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Tint Room Escape Walkthrough

Tint Room Escape

Play9Games - Tint Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Play 9 Games. There are hidden objects in tint room. Players have to find the objects and escape the tint room. Good luck and have fun!

Play Tint Room Escape

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The pulsating direction arrows make me feel queasy.

You can keep on taking the same pencil out of the pencil pot. Oops.

That red frame thing is an ink pad I think. I selected it and the vase emptied what looked like ink into it, but the stamp disappeared from my inventory.

Oh, now the vase is back in the inventory, I selected the ink pad and then the vase, and the stamp miraculously appeared on the ink pad. This game needs to be tested more before release!

Couldn't zoom on the balloons before, but now I can. Take one and pop it with what you have.

Use the torch (after inserting batteries) in first room.

Numbers and letters won't change unless you click on the white bit of each.

Hammer is used to smash something, and bits used to slash something!

Out at last - this game was awful - why was I bothering? Have to finish what I started! Needs lots of work though.

If Play9Games think I would be willing to play anymore of their games after that disastrous last release, they better think again. Freeware or not, developers need to have some pride in what they release!

I made it through this game, but WOW, the glitches. Not sure I'll play another one of their games.

@unknown: like they care you won't play!
@maggie: you keep saying you won't play their games and you go in and complain, well don't play them!

Dazz Ley - they should care about their audience. Otherwise why even bother to release the game then? It is not just Play9 but quite a few developers would just rather push out a game per day than care about the quality of their creation. Nothing good will come of that. I'm old enough to know that quality over quantity is a winning formula. A developer gets a rep (like CoolGames8/BoldGames) for putting out shovel ware nonsense tied with all kinds of pop ups and malware, then nobody will play their games anymore. Well, except people like you I guess LOL. Why waste your time on the worst of the worst?

Sorry Dazz
Crappy game
Dont waste your time

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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