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Avm Golden Calf Escape Walkthrough

Avm Golden Calf Escape

AvmGames - Avm Golden Calf Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Avm Games. There was a group of syndicate who are planning to get the golden statue. And they are going to do it ahead of time, since the security of the area is not tightened. Let us help those security who are assign that day, to protect our treasure. Let us help them to hide or to put the treasure in the safest place, so that the syndicate will not be successful to their plan. Find the clues and use hints and solve the puzzles in order to hide and protect the treasure in the safest place. Good luck and have fun!

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Squares : 11- 15 in order
Circles : 1-5

Green wire behind left crate

Sneaky star beside acbd

Door: starting grom the purple button go like x

Sneaky star far left in panel

Crowbar in left chair under the fires

I do not get the door puzzle at all?

If 11- 15 were is 14?

At the end the colored circles go into the slots next to the door with squares on it. You put them in from top to bottom, then you collect a ball. Take the circles back and do this for a total of three times, collecting three balls. Put the balls and the circles in the bowl in the same room to open the final door.

Hi bandy, only the second shape has 14

I will pass on this one way over the top for me.

I'm sorry I don't get your clue for the blue numbers. The only square that has a 14 in it is the second one, so that would mean 15-11 from left to right. The top I don't get at all, from your clue. I've done 1-5 straight from right to left and left to right. I've also put 1-5 under the circles as they look (largest as 1 and as 5) and nothing works.

bandytrc Largest to smallest. BTW I think there was only 1 spot that had 14 as an option.

I found all the puzzles to be fairly easy.

Thanks Dazz but I will pass.

Thanks bear but I guess I'm still far behind, got the fires but nothing happened, and stuck with door with six buttons and arrows

For that puzzle, all you do is mark the smallest shape with the smallest number and build from there.

For the fires, you have to see the clue first.

The six buttons I marked them like numbers on a clock 10 9 3 3 4 7 2 9 3, I think this is the order that was on my envelope.

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Welcome back Dazz Ley and bandytrc

I'm out. I'm not getting any help and the blue numbers make NO sense to me. 1 star

Are you saying we should cluck each button according to the numbers?
Hey avm!

For the blue numbers, mark the smalles shapes and bars with the smallest number available and build on them. Don't use zero, start with one. Smallest shape or bar is, 1 and 11 and the next larger shape or bar is 2 and 12, so on and so forth.

Yes, click each button only one time according to where the arrows point.

Aha!! Bet you took my blue wire avm, give it back))

use crowbar on floor in scene 3

Hi, Yes .. Arrow on the door and arrows in the letter have link

Bear!!!!! I was wondering what envelope you talked about, lol, I never noticed that tile

Thanks canderella

Got a key that goes nowhere and need 1 star.

Thanks bear!

Red wire in panel far right in scene 4 , Avm hid it there)))

Crowbar is also used in scene 6

Mighty1 in scene six is a tile you can press, make them all green, you get a chest for the key

Mighty1, did you rotate the dials in scene 6?

Thank you! I saw the square but was looking for the clue.

Oh, Dazz, lol. I thought that you already had the envelope because you mentioned arrows.

Sorry bear, avm took my envelope))

Dazz, you still here? Not getting the squares and circles...

Now I' m in scene 9 with four skulls staring at me and no idea what to do

I gave it back to Dazz Ley

Click all the balls fast, so they all lift of the floor for door to open

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Dazz Ley all I did for the skulls was have all of them in the air at the same time.

Yes codeman I'm here playing ball with my skulls

Arrange the numbers same as the shapes, for example the smallest part of circle takes 1
The squares are the same but only the second shape has 14, give the biggest part 16

circles and squares are from small to large...1 to 5 for circles, 11 to 15 for squares.....14 is the second square

Awesome! Thanks Dazz!

Codeman do you have the 3 colored balls? If so then just put them in the order they will fit. Do that 3 times and get 3 Beach balls. Place those and the colored balls into the bowl. open the door.

Sorry I thought you were talking about the squares and circles in the bowl room.

Stupid skulls! While I click one to bounce the previous one falls quickly

Thanks guys!

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Will someone pass me a bucket of water to shut those fires?)))


Those colored marbles seem to like me folks, they wouldn't go anywhere?

Need to placed the colored marbles in some order

When you collect those you must note the order

Thanks A! Just read mighty' s help

the green fires, I got from top left as one, bottom right as 8, 43618275, they go out but no POP...must see clue first?

Woah what a game, couldn't have done it without help from everyone
Going to play with the marbles A, thanks:)

Good game, thank you, AVM

Thanks Milena

Yeah thryneee, you get the clue from the grid letters

blimey this is hard, in last room but stuck

k ty Dazz

Thrynn you have to see the clue first. Not only get it but actually look at it.

Naughty naughty thrynne, no playing with fire)))

aah red wire in sneaky castle wall 2nd last scene

I'll take that bucket of water then, lol

What' s up twopuffs?

thanks Mighty

Lol twopuffs, avm played with the wires and set the electricity loose, bad boy avm)))

bouncy skulls balls weird

Hi Dazz Ley still bouncying away

I tested Dazz ley, whether you know how to play with electricity or not.. :)))

Need a playmate twopuffs? See mighty's and yvinne's comments 11:26 am

no clue what to do in scene 8

DazzLey Think Ill have to read the 11:26 then, getting dizzy

Replaying to see scene 8, what do you have?

Just kick them all up twopuffs quick

Dont think im good enough to play for Leceister City but managed to open the door

Canderella, in scene 8 see the letter that has the figure of each square
I posted the solution 11:31 am

woow thats a long number but were enter it?

and finally out...ty Dazz and all for the great hints

Nvm canderella, agbed

woops secret green fire order

out good game

Hi at all. please help me, i do not know open door in scene 3

Twopuffs that's for the fires, i posted that too 11:35 am

Hi ceurvo, did you get crowbar in left chsir in scene 7?
Use it on tile in scene 3 and youll get a hint for the buttons

Seen the golden deer And out, thanks Dazz Ley cheers twopuuffs.

Thank you very much Dazz Ley :)

See you two puffs, nice playing with you:)

Seen you soon Dazz Ley your so speedy in puzzle solving

For players who still have troublein scene 1:

Circles: 43125

Squares: 1114151312

Thanks twopuffs!

Thanks Avm good game :)

Amazing avm! Your game has entertained us all together, thanks , excellent game

where IS the hint for the green fires???
I am missing one star too.

Me too jenny

last Star to R upper part of Arch
Scene 3

thanx AVM
Good game

Sorry Jen
Our L looking @ the arch
The R side of the arch looking out

Sorry guys! I wasn't here:) jenny did you solve the grid letters? That will give you the clue

Joe hid your star there jen))

Thanks Everyone :)

What a terrible game and all those childish comments about so-and-so stole my/your peanuts are about as funny as a dead buzzard.

Siobhan, go get rest, you're exhausted, and back off!!!

Heh, Dazz Ley, how on earth can my name be Siobhán? And I think you should back off with your idiotic comments. This site went downhill rapidly when you turned up and started your self-indulgent play-throughs.

This comment has been removed by the author.

You're the one who brings everone down with your ugly comments thrashing at everyone siobahn, not I, I play and help and joke and never interfere with whoever posts what, don't read what you don't like nobody's asking for your opinion
And I believe I use your username which YOU called yourself?

My name is not Siobhán (and certainly not 'siobahn'), you stupid little girl. Is English your first language or your seventh? You don't help, Wazzley, you treat this site as if it were you're own and, by the way, nobody asks for your opinion either! Go and stroke some kittens or something.

Ok grandma!!!

Oh.. Little war. Please stop this.

@Siobhán Long's sister. Shut your F'n Pie Hole. Maybe your problem is that you dont stroke your kitten enough. Just sayin.

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