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Mirchi Escape Haunted House 2 Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape Haunted House 2

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape Haunted House 2 is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. Assume that your are stuck inside the haunted house when you went their to find your lost bag. Will you explore the place to find hidden creepy objects and clues and get three different keys to escape. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Wow, that's an early one!
Mirchi for breakfast ..... ;-)

Indeed - early bird catches the worm. While loading I'll get myself another cup of espresso.

good morning... found a key but no place to use it.

Ah just "fixed" the clock and got right key for box.

Great game but quite a challenge
for the eyes of and old man ;-)
Thanks Mirchi!

I've just gone through the green portal, took me some time to solve the connected wires. My eyes aren't better than yours, Rüdiger!

I can't find a clue for the 4# in the bedroom. Could somebody help me please?

Need the 4# code too! Missing 3 round shapes for the puzzle im clock room!

Dabbeljuh, still searching but while doing this I found a sneaky shape just below the eight dials.

Found another round shape under the 8 instruments panel

Simultan-finding-experience Merit ;o))

Haha! By the way, what was the point of the four ropes? I pulled them until the lights went green but I haven't seen yet what happened.

Just wait - I have a suspicion...

you're right meritneith, this came so early
dark rooms

MAN! Got the 4#!

magnet for plant

Hi Dazz!

I wrote about the ropes - you got something you haven't used and something you need. Put that together!

flashlight goes on wall right of dressing table in third room

After all 4 lights are grenn, the green glowing door on the right side opens. Go right and you come to the exit door with 3 keyholes.

thanks meritneith!
and thanks for espresso, was delicious))

Count how often you pulled the ropes to make the light green. No big thing with that pattern.

If I hadn't written that, I think I wouldn't have got that in a hundred years.

Ouch! 4 ropes for the 4# code? Weired! Got 5 round shapes now - enough for the puzzle!

no sleeping on bed Dabbeljuh please! we need you here

Now the slider picture. This will take some time, wishing you guys happy Easter days. Don't wait for me.

trying to find where to use my head....I mean doll's head!

There´s a big sign: "GREAT ESCAPE" :o))

Don´t know, what this means!

Alarm clock Dazz!

Dang. Do you know that? You screw up the slider puzzle just to find it at the end the same way as you started, LOL

Try and error Merit! Frohe Ostern!

thanks Debbeljuh, forgot the clock!

And the worse: Three right and the other two just vice versa.

those wires sure are hard to see, did you mess them up Dabbeljuh?

YAY! Lucky punch! :-D

Thank you all for your company!

nice game! my only hardest part were the wires

Now I'll go outside and stare five minutes into the sun to feel better.

Thanks Mirchi though I'm not the biggest fan of those extremely dark games.

don't take too long meritneith!! I might steal your coffee))

I love dark,creepy,mysterious and spooky games,this one was great,thanks Mirchi!

Way to dark!!!

Good game, excellent music.

Dark, hard to count the marks on the wall with out blowing up a screen shot.... but it was a good game in the end

Nice game
Thanx Mirchi
Hi Dazzy
keep missing you

Its great to see you everytime joe! ��

Missing you too joe! I know your busy days but i always find you to say hi!

It would be nice if someone would have shared how to get started. Can't find key or any way to turn on a light.

So two people ask about hint for 4 #s but don't come back and explain.

Mirchi games are one of my favorites, but passing on this one. Too dark and few clues.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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