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Back Gate Escape Walkthrough

Back Gate Escape

Games4King - G4K Back Gate Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that today is a rainy evening and you are in an urge to go home as soon as possible. And you know that there is a shortcut, i.e., you have break-in the house and you have to exit from the back gate to go to your home quickly. If you didn’t prefer the shortcut, then you have to take a long narrow route. So you have decided to escape from the back gate of this house. So use you skills to collect the necessary items in the house to escape from the back gate. Good luck and have fun!

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stuck on the ladybirds, cant find the clue

I need one more ladybird. I have red, green, brown and blue.

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I will come back I am SICK of this I am not a robot crap!

flowers go on casket after entering middle door with keypad.
Forgot where the clue was.

For the ladybugs, put them in order from 1 to 5 at the bottom.

what do i do with the match?

The code for the cb keypad was so long, surely the one for the door would be as equally long.
Wrong. The door only needs 2 digits to open.

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You use the match at the fireplace after you have placed sticks and oil on it.

The oil is inside the big tree. Use an axe.

match is for fireplace in left room. place sticks but also need lighter fluid I assume because I cant light it yet either.

thx. where's the oil?

Thanks Bear.
I was stumped at the ladybugs.

I think you get the axe after you place the gems and use the numbered paper clue on them.

I tried to use the match on the kindling in the fireplace but no luck. Have # clue 5374. Need color gem for top of slider, #4 ladybug. I am stuck. Everything else is placed. Don't know what to do with the calendar clue either. Need clues!

No worries, Peggy. :)

Maximom, what is in your inventory? And, use the calendar clue on the keypad. day month year I think is the order.

No wait. Month day year.

Peggy, what was the clue for the desk keypad, pls?

I don't remember, I punched in the combinations so fast, I can't remember which configuration is the one that worked.

NVM. got. day BEFORE month.

Peggy, thanks for hint....I was doing the date with month first. Now I have a knife, lit match and paper with 5374. I am off to slice things.

I'm back in business. Sliced open duffle bag for blue gem, used number clue for slider and got axe. Thanks for all the clues everyone.

Thank you G4K! Not sure what the color order was for the ladybugs? But am out! ThxACxo!

nice one!!! Thank Bear, I was using other number instead of calendar for keypad! :0)

Ahhhh just realized they had dots on them....1-5 geesh!

Nice game again G4K thank you.

You're welcome, Jusme.

where to put the ladybugs?

Alice, line them up on bottom row... 1 thru 5

bottom row of what?
I must be blind

Line ladybugs up in numerical order on just the bottom row of red/pink circles on the end of the bench where the keypads were.

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