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Old Palace Escape Walkthrough

Old Palace Escape

Games4King - G4K Old Palace Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have been kidnapped and locked inside a palace. As the palace is huge and abandoned and so the kidnapper left you alone inside the palace. You have very little time to escape from the abandoned palace. As there are many hidden clues and keys are available in the abandoned palace. So use your skills to collect the hidden clues and keys to escape from the abandoned palace. Good luck and have fun!

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going in

arrows clue last left

Thank you G4K heading on in....

keys look like shovel pieces

bottle for 4#

picture is a hotspot

clock for colors

key under the clock, bet sharon hid it there))

no lock, use key left scene

Where are the 4#'s from the bottle used?

bet i didn't!

hearts and feather last right

Jenny on the 4# last left

that jigsaw was a pain!!
4# used in beginning scene

hands for clock,knew it says TIME TO HELP ME!!

feathers give hint for pink and blue buttons

TJK for chest

hey! who took my teddy bear and put screw in it?))

stuck now with corkscrew, 2 gold hearts and the shell with ILE hint.

Jenny hearts go around the door

I think the ILE is 371

paper for left,right dolls:


Thanks Sharon!

nope, the ILE is I LOVE ESCAPING!!!

Yes I thought that too sharon and tried the 371 on the chest but nothing.

corkscrew used on chair beside 3#

wine opener for chair

eggs give hint for squares colors

but that only gave third heart, still missing a key and butterflies hint

missing butterflies hint and 5 letter word hint and 3 more hearts.

and 3# hint and a key too!

JACKPOT!!! the arrows clue for chest

Also missing one colored cross thingie.

What arrows clue??

Still stuck. Dazz what arrows clue for what chest??

smile everyone! Great day for a picture!

Loved this one G4K thank you.

Jenny, click on the brown circle thing under the 4,8,11

Thank you G4K Great game! ThxACxo

the chest of red,brown and orange 3#

Now, that corkscrew use was really unfair..

I'm still fighting with the butterflies

Jenny count the number of red, black and orange bars in the shell (they had the arrow clue for the door).

Thanks, now stuck with the butterflies. Can't get them right.

Slider is not easy.
I think the yellow was one space from the right and the others were one space apart.

JACKPOT!! illogical clue

follow the sliders top to bottom as they are,ignore the numbers and colors

3# chest: 422

Thanks Dazz, that did not make any sense for sure!

wrench used in right room far left door

combine your shell with SM

woah! nice game execpt as easygoing said, slider butterflies hint and the corkscrew

anybody got a camera to smile?))

Hey Joe! if you get here:)

whoa.....right! hold your horses! Agree about the slider. thanks Again G4K.

guys the numbers from the bottle aren't working for me .. tried it both ways :(

they work in the next room, not in the start scene

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