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Spotlight: Room Escape Walkthrough

Spotlight: Room Escape

Spotlight: Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by JavelinOU. Our hero finds himself in a strange place and he must escape . He can't remember who he is but one this is certain, he needs to escape the room alive! Only the smartest shall prevail and survive. The question now is, can you pass the room and escape? Combine different items within the game to advance further and find the answer to the main question at hand, who kidnapped you and why? A fascinating story based quest that will push your brain to think logically and efficiently in order to solve the interesting puzzles and challenging riddles within the game! Good luck and have fun!

Play Spotlight: Room Escape

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Hi all! I'm going in

hello mel...i'm right behind you.

Cate, when you answer the phone, you'll know why what you just said is so creepy! This game is freaking me out and I'm off!

amdg I can't use this on the number/letter pad.

I am stuck with a handle, flashlight and a screwdriver. Bear, I can't use my amdg either.
Great graphics in this game!

Oh, I forgot about the safe in the cupboard.

AMDG is the code for the safe in the kitchen. You get the number translation after you make an axe and make a hole in the wall in the study. Then use flashlight on the hole.

I have a flashlight, an axe and a battery and no idea where to use them. Also no idea about amdg and couldn't listen to the voice over the phone so no idea what he said

I only have the handle and not sure what to do to finish the axe?

Get key from using SD on bathroom vent

Use key on locker

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Thanks Janet, moving along now

Too bad it's just a part of the game. Thank you for the hints

I liked this one a lot. I may check it out for my phone.

Milena - he just said that he's coming up the stairs. It was ominous and creepy, but not helpful.

Than I'm glad I didn't listen to it...

Apparently, this game is a year old, and it has at least three more sequels. I would love to have access to the full game.

The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content. Oh well

Where is the SD? only have flashlight and handle

I didn't realise I can drag the dials on toolbox

A perfect example of how a stupid time limit can totally ruin an otherwise absolutely fine game.

Aha. I see nothing happens when the timer runs to 0. Why have it then in the first place???

I have the amdg but the safe still won't open

So nothing happens when you run out of time? I'm not rushing to play a spooky game, I want to savour the atmosphere :(

The phone rings after the timer counts down to zero.

I can't play this game because my computer's not Unity qualified.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

what do you do with the handle???

Stuck on Part 5. Computer room door won't open. No "green" entry lights. Please help.

Where i can find the battery?

Battery is in right kitchen drawer.

I'm on level 4. Have pump, handle, glass wrapped in duct tape & pager. Can't get key from under the double doors or find the dial for the puzzle!

Someone please help I'm on level 5 and can't get the 3rd floppy disk unlocked I been trying for 4 days

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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