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Ena Rescue My Friends Walkthrough

Ena Rescue My Friends

EnaGames - Ena Rescue My Friends Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Assume a situation of fantasy world and you have three friends. There lived a witch, who took away all your three friends and kept in a strange place. Now it is your responsibility to rescue your friends. This could happen only if you have eagerness and determination towards it. As you are the person of good problem solving nature, it is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzle. Good luck and have fun!

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im coming my friends here!

am I the first in here?

Lets all save Dazz LOL

no, couldn't beat dazz!

grid clue on tree

hunting where to throw grapple..

that boy can fly!

hey! you're the ones i should save dudes

use grapple on boy..
he becomes tarzan wannabe LOL

knife for branches

symbols clockwise

paper with letters for sliders

clues on rock for 6#


inside house now...

move purple ball all way to left

no idea what banging bell did?

maybe woke up the guy inside?

OK freed dazz now stuck with 2 shapes LOL

nah I cut his rope but he still sitting therd..

cool went outside and auto flew to next house..
(with dazz)

cut the rope but still not moving, although he looks alive, think he's breathing

what's crab doing there?

thanks Leroy, combine columns with faces for code

how to operate spinny puzzle? I got all balls..

what next?

i'm stuck!!!!

hotspots on balls but wont move or spin?

stek go outside LOL

where are you stek?

stuck, can't find fourth piece for colours puzzle. and not idea what to do with the purple hanging thing.
Can anyone help?

I don't know if i've got all blue/red balls think I'm missing 2

the red ones go left and vice versa

I've clicked everywhere!

maybe missing just one

How do you get in the house? What do you do with the purple ball hanging on the frame outside???

you need four balls, they were by bushes and grass and a rock far guys

Finally got the last piece for the colours outside the house but now I can't make it work.

my damn puzzle wont work for me..

jenny you need a mallot you get in some cupboard inside house, when you bang i think it calls the dragon back... i'm getting accustomed to ena's wierd logic!

im having trouble posting jenny
be right back

I aint restarting...

at least I rescued dazz before I quit game LOL

I give up ball puzzle isn't working for me

Yep, I quit too. finally got the dragon back and made it to next island and ball puzzle does not work here either.
Moving on to something more fun.

I can't play Ena games my laptop goes really slow and sluggish

Stupid puzzle still doesn't work on the 2nd island

Not easy, but good game. 4 stars

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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