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Butterfly Escape 63 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 63

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 63 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. You were enjoying the evening, but oh no! There are 10 butterflies stuck in your apartment. You must find a way to catch them all and release to freedom. Try to find some objects and hints that could help you to solve different interesting puzzles. Finally unlock the exit, release the butterflies and enjoy your evening. Good luck and have fun!

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Great! Going in!

Joining you!

Shoot heading to London...will play when we get there! Thank you Angelika!

Clue on tv not working or maybe not reading it right?

Heck Thought is was for 3 Digit puzzle but no. LOL

bandytrc it is working :)
I had problem with the same clue when I was testing the game before the publishing, but you should do additional thing in there :)

Cool...almost never catch these live...

Joining ! Hi everybody !

Thanks Sniffmouse still looking.

Stuck now with just leaf in inventory.

Use leaf on croc.

ah, feed leaf to alligator.

Bowlling ball should give me the clue for puzzle in drawer? Not working?!

What a great game! Thank you Angelika!
5 Stars of course!

Don't forget to check the plant in the bedroom twice.

Looks like we'll need a boat load of quarters....

Do the opposite Roberto.

Do the bowling ball puzzle opposite of what you think.

I am stuck with Corners clue from upper cupboard.

Great game, thanks for making Angelika :)

Bandy, there are two spades and two diamonds.

Tried the 3 sides!

Oops I mean two hearts and two diamonds.

AWW Thanks ST knew something was wrong LOL

Butterflies kick off!!!

Jenny press the corners one by one and they give clue for grid left to right, see the lines

POP got it!
Great game!

Hiyo bandy!!

Hey Dazz !!

How many coins do we have to collect here?

Anyone would like a gum???

Roberto not 'opposite' as in sides but green is where not a bowling pin is.

Gear goes on the circles under the maze for color clue

Five 25c coins and 3 other coins.

Ahhhh!!!!! Thanks! lol

Color code gives word clue

Now that TV clue works!!!

Missing one coin for gum machine, bet bandy bought a candy with it

Dazz 3 digit puzzle gave me last coin

Wait I still need one more thought we only needed 4 Oppss. LOL

Aye forgot the tv!
Combine it with heart, spade and diamond for 3#

Don't look at me, I didn't buy a candy yet

Excellent game Angelika. Love how you create new puzzles every game. Thank you

Forgot the word puzzle my bad! LOL

Bandy did you check the last drawer from color code?

Do we do the grid clue row by row?

Great game Angelika! That bowling puzzle drove me nuts! lol

Grid - look at arrow direction (L/R)

Oh needed other clue for grid!

This comment has been removed by the author.

For the 4 buttons, look at the numbers 1-6 positions in each cabinet up

Thanks Janet go it!

I hang on tv fixed, you say, combined with the drawer-numbers for the 3, it does nothing, I need something else?

Yep, POP works a lot :-)

Awesome game !! Thanks for the help!

Left and right grid with grid with red arrow for the pictures

Kerstin add the numvers, like heart number are 3 and 6, so it is 9...

Kerstin 3 coins in machine combine with TV clue not drawers. gives 3 digit clue.

Three digit puzzle - you need to see the 3 playing cards and then look at the TV. Add the 2 hearts and the 2 diamond values together. There is only one spade. Put the 3 numbers in order to open the puzzle.

Rüdiger Lupp, small-tool, Janet, Jenny, Roberto, bandytrc - Many thanks to all for the great comments!

Hey! Who took my toy car?))

In other words, thanks angelika, great game and thanks for candies!

I did snicker snicker!

thx janet

Was frustrated till I realized the clue from the stove was the actual position of the squares on the grid. AND you needed the clue from the 3 coins to get the tv clue to work. Doh!

Nice game BTW.

Bandy?!!!!! Give me back my car you naughty boy))

bandytrc thx

Mighty1 keep asking for help dude! You are always welcome

Dazz Ley, Mighty1 Many thanks!

Lovely game as always. Thank you.

alinpc Many thanks!

got nothing

As always, great game, great puzzles, thank you Angelika.

Start by shaking tree in bedroom - gives leaf and 1st coin. Give leaf to crocodile to chew, then look at the four numbers on the leaf.

Next, look at the stove and click on the four buttons to see the shapes. Then go right to the 9 box grid. Click the grid to match the four symbols on the stove. i.e. 1st symbol was sideways U - so click the 4th square. (the outline of that square forms a sideways U) And so on

That should get you going for the rest of the puzzles

unfortunately I place myself again stupid. I click on the tv rum, I examine the drawer-with the 3 number, I was just the golden coin and 2 silver for chewing gum. the leaf from the crocodile I've already used thx all, bye

Kerstin - If you come back:

You need three coins to put in the three machines in the toy room

Gold coin (Sun) - get from 4 digit cupboard. use leaf for numbers

Silver coin (Fish) - Get from doing the stove symbol/9 box grid puzzle

Gold coin (Smile)- Get from 4 color drawer (bottom one) Use gear on box in toy room to see colors

Once you put all three coins in, you see 3 card suits. Match them with the TV (remember to add if needed) for the 3 digit puzzle

And you are not stupid - Angelika's puzzles are tough and the more you play them, the better you'll do.

I looked down on that car for awhile, wow, great looking toy.
Really good game.

Emmes, arrie Many thanks!

Kerstin, please, no need to give up, just ask for help, or if you can't find it go to the video walkthrough.
That's how you can learn how a code works and it will teach you for the next one.

Thanks Angelika for excellent game :)

Absolutely loved this game Angelika. Clever puzzles, which took some thinking but were solvable (I think I'm used to you!), especially the LR one. Thank you!

Beautiful game Angelika! % stars is the minimum for you! Thanks for the help guys!

Thanks Janet. That's what I needed.

seb,Clodagh,Popeye thank you very much for nice comments!

Hello, I'm here again, thanks for your help. now I try again


Please tell me who did the music so I can buy it!

(It's neat how games can introduce music to us, like Daymare Cat.)

oh my god, I've got the form on drawer

and done, it was really this grid that made me despair. again many thanks to all helpers. angelika, it was still an interesting game. thank you

Trig,Kerstin thank you very much!
Ronny_Matthes__Gemafreie_Musik_-_Weihnachtsmusik__-_03_-_God_Rest_Ye_Merry__Gentlemen__Anya_ .mp3

Yay Kerstin!!!

Kerstin!! Well done !

Boy Sharon
You guys are jetsetting!

:) thx all

Hey joe!! Hope you are doing fine bud I missed you

Great Game Angelika it took me a while but with all the great hints I did it thank s everyone x

The 9 square grid is really getting to me. I cannot figure out how to input the 4 codes from the stove.

Fantastic Angelika
I have no idea why I knew alligators would eat leaves!!
What a fun game
Just hard enough to be fun
Thank you
5 stars

Wow that was a good one! Thanks Angelika

Look @ the edges of the box
if all four sides are closed it is the center box
If L side is open then the mid L box
If R side open then mid R box
If top and L side open then Top L box etc
Hope that helps
Difficult to explain
High Dazzy
Miss you

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey Joe M...yes next stop Moscow! Thank you Angelika! great game I loved the bowling scene with the authentic sounds!

Thank you Joe! Always to my rescue!

17 thousands clicks later... done. That was a tough one. Thank you to all those who left hints :) Very well done Angelika, thanks again!

Played all of your games, Angelika - thank you... that was sublime.

Excellent game! Thank you!

Excellent as always! A tad early (or late?) with the Christmas music, but a very nice rendition!

ting ting, Andrew Hughes, Joe M, K Stevens, Sharon , DreamLord Severin, smokehalo, Zoe, I am very grateful to you for your lovely comments!

Late to the party (again)!
Спасибо за замечательную игру Ангелика .
Beautiful fun with great puzzles.

Beautiful game, Angelika! Really enjoyed the music and the clever puzzles! Thanks for making. :)

Austen,FireFly thank you very much!

Thanks for the tips, Janet. The green grid had me confused.

Best one yet!

I found the green grid clues very vague (it was only Joe M's explanation that got me there), but all other puzzles were great.

Fudge,Dean OCallaghan thank you very much!

Too hard for my frazzled brain. I'll just let Bandy & Dazz do all the work. Happy Saturday to ALL!

Excellent game, Angelika! Thank you! <3

many thanks Laura!

Once again, Angelika, I did not want to release those beautiful butterflies and leave those lovely rooms! (But, thank you!)

Allso Cawtious thank you very much!

Beautiful game

Tut tut tut naughty mopface)))

Badmojo 156 thank you very much!

Angelika - Your best game so far, I think.

5 stars

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