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Mesa Verde Escape Walkthrough

Mesa Verde Escape

CoolGames8 -   Mesa Verde Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. Mesa Verde National Park is a National Park and World Heritage Site located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It protects some of the best preserved Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites in the United States. A tourist lost in there, and to be able to go home he needs to solve various puzzles and objects. Good luck and have fun!

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Why oh why do I torture myself by playing these particular games...every time, I say I wont I wont....but I do....then I hate myself!

You are not alone.

I can't get the symbols right I thought it should be @ % & $

maybe that was right because now theres another piece of paper on the wall

now I don't understand the number clue

On the blue paper, each line begins with the word "AT".
That's the clue for the 4 symbols.

Not bad at all, this one. Only thing to trip me up was a sneaky double leaf in the first scene.

Blue paper, clue for 4 digit

Oh thanks Peggy now I got a rock

Zoran, how?
Not number of letters in each word?


Thanks, Rubeczech. Found it!
Hidden behind the arrow button!!!!
It's not good enough to just hide them behind the inventory panel. Geesh!

That leaf was impossible to find without help

Zoran, that's what I've been entering on both puzzles, but neither of them do anything.

I must be missing a step somewhere that has to happen before it will work?

I'll post spoilers if you want...

Well I've spend enough time on this....good luck guys with finishing........

As you know, different things appear as you fill in different scenes. I had to rob a couple of things from other scenes to fill in to get everything to show up. I can't say I could follow what made specific things show up. Once I had the clue for the numbers and colors, that was all I needed if I could get the puzzles to show.

I'm still missing a basket in the 1st scene, and I've already gotten one from one of the puzzles.
Maybe that's what I'm missing.?

I think I'll join Pat.
I gotta go.

Rubeczech & Zoran & Pat, thanks for the help.
Leave all the spoilers you want.
See ya.

There's another basket from another puzzle I think.

Colors - First scene: BRYP - Gets you a bell
Fourth scene: BYRG - Gets you a basket

Numbers Second scene: 4382 - Gets you a basket
Numbers last scene: 5345 - gets you a dog

Symbols: @@@@ -- Can't remember which was which

$%&$ -4574 .It works,just to know where code like this?

The code is on the clue in the last scene. The first part of the code is all @ symbols. The second part is the money denomination symbols for Australia and Hong Kong with % and & in between.

This one wasn't all that bad.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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