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Butterfly Escape 62 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 62

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 62 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. There are several butterflies trapped in your house and your target is to find them all and release to freedom. Investigate each location, interact with objects and try to solve different puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Start with using the stencil on the love poster to get a hint.
You will get a hammer from that to use on the 4 wooden beams.
With that hint you get something for the camera to get a new hint.

The hint outside is for the testtubes.

Alarm clock hint is pm time.

Hi ST! thank you Angelika!

Hi all! Good game! Out!

Knife is used on the side of the couch.
Hi Sharon :)

Very good game, not too hard this time.
Thanks for making :)

Where does knife come from?

Knife from one of the puzzles.
I think from the alarm clock itself or from using the hint from the alarm clock or from what came right after that.

lol ok, missing something else then.

Replayed. Knife is from using the alarm clock (after repairing and using a code on it) hint on the drawer.

Out now, thanks for hints. Nice game again, thanks Angelika!

Ok i forgot to take my clever pill this morning so... how do I use the picture/stencil hint? I'm seeing LhiE

Look at it upside down.

POP - got it immediately after posting. Numbers ...

I dont understand the grid and colors all I have is green on my grid /?

Think: mixing colours.

Oh of course thank you small

out now. . .thanks so much

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks ST for the grid clue! Thank you Angelika for another great game! ThxACxo

Lovely game Angelika Thank you

Really liked this game. Just enough of a challenge for my fading mind. Thank you Angelika : )

Here's another hint. The 3x3 and 4x4 are for two different puzzles. Small's color mixing clue is for the 4x4.

Roberto, small-tool, dutchie,Sharon,Janet, Zuleika Smith I am very grateful to you for your positive!

Beautiful as ever Angelika thank you.
Really wanted to "fix" that clock with the hammer!

Austen LOL , thank you very much!

Love your games, Angelika.

aitch thank you very much!

Oh, so very nice, Angelika! Thanks! Tips: find stencil in draw and place it over "love" pic for a number. Yellow and blue make green. With a battery, cameras can zoom to find a colour code/bear/four square solution. Excellent game!

FireFly thank you very much!

Excellent game as always, Angelika! THank you!!!

Thank you very much Laura!

I'm lost for a clue for the last little door that i used the key on. Hint?

For the keypad - use the position of the heart charms in the jewelry box - they're numbered as to which is 1st, 2nd etc.

* oops - butterfly charms

Thanks Janet :)

Didn't know where to put butterfly keychains, they go in jewelry box with clock clue.

That was an excellent game, puzzles followed logically with some thought. Really enjoyed this one, thank you!

5/5 Angelika. I made it extra hard for myself when I thought that mixing red and yellow made green! Art was never my best subject at school.

Me2, Dean OCallaghan thank you very much!

Me2 Me too! Brilliant game. Thank you Angelika!

Clodagh thank you very much!

Another beautiful and challenging game, thank you, Angelika! I made it on my own this time, after finding clues I checked the puzzles if they could be solved so I knew what to do. That 4x4 and 3x3 grids were sneaky!

meritneith thank you very much!

Excellent game Angelika thanks

Great game! Thanks Angelika!

YESSS i did it! Great game! THX Angelika!


seb,Rüdiger Lupp,Dabbeljuh, thank you very much!

I must admit I had to watch game walkthrough fot the grid, even with the solution I do't get it

Hey!! Who took my teddybear?
You naughty boy! Give me back my toy))

Naughty girl angelika, no playing with clock plz! I set the alarm to wake up)))
In other words, thanks for another brilliant game

Had a bit of a problem finding my last butterfly that was sitting in the middle plant outside in the not so much zoomed-in view right of the pool. And thanks small-tool for the mixing color hint.

Great game, Angelika. Thanks for that!

:D Dazz Ley, escapism thank you very much!

Dazz, do you mean the color grid? The buttons turned green, and two hint grids had blue & yellow, and blue + yellow = green, if you mix them.

Another 5/5 game from Angelika, not very hard this time, but absolutely enjoyable, thanks, nice to see that you keep your high standards!

punnivinn I greatly appreciate your comments!

Great game as always. Thank you.

alinpc thank you very much!

You were easy on us today
tahnx Angelika

wow, lots of comments, but not one about where the hint for the clock time is??
I am stuck.

I'm stuck with Jenny

Stick the clock hands on the clock
hands come from pool
Turn clock
Press buttons according to hint on cabinet
The hands spin then settle on 13:50

I don't know why.. but I am having an extremely hard time with first code bottom right drawr and what it has to do with the stencil on the LOVE painting. please help

nvm, who would've thought to look upside down.. this always happens once I've asked for help...

AWESOME! My favorite so far!! 5/5 great job Angelika!!
Thank you again!

Joe M, Andrew Hughes thank you very much!

Hey Andrew Hughes
Appreciate your comment BUT
Most of us did think to look upside down
Practice I guess

Another fantastic game - thank you Angelika!

Excellent game! Nice challenging puzzles, and I still managed to get out on my own somehow.

AmyElvis, smokehalo thank you very much!

5 stars. What else?
Thanks Angelika for your nice games.

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