could the Roman Numerals inside them stand for? Remember - summer (not winter)And as Zoz said, Wiki helps

Helpful hint - you can right click on an image and click on Search Image on Google.

Thanks...had to go out, but I still don't see the answer for lvl 3. I tell ya, my brain just is not rigged up for riddle thinking...

I googled the image and it comes up with Los Angeles Summer Olympics 1984. Don't get it...

No Zoe, Los Angeles is not one of them.
XXV is not Los Angeles but another city.

Oh, you googled the image! No, use the numbers to search for the cities

Zoe, look at how the games are usually represented. And then check the wiki page for which ones you need.

I see that each number represents a year that summer olympics were played, and the cities they were played at. Do I take the first letter of the cities and anagram them? Because that did not work for me...

So....the 25th olympic games were played in Spain in 1992. The 9th games were played in The Netherlands in 1928, etc....

Oops, I mean Amsterdam for the 9th games...

DUH...I was using the country Spain instead of the City....got it. See? My brain just misses these things!!

Ok! Finally I get to hear your song, Gut! Very nice, and hauntingly beautiful!

Sorry Zoe - just wanted to you google the image to see it was the logo for the Olympic Games

That's ok Janet...you have no idea where my brain went before it even recognized the Olympic symbol. I was looking at the colors. Then I was thinking Gut would trick us and use Mungo Jerry instead of the image. So I was listening to the lyrics, etc., etc...

Lol Zoe - yes I do - remember we have played small's riddles together (or at least tried to)

We did...I remember I only got to level 25 on small's riddle, but only because you practically had to spell it out for me! Hubby could see the smoke coming out of my ears on that one!

What to do on the Fall/ Autumn level?

Chael, first things first.

I did that but it isn't working out.

Not the sentences, look at lines.

Thanks dutchie. It was so obvious and I couldn't see it.

Lol, it often is :)

I just have no idea what to do for Level 2. Feeling really stupid. Count what!? I've tried counting everything I can think of. Is the title of any importance, or is that just a red herring?

You can count different things, if it's not letters try to count something else and apply it on the same thing. Hmm, hope this is not too confusing.

Never mind!! I just cracked the code. Arrie's hint at 11:01 a.m. finally made sense to me.

Thanks, dutchie! :)

Out now! Short and sweet :) Thanks, BoneGut - this was a lovely riddle and much more digestible than the really long ones. The perfect pre-bedtime diversion! :)

short but very sweet thanks

short but very sweet thanks

Guttywutty Tum Tum, i played the riddle see?
Got stuck on all your levels, so a'cheatin i did be.
But where is choccie pud pud, i know its number one.
Loved the riddle and the cake, it was heaps of fun.

Thanks for the riddle Gut. I loved your song. See you when/where we do. x x

short but sweet! (especially the reward at the end!) Thanks, Gut, lovely little riddle - and thanks for the hints, all! :)

gosh the first riddle game I've ever finished...albeit with a little help from my friends!

Yay Pat!!!!!!

Yay, I got the chocolate cake and the music! Thank you bonegut for this riddle game! Looking forward to your other riddles.
Hello to dutchie, Janet, arrie, blackfiresong, small-tool and all the usual riddlers :P

BoneGut, I wanna play your former games but they are frozen?

Hi uno hoo, we left you a piece of the cake :)

Yes Uno Hoo went back and Gut's riddles are frozen now. If you want to try a really mind-boggling riddle, look at small tool's 50 Shades of Small - I never got past Level 25 but that was when I was a newbie riddler. There's even a walkthrough I hear now if you really get stuck

p.s. It will be good practice before small unleashes his newest riddle - which will also be causing me to pull my hair out ;-)

Or Dutchie did another riddle called an Eas(y)ter riddle

That was a good one too

No pulling hair janet please!! I spent the whole morning shaping it))

Thanks BoneGut, short but fun!

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