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Abandoned Cruise Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Cruise Escape

CoolGames8 - Abandoned Cruise Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. You have explored the most luxurious cruise in the world, as well as the largest and the fastest cruises, but sailing with abandoned cruise? it is certainly a challenge, and you set off with this thing. The ship's captain ready to dispatch the ship, but when it is in the middle of the sea, all of a sudden the whole crew is missing and leaving you alone, you are forced to find ways to be able to get out. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm going to need some help with these for sure! I know for the wheel in Scene 1 you have to spin it until it's pointing at 5 and 24 (that clue is in another scene), and I know the puzzle piece paper in Scene 4 has to be arranged according to the clue in the last scene (1551, etc). In that case the colour it starts with is '1' the next colour when you click it is '2' etc

The clock in the last scene has to match the two roman numerals you see in the other scenes (VII, XI)

I am at same point as you Beatnick Mary…You still here?

This is very complicated and I don't understand the puzzles or even the hints giving here.

Hi Jenny. Maybe I can help, not much I am afraid.

there are two roman numerals, one in scene two and one in scene 4.
Those numbers go on the clock in the last scene. once you move the hands to those numbers, additional clues or puzzles appear in some of the scenes

Thanks, I did that. I just don't understand how anything works clues to puzzle wise.

once you change the clock a small black and grey clue appears on the lower left hand corner of the clock scene.
in the center of that clue are 4 four digit numbers… those numbers correspond to changeable color bricks in the forth scene. It looks like a beige wall. click each the number of times in the cld for the corresponding row NOTE 1= the starting beige color.

Ok, did that. But how did you know where to use that clue??

in scene three there is a piece of paper with three numbers (6-7-8=X) and x= ---------
once you fill in all the objects in the last scene an additional clue appears in scene five. It gives you four rows of numbers (haven't figured that out yet)
on the bottom it gives A-B-C=… and several equations.
A-B-C is the 6-7-8 on paper in scene three. do the math for each equation using the 6,7,8 as A,B,C and you fill in the 9 digit clue

Well this game does not make sense to me. Giving up.

Not much fun this time at all. NO STARS!

that same type clue was in a previous puzzle but also it fits the rows and columns. 4x4 and choice of five colors for each one.

Sounds like no one has gotten much further than I did? I even went back to some of the previous games with similar puzzles, but then I remembered that I didn't understand those either...

I got lost at the tips. In the first scene, I pull the circle until the needle showed 5-24.It gave the green oval stone seems(object)the Clock was put up in the last scene also got a pitcher. To pop-up prompts put code-336 21 13 1 . And everything on it) There is a black and grey tip. Have a place to enter a color (crosses) on the wall and white panel. There are many colors you put. There is much characters to type in two scenes. Little felts tips or much to bamboozle. Don't understand the hint for the colour codes. The characters, too)

alinpc,you write - a 4x4 and a choice of five colors for each of them..Can explain more? This is to color code?

One color finally understood) In the fourth stage on the wall.Starting at the top
X, yellow,yellow,X

Nafanja…Yes, the clue is 4x4 bc that is the number of "brinks"on the wall but there are 5 color choices for each brick. The first row would be beige (start color) yellow, yellow, beige (1551)

Opened code number. On the grey paper,where four rows of numbers. Take the top 2 rows.0123456789 and below 0030100024.Mapped.In the lower 1 corresponds to the top 4.Bottom 2 - 8, etc. Code 4829

Nice job Nafanja

Once again, Nafanja, you astound me. I don't know how you do it, but thank-you!

Just rearranged some items and a colour clue appeared in Scene 3. Trying to use it for the number/colour puzzle in Scene 2, but can't figure it out.

The puzzle in the middle of the stage in Scene 2 was really tricky. The clues to solve it were in 4 different places.

- The numbers come from the Clock face in Scene 1 (9728, 4536)
- The colors come from the right side of the color clue in Scene 3 (Blue Rd, Green Yellow, Red Green, Yellow Blue).
- The clue to the O's comes from the left side of the 4 Exclamation point puzzle (OX, OO, XO, OX)

CAn anyone help me understand how the clock in scene 1 works? I get that the clue to solve it is 5-24, but I don't know how to control the clock.

I'm back) alinpc ,I X for beige (as is) and meant .Where X I didn't change color. And received the item.

Забыли одну ,часы в 1 сцене просто несколько раз нажимала на диск , пока стрелка не показала по диагонали 5 с одной стороны и 24 с противоположной.

Забыли одну, я не поняла про -Цвет приходят с правой стороны цвет подсказки в сцене 3 (РД-синий, зеленый, желтый, красный, зеленый, желтый-синий).У меня нет подсказки к цвету в сцене 3.Не решены 2 головоломки с ! знаками и ещё один цветной код в сцене 4 в нижнем правом углу с крестиками.

5 stage puzzle ! marks on black paper with the signs. Upper line 4 digits $

The same puzzle in stage 3 take the paired signs of the bottom line. *%*%.

@Nafanja: I figured out how to get the spinner to stop on 5 and 24 (by clicking on the dial when the hand crosses 13), but nothing happens. Is there something else that is supposed to occur in order to solve the puzzle?

Now there's a hint of colour to the Central puzzle in the scene 2)

Forgot one, weird. I just clicked and given the object. Now try a new game to open and check

Forgotten One--Did that actually work for you in Scene 2? That's exactly how I've been trying to solve it and I have gotten absolutely nothing. What combination of letters/colours/0s did you use exactly? As in, in what order? I've tried everything and nothing has happened at all.

@Beatnik Mary - Yes, it worked.
Set the pattern to look like this:
O 9 - X 4
O 7 - O 5
X 2 - O 3
O 8 - X 6

Where the X is really just leaving it blank.

Then set the colors like this:
Blue Red
Green Yellow
Red Green
Yellow Blue

It opened up and gave me a piece (I don't remember exactly what).

Did not understand.... Don't even know how I got this CD set.. Probably just lucky.Now it doesn't work(

@Nafanja: Okay, I restarted and tried the spinner puzzle right away and it worked this time.... if I had much hair, I'd be pulling it out right now.

4 stage color code with crosses on tip -white,red,yellow,green.

Все что видела решено,но нет 2 сцена верхнего кружка,сцена 3-картины,в 5 сцене с маятниками нет одного диска. Что еще надо сделать?

No three items

Another tricky thing: A 4-digit code box opens up in the last scene (scene 6) when you place the 'Jados' in scene 5 in one particular configuration. If you place them in the top-left, top-right, and bottom-left slots and leave the bottom-right slot empty, you can go to scene 6 and enter the other 4-digit code you get from the clue in scene 5 (6375). You get the last 'Ancient Frame for your troubles.

My brain is already smoldering))))) don't know what else to do..

Forgot one,well done!)) Thank you very much)

So out yet. In the second scene is not one of the six disk little. And there is no disk ,where it sometimes changed.

You are welcome Nafanja. I'm glad I could return the favor.

And now I' stuck in the same place you are. I'm out of puzzles to solve and I'm still short a 'Jado' for Scene 5 and an 'Ornament' for Scene 2. I tried every configuration for the 'Ornaments' just in case it was similar to the 'Jados' (that they had to be in a certain configuration), but nothing happened. I'm also out of clues to use, so even if there was another puzzle I wouldn't know what to do to solve it....

I found the 'Ornament'!!! Click on the pendulum thingy when the right-most ball has swung all the way up (like it s shown on the clue page in Scene 3). If you time it right, an 'Ornament' will appear.

When you place the ornament, a new set of X's appears in scene one. Use the other half of the color clue in Scene 3 (Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple) and the exit appears in the last scene.

I'm out!!!!!

Forgot one ,you're a genius!!!!) And I thought why droplets in the color hint))))) Thank you very much) was Not given to disappearing in this room)

That was excruciating!

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