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Monkey Go Happy Ninja Hunt Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Ninja Hunt

PencilKids - Monkey Go Happy: Ninja Hunt is another sequel of the very cute point and click adventure Monkey Go Happy series developed by Pencil Kids. Find 30 ninja monkeys in each stage and unlock the secret box to make the Monkey GO Happy! Good luck and have fun!

Play Monkey Go Happy Ninja Hunt

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seeds are used on rat hole under color clue in little house

Always enjoyable!

Fun Game!

Played only stage 1

For 3#: the dots on the pillar inside the cave

Where does the dragon heart go?
I don't see any dragon.

Sorry jef!! I flew away with it:))

Found the dragon.
And 29 of 30 Ninjas.
Must have missed one somewhere.

Jef Pedal, did you ever find #30? I can't find it

Yay!! Back to "normal"! Love this style



Found it!!

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Sorry! Good thing you found him

If you found it, leave a clue please?

Which stage you're in andy? I only played 1

Now playing stage 2

Bread for bird

That's in the 3rd stage

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Ok, jumping there! This stage isn't fun

Why is it slow?

Sneaky ninja behind tree branch beside torn cloth

One on roof

Check behind all rocks and under water

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One beside door of sliders

Seeds for mouse

Rat for robot

Ok last three ninjas came from dragon, sneaky ones were in hotspot bricks left and right of wheels, under grass

It's hard to leave a hint for which one you are missing, since there are so many place just the one you are missing could be...

Use all the "tools" until they disappear. If something is left in your inventory, you need to use it again - like the sword, and the hammer - those are used more than once.

At the end of each stage, remember to note down (copy and paste?) the large purple symbols so you can open a purple box at the very end....if you don't note them down, you have to play all 3 stages again..it's no big deal though. All you do is open the box that reveals two little nijas.

Finally found my last ninjamonkey in the leftmost scene, with the hut & tree. There is a tree in the middle of the scene and your monkey standing in front of it, so you don't really see it. Click the tree and it pops out.

Fun as with the happy monkey always, but the last purple box ruined it. Not gonna play all three stages again for this box, I'd better walk out unsatisfied and frustrated and hope that the next game doesn't have such surprises.

Or is it perhaps another way to get the symbols for the end box?

Mostly easy, but the clues for the box with the dragon made zero sense to me...the clue with 8 pieces had an arrow pointing down...how does that equate to the lower left position...or the clue with 4 pieces was in an arrow facing left which somehow equates to lower right?

Won't start for me in Chrome even without any kind of adBlocker.

(Or, rather, won't load...)

Pats Fan - There are squares scratched onto walls that have a triangle part pointing up, down, right or left, along with Roman numerals. You have to match the triangle location with the half-circle location on the wall behind the dragon and click the number equal to the Roman numeral - so the "I" in the square pointing up on the castle wall means put 1/8 (1 click) for the top left circle, because it has a half-circle on the top and matches the castle wall symbol. Do the same for the other 3 squares and then pull the lever. Hope that makes sense....

Need one of these after the crappy Ena Alien game i just quit.

AHHA AHA that grin on the monkey when he opens the secret box at the end

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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