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Abandoned Industrial Plant Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Industrial Plant Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Industrial Plant Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. This is an abandoned industrial plant which is in a ruined condition. You somehow got stuck inside the plant and you are unable to come out of it. You must do something and find a way to escape from the ruined plant. Collect things and use them to solve puzzles and escape from the abandoned plant. Good luck and have fun!

Play Abandoned Industrial Plant Escape

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Okay that color ball clue is very confusing because first of all, the balls are orange, not yellow. Second of all, there are too many balls on the left side.

Work on the right side first. Once it's correct the balls will lock in place on that side. Then do the left side. You'll have 2 balls left over but just try to separate them from the other balls somewhere between the blue and orange color squares.

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just move the balls in front of colored panel…leave the extras between

Not getting the color/number clue at all.

No idea what key or palm tree clue is for.

No idea how to do the colored dice clue.


right with you adellett

slider is a bit finicky… just count empty spaces

here's a tidbit...in room with shields on door, close in on right door...it's lame because it is so dark but there is a 4 number clue there....spoiler below...


stuck with a box with dice, paper with 6 circles with #'s in them and a paper with palm trees on.
No idea what to do with any of them.

Some one found a key??? Where is that??

light 'nest' in jug and place it in open 4 tubes/rolls…rat gig ball

sorry Jenny can't remember where key came from

missing one orange ball now.

sliders maybe?

Key came from placing all the orange balls or from the colored numbers in scene 5

found last orange ball, key comes from counting colours under 4#'s and then putting them in the wall.

for the four colored die...pay no attention to the numbers in the six circle sheet...pay attention to where they are located.

brief case under orange balls, need another key now. lol

I don't understand about the dice Cate.

jenny where was last orange ball… i too missing just one

for example, there is a yellow number in each of the four corners...hence, 4 on the yellow die.

Jenny just look at place on clue for colored dots… four corners = four on dice...

POP found last orange ball.

POP got the dice finally. opened case.

Now stuck with only palm tree paper and need one more shield.

jenny, you have six spots on a single die...look at the sheet of six number combinations...forget the numbers shown. they are not important. what is important is where they are placed...look at that sheet as a big die with its six spaces...where are the colors located?

anyone solved two rows of numbers yet?

numbers are palms clue

fronds are top numbers trunks bottom

give last shield…and out. :)

Way to go alinpc! Thanks.
out now.

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wow palm tree clue was really out there!
poor coughing rat!

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