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Avm Old Blue Street Escape Walkthrough

Avm Old Blue Street Escape

AvmGames - Avm Old Blue Street Escape is another point and click room escape game created by Avm Games. Pretending that you are a gold seeker and you have an information that there was a treasure inside the old blue street in Asia. You decide to go alone, because you were afraid of being betrayed again by your companions. When you are in the area you hurriedly look for the treasure and you enter the old blue street. While busy looking for the treasure somethings happened. The old blue street was closed and you were trap inside, since you travel alone no one can help you from your situation right now. Find the clues and solve the puzzles for you to be free from that situation and to that dangerous old blue street. Good luck and have fun!

Play Avm Old Blue Street Escape

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Pink feather on the right scene door zoom-in

stuck with honey pot, haven't found three letter code

never mind, found knife - right in open. get three letter code

never mind, found knife - right in open. get three letter code

Pixel hunter.

Welcome All

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Looking for that knife for the last 10 minutes..

Dropped three wool balls into the hole, placed 4 lemons, sealed honey pot and stuck!

So where is that knife?

Finally found it after finding the fifth lemon

8 balls of wool needed

panel 1st scene
scene 2 on the left
scene 3 on tree
wall in scene 4
scene 5


scene 3
scene 4
scene 5
scene 6
scene 7
scene 8
2 in scene 9

pink in scene 2
orange in scene 6
green and orange in scene 8
green in scene 9
from the on/off switch top of cactus

knife for jar

feathers go in scene 6

knife is n scene 6, if you can't find it

gray pot for cactus

excellent game AVM, thanks!

Thanks Dazz Ley :) :)

Hi Dazz Ley :) nice game thanks Avm

i can not find lemon in the 4th scene,even with Dazz's hint

I hear you pete! there is a sneaky panel on the wall in scene 4 left

I love this blue place, wherever it is. Blurb says Asia.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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