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Wow Easter Bunny Room Escape Walkthrough

Wow Easter Bunny Room Escape

WowEscape - Wow Easter Bunny Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game you came to a Easter bunny room for Easter day. After a long time you came to know that you are trapped inside that Easter bunny room. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Easter Bunny Room Escape

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You can take back the egg key for the other two.

Paintbrush for red yolk, used on egg in same room.

Check all the ornaments. There's one outline that looks like something has to be placed, but click on it and it's a color clue.

Milk powder goes in water bowl in first room. I didn't know bunnies drank milk.

There is no screwdriver. What else do you have in inventory that can open screws?

Hi Lurker, just loading now.

Sorry, I started before it was posted here. Let me know if you need specific help.

going in.......hello lurker and jen

what a cute game thanks

missing last butterfly, one egg-with-ears for bunny chairs (1st scene)

I have nothing in inventory to use as a screwdriver.

Lots of rooms in this one.

Hi back sexydexy.

POP just needed to tap open 2nd egg in staircase scene!

Use a coin as a screwdriver.

Jenny, did you find the coin? It looks like a shadow on a shelf.

finally found that coin under a chair in the 6 butterfly room.

what in the world do I do with the flwr and I haven't found last bunny for 1st room and no paintbrush lurker where did you get it please?

The flower goes on the bunny's head in the first room. The paintbrush is kind of near the end. Maybe after placing the fan?

havent found a key either

ok I will keep at it thank you

I forget where the yellow bunny was (that was my last), but it made sense when I found it.

There are a LOT of keys. Do you mean the first one? That's from the color bunnies.

I am stuck.
I can't find the last piece for the picture, need three more butterflies and another yellow bunny for the chair.
I also can't find the flowers for the big bunny on the stand.

Hang on, I'll replay and see what I can find.

Blue bunny from pussywillows in 1st scene, yellow from numbers.

Flower from pouring egg water on plant in picture room, gives flower. Put flower on head in 1st room for purple bunny.

found the second yellow bunny in the room we took the fan blade from. push a button on the middle speaker under TV

9 color stars for green bunny.

jenny I used the same key for all 3 eggs and I got 2 puzzle pieces there

Thanks Sexy, I do remember reading that near the top hear, just forgot.

That was all I needed to get out.

Thanks everyone!

no problem I still have a key in inventory wont work anywhere and a coin

awwww found crow bar moving on

Found the paintbrush. Right room (where you use the fan), but on the left windowsill.

Flowers for pedestal bunny in middle egg.

yay I am out thank you all for the help

Happy Easter to ALL

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hello ....numbers ?

I Think the numbers came from clicking on the 3rd bunny in room with plain egg. Maybe that was where you get the yellow bunny... I can't remember

thanks, i'll try

yes ! the 3rd bunny gives powder , I put it in the pot of water in 1rst room, thanks....i was so stuck

Your welcome!

yes ! the 3rd bunny gives powder , I put it in the pot of water in 1rst room, thanks....i was so stuck

thanks, i'll try

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Took a while because of the egg key!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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